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Your ETR Insider

By Laura Rodini | 11/12/2010

Wow! How weird it feels to sit at my desk again — something I haven’t done since our Info-Marketing Bootcamp began on Sunday.

I didn’t want the conference to end. The energy in the grand ballroom at the Delray Beach Marriott was simply electric.

Part of that came from the great presentations…


ETR’s Humble Beginnings

By Laura Rodini | 10/29/2010

Happy Halloween! This year, we pulled out all the stops here at ETR headquarters. How do you like our spooky look?

I can’t wait to tell you more about what we’ve been up to — but before I do that, I have some exciting business to take care of.

I want to tell you about a special new service Michael Masterson himself has created.


Bootcamp 2010

By Laura Rodini | 10/8/2010

But folks don’t come to Bootcamp just to enjoy the weather. They come because they want to run their own info-marketing businesses.


It’s Time to Party

By Laura Rodini | 09/24/2010

It’s time to party!

I’m serious – I was just working on the final agenda for our Info-Marketing Bootcamp with ETR’s Conference Manager, Sharika Kellogg. And we made sure we’d planned in lots of time for fun in the evening.


China’s Technology Boom

By Laura Rodini | 08/27/2010

Seven thousand miles from where I’m typing this, there’s been a huge geological discovery.

It’s in China, south of Beijing, by the Great Chu Wall.


ETR Office Buzzes with Excitement

By Laura Rodini | 08/13/2010

Whenever we start promoting our annual Info Marketing Bootcamp, the ETR office buzzes with excitement.

One reason is because we look forward to seeing a few familiar faces.

In fact, quite a few people come back to Bootcamp year after year.


We’re Off With a Bang!

By Laura Rodini | 08/6/2010

We’re off with a bang!

We just started sending out invitations to our November Info-Marketing Bootcamp, and our entire office is already counting down the days.

This is the biggest event we hold all year. In fact, many people in the info-marketing business view this as our industry’s “flagship” conference.


5 Days’ Superstars

By Laura Rodini | 07/30/2010

I want to tell you about something a lot of people would find really boring…

Until you had to live without it.

It’s a completely invisible “Alpha Metal” found in everything from car engines, pipelines, air tanks, power tools… even your kitchen sink!


A Bunch of Thanks

By Laura Rodini | 07/23/2010

So… what do you do for a living?

David works as a pharmacist.

Kimberly is a SAT prep teacher.

Nathan is a college student.

And Lisa is a real estate agent.

They work very hard at their 9-to-5 jobs. But when their workday’s done? That’s when the real fun begins!


Greetings from our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference

By Laura Rodini | 07/16/2010

Greetings from our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference!

It’s a full house – and we’ve covered a lot of ground. We created our domains, got them hosted, and set up our own WordPress websites.

We’ve made these websites live online – in less than 2 days.


True to our name, we’re early risers here at ETR

By Laura Rodini | 07/9/2010

True to our name, we’re early risers here at ETR.

You are too, yes?

So what’s your morning routine like?

Michael Masterson practices yoga for half an hour, first thing.

I walk my dog by the beach, then down a few cups of coffee.

Managing Editor Jason Holland puts in a few miles on his bike.

We believe what you do in the first hour or two of your waking day largely determines your day.


Not all Carbs are Created Equal

By Laura Rodini | 06/25/2010

Not all carbs are created equal.

“There are good carbs, and there are bad carbs,” he told me. “And the difference between the good and the bad depends on how much starch they contain and how that starch affects your insulin production.”