5 Days’ Superstars

Networking is one of the easiest ways to grow your list.Internet business builders, listen up!

And it’s one of the things we emphasized at our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference.

“When you’re just getting started,” list-building expert Brian Edmondson told attendees, “you want to find people like you who have similar-sized lists.”

Say you have a list of 100 names. You could easily find 10, 15, or 20 people who also have lists of 100 names, and “swap” with them. By running their ad on your site, and your ad on theirs, you’d both be able to collect new names and grow your lists.

“Do this several times, and before you know it, you’ll have a list of 1,000 people,” Brian said.

Networking works for content, too, said Brian. If you feel that your website needs more expert information than you can provide on your own, find some experts and interview them!

Melissa and Chuck Swain, from Sydney, Australia, took Brian’s advice and ran with it.

Melissa works part-time on information systems and full-time as a mom. (In fact, she homeschools 2 of their 4 kids, and one of them just went off to college.) Chuck works as a safety & training manager for manufacturing plants throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines. And they share a passion for teaching others the lessons they’ve learned on how to get to “that next level” of success in a job.

At the conference, Chuck and Melissa were impressed by a video presentation from PJ McClure, a 5 Days alum and creator of “The Mindset Maven.”

So Chuck sent PJ a message on Linkedin and asked him for an interview. PJ said yes.

“Simple as that,” Melissa told me.

“PJ was great,” she said. “The interview’s about 30 minutes long. We talked about what the ‘Mindset’ is, and how it impacts a person’s performance and results. Towards the end, PJ gives a couple of tips on how you can use his advice to get better, starting today.”

Check out the interview on Chuck’s website, YouSuckGetBetter.com.

To conduct the interview, they used FreeConferenceCall.com, a website that Brian had recommended to attendees.

And to clean up the audio, they downloaded Audacity, a free editing tool. “We took out the pauses and some of the um’s – and there you have it,” Melissa said.

Chuck is now writing a report called “How to BLUF Your Boss” that he’ll be giving away as a free bonus when people sign up for his list. (BLUF stands for Bottom Line Up Front.)

The report’s about how to get your boss’s attention and keep it. So keep an eye on his website. And when you see that the report is ready, go ahead and sign up!

I couldn’t be more impressed with Chuck and Melissa and the rest of our 5 Days attendees.

In the two weeks since the conference, they’ve been busy adding widgets to their websites, writing content, building their lists, setting up their Paypal links, and uploading videos onto YouTube.

“If you are serious about building a home-based internet business, as a fallback plan or to become your main source of income,” said Chuck, “you will not find a better resource than 5 Days, period!”

You can learn the same skills that everyone at the conference learned – and you don’t have to travel to do it.

| Next Year’s 5 Days? |

The location remains a mystery. And the consensus is a toss-up. Half of you voted for Denver, the other half voted for Chicago. Here’s a few of the comments we got:

“Chicago would be a great place for 5 Days in July!” wrote Carol.

“I am in the process of saving up for 5 Days in July 2011… I WILL attend next year in Denver,” wrote Rodney.

Well, allow me to throw a few additional contenders into the mix: San Diego and (our dark horse candidate) Salt Lake City.

(Me, I’m partial to Salt Lake. I had the best burrito of my life in the SLC airport.)

Given these four choices, tell me where you’d like us to go and why! I’ll have updated results next week.

| Party Crasher |

One more thing before I sign off this week…
George is a shy guy by nature, so it makes me feel good to know he’s around other dogs and not sitting at home by himself all day.When I go to work, my dog George heads off to “doggie day care” at a place in Delray Beach called Barkingham Palace (lol).

But I couldn’t believe what I saw when I picked him up on Tuesday.

George had made friends with Seamus, a boxer. He was even invited to Seamus’s birthday party!

They had a doggie cake, doggie party hats, doggie games…

I was so proud of George for becoming one of the “in crowd.”

Here’s hoping your weekend is full of fun parties, too.