Bootcamp 2010

The weather in South Florida has finally changed!

Gone are the days of scorching heat (and humidity). Now we’re welcoming autumn, with a tropical twist – which means gorgeous mornings, cool evenings, and lovely ocean breezes.

That’s why we choose to hold our Info-Marketing Bootcamp in November, after the weather cools and right before the snowbirds cram onto our sunny beaches.

But folks don’t come to Bootcamp just to enjoy the weather. They come because they want to run their own info-marketing businesses.

You see, there are many, many entrepreneurs out there making an absolute killing in this business – while being in complete control of their financial destinies.

People just like you.

So if you want to make an extra few hundred dollars a month while keeping your full-time job… You can do that.

And if you want to become a multimillionaire info-marketing superstar… like many of the speakers who’ll be presenting at Bootcamp this year…

You can do that, too.

All you need to know is:

  • How to get started…
  • What steps you need to take…
  • What you need to do at each step…
  • What resources you need…
  • Who you need to know…

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s Sarah in front of the pool at the beautiful Delray Beach Marriott:

As the event gets closer, the price of registration has been creeping up – so don’t delay! Our $1,697 offer won’t last long.

| A Special Bonus |

I’ve heard from many of you who, due to health reasons, family obligations, or your work schedule, simply can’t take a few days off to come to Bootcamp.

But you’d still really like to attend.

Well, I have good news for you…

For the first time ever, I’m proud to offer Bootcamp live and online! We’ve arranged to have a professional videographer stream the event to you via a special website.

That means you can watch every presentation, as it happens, from the comfort of your living room. Every word from our master marketers and business-building experts.

You’ll hear about what’s making money today in the world of information marketing. You’ll get everything you need to build and run a successful info-marketing business in today’s economy. And you’ll get it ALL without ever leaving your favorite easy chair!

You’ll also be entitled to a wide assortment of privileges:

  • Password-Protected Access to Every Bootcamp Presentation. Want to watch a session again? We’ll give you a password and a link to a website where you can watch all the sessions as often as you like for a full month after Bootcamp ends.
  • Access to a Members-Only Bootcamp Website where you can get copies of every single PowerPoint presentation from the conference, as well as all the other materials our experts offer during their sessions.
  • All the Standard Conference Materials, Available to You via a Handy Website, making it easy for you to take notes on what you hear and then refer back to the presentations themselves. Our speakers are also including special bonus materials and activity assignments – to get you to the “head of the class” in Internet Marketing!

Even if (like me) you don’t consider yourself “tech savvy,” that’s not a problem. I made sure of it! Our customer service team will be available every minute of the conference to answer your questions and resolve any technical difficulties you may have.

But this unique opportunity ends soon. November 1, 2010 is your last – hands-down last – chance to sign up.

| They’re Promos – and They Talk! |

Have you seen it yet?

It’s taken our parent company, Agora Inc., by storm. It’s selling like hotcakes – and it’s one of the biggest innovations the info-marketing industry has seen this decade.


In fact, the Liberty Street League’s contributing editor, Christian Hill, just recorded one.

And I’m not surprised. I like to refer to him as our “whiz kid.”

Christian’s the youngest member of a group of investors who have said “to hell with Wall Street”… and opted, instead, to seek out new methods of growing wealth that the mainstream media has overlooked.

Right now, Christian’s got his eye on a company headquartered in Chaska, Minnesota. It’s sitting on a goldmine in the world of microelectronics. He’s predicting potential gains of 85% to 230% – and you can get in for under $3 a share right now.


| Happy Birthday, Michael Masterson! |

Michael hit the big 6-0 this past week (but he doesn’t look a day over 40).

So we had a little party in ETR’s garden to celebrate.

We even ordered a delicious cake shaped like his favorite Padron cigar, lol!

It was big enough to feed 30 people, and not a crumb was left over.

Here’s to the next 60, Michael!