ETR’s Humble Beginnings

Dear ETR Insider,

Happy Halloween! This year, we pulled out all the stops here at ETR headquarters. How do you like our spooky look?

I can’t wait to tell you more about what we’ve been up to — but before I do that, I have some exciting business to take care of.

I want to tell you about a special new service Michael Masterson himself has created.

It’s something he usually charges his clients $1 million to get.

But you can get it today for just $5.

| ETR’s Humble Beginnings |

If you’ve never heard the story about how ETR was created, check this out: 12 years ago, ETR started as kind of a hobby for Michael. He’d e-mail his closest friends, colleagues, and clients to let them in on anything new he learned about success and wealth-creation.

It was through these short e-mails that he was able to share with them insights that, in many cases, were worth millions of dollars to them. A few examples:

George Franklin, a business owner, took himself from bankruptcy to millionaire in four years after following Michael’s wealth-building principles. Brad Solomon, an accountant, used Michael’s “number one rule of business” to amass a $4 million net worth in less than seven years. David Kelly, a South Florida doctor, went from working 80 hours a week and squeaking by to having a seven-figure net worth… while slashing his work week to just 15 hours. He credits Michael’s secret for helping him create extra “automatic” income streams. As a result of successes like these, Michael decided to get his information out to as many people as possible. As a result, ETR (as you know it today) was born. We’ve grown to 400,000 readers worldwide and have been translated into several languages!

And while we receive dozens of emails from readers every day thanking us for our business building tips – we’ve also heard from readers who are serious about getting ahead, but just don’t know exactly where to begin.

So that’s why Michael offered to spearhead our newest service, something we’re calling ETR Premium…

ETR Premium is a set of private “mentoring” emails that come straight from Michael himself.

Whenever he comes across a new idea or strategy that he thinks could have a positive impact on your life, he’ll send you a short message.

Then he’ll give you actionable steps you can take right now, so you can build momentum toward achieving your most important life goals.

For example, if you’ve ever suffered from procrastination (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), you’d definitely want to check out Wednesday’s message.

Michael used to be a procrastinator – a C-student in high school – but by first creating and then sticking to a very specific goals program, he was able to break away from his tendency to “save things for the last minute,” and set concrete benchmarks for his life.

(This singular focus helped him exceed his financial goals in less than seven years and retire for the first time).

Michael outlines how you can set goals – and even better, how to achieve them – thru a three-part strategy he explains in a short memo.

Do you have a side business? Or are you a full-time freelancer? If you’re not, do you want to be? If so, then today’s issue is a must-read. Michael shares a website from his “personal rolodex” of contacts that every freelancer should bookmark to help identify new business partners.

The information on this website could help you initiate new business relationships in your area and personalize your business proposals so you could overcome the jitters that come from making “cold calls.”

Until now, Michael has reserved these private e-mails for his consulting clients — the people who pay $1 million for his advice!

But as member of the exclusive ETR Premium community, Michael will share these ideas with you.

Michael might tell you about a wealth-building secret he got from one of his successful friends… or an easy way to implement an idea that could immediately revolutionize the way you do things… or simply add his personal commentary to an article that appears in our regular ETR eletter.

So if you have dreams about finding a better job, starting a new business, or living the life you’ve always wanted to but need that “kick in the butt” to get started, than you should make a point to check out ETR Premium.

Trust me, it’s one of the most exciting services we’ve ever launched.

| The Halloween Spirit |

One more thing before I sign off this week…

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love putting on costumes and going to Halloween parties. (Three this year!)

This year, I’m dressing up as Athena, the goddess of war. My boyfriend JT is going as James Bond (oo la la). And George is going to be a skeleton.

I love when the leaves turn and the weather cools – even in Florida – it’s the perfect time for a mug of apple cider.

Sarah’s Shih-Poo, Brodie, will be decked out in tropical style. Here he is as a shark!

While we all strive to make order out of our busy lives, Halloween is one day when we can step back and actually celebrate the unknown and the mysterious.

The ancient Celts in Ireland thought that spirits roamed the countryside on Halloween night. That’s why they began wearing masks and costumes — to avoid being recognized as human.

Jason and his son Owen like to drive up to Orlando to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, a month-long celebration with fireworks and a parade. Here’s Jason and Owen with Mr. Smee. (Isn’t Owen adorable?!!)

Did you know there’s about $2 billion worth of Halloween candy sold in the U.S. every year?

And there’s quite a business on eBay for homemade Halloween costumes!

Sharika’s mom made this sun costume for her back when she was 6.

So cute!

But Jessica wins first place in my book for creativity. Here she is as Tippi Hedren in “The Birds.”

Even Michael Masterson likes to get into the act! He wants to share this spooktacular link with you.

Happy Halloween!


Laura Rodini COO, Early to Rise