Your ETR Insider

Your ETR Insider

Wow! How weird it feels to sit at my desk again — something I haven’t done since our Info-Marketing Bootcamp began on Sunday.

I didn’t want the conference to end. The energy in the grand ballroom at the Delray Beach Marriott was simply electric.

Part of that came from the great presentations…

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ETR’s Humble Beginnings

Happy Halloween! This year, we pulled out all the stops here at ETR headquarters. How do you like our spooky look?

I can’t wait to tell you more about what we’ve been up to — but before I do that, I have some exciting business to take care of.

I want to tell you about a special new service Michael Masterson himself has created.

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Bootcamp 2010

But folks don’t come to Bootcamp just to enjoy the weather. They come because they want to run their own info-marketing businesses.

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It’s Time to Party

It’s time to party!

I’m serious – I was just working on the final agenda for our Info-Marketing Bootcamp with ETR’s Conference Manager, Sharika Kellogg. And we made sure we’d planned in lots of time for fun in the evening.

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China’s Technology Boom

Seven thousand miles from where I’m typing this, there’s been a huge geological discovery.

It’s in China, south of Beijing, by the Great Chu Wall.

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ETR Office Buzzes with Excitement

Whenever we start promoting our annual Info Marketing Bootcamp, the ETR office buzzes with excitement.

One reason is because we look forward to seeing a few familiar faces.

In fact, quite a few people come back to Bootcamp year after year.

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We’re Off With a Bang!

We’re off with a bang!

We just started sending out invitations to our November Info-Marketing Bootcamp, and our entire office is already counting down the days.

This is the biggest event we hold all year. In fact, many people in the info-marketing business view this as our industry’s “flagship” conference.

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5 Days’ Superstars

I want to tell you about something a lot of people would find really boring…

Until you had to live without it.

It’s a completely invisible “Alpha Metal” found in everything from car engines, pipelines, air tanks, power tools… even your kitchen sink!

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