A Bunch of Thanks

So… what do you do for a living?

David works as a pharmacist.

Kimberly is a SAT prep teacher.

Nathan is a college student.

And Lisa is a real estate agent.

They work very hard at their 9-to-5 jobs. But when their workday’s done? That’s when the real fun begins!

I had the opportunity to spend time with each one of them at our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference. They all came because they wanted to get out of the “work to live” rut and, instead, live to work.

“I was determined to attend this conference,” Kimberly told me. “I knew it was time to take that first step toward my financial freedom.”

At the conference, they learned how to research a potential customer base, test a product idea using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO, as well as eight ways to build an e-mail list of customers (the most important part of an online business).

And every one of them left with a fully functioning website. (Nathan, in fact, got over 400 hits in one day from his!)

They’re all well on their way to leaving the daily grind behind to follow their (very diverse) passions.

David’s is travel writing.

Kimberly’s is parenting.

Lisa’s is anti-aging health.

And Nathan’s is sports.

The main presenter at the conference, Internet Money Club Director Brian Edmondson, shared many of the personal secrets behind his success.

One example: When he was just starting out, Brian found that the easiest way to achieve “guru” status on the Internet was simply to invite the top 20 list-building experts he knew to participate in a “webinar” on the subject of list building. He allowed them to “pitch” their own products to the webinar attendees and keep 100% of the sales they made. Meanwhile, the exposure Brian got as a result of the webinar was invaluable.

Another example: As we all know, “content is King” on the Internet. So, as Brian pointed out, if you expect your website to get high rankings on Google and the other search engines, you should be posting new articles to your site at least once a day.

But what do you do if you’re not much of a writer – or you don’t have time to write articles yourself? Brian recommended doing what he does – “outsourcing” the writing by finding freelancers on the Elance website.

Check out David’s travel website, www.adventurethrillseekers.com. He took Brian’s advice to heart and put up an ad on Elance for freelance travel writers. “I learned so much at the conference,” he told me, “and the teachers were so helpful and friendly.”

Kimberly, our parenting guru Kimberly and I had a discussion at the conference on setting the right “tone” for her parenting website, www.notearsparenting.com. She’s got a bubbly personality that translates well to the screen.

“An important lesson I learned at 5 Days,” said Kimberly, “was to put my customers first by finding out their needs and offering them something of value – something that would truly help them and enhance their lives.” I was given the tools to accomplish this… to make money while helping others. My eyes are now open to opportunity.”


Lisa listening to Brian Lisa’s hard at work on her homepage. “I’ve made progress. Got my “home,” “about me,” and “contact” links active at the top of the page, wrote my profile page, and got a Google number for my voice mail…. Whew! Tomorrow, I’ll publish my first article,” she told me.

“My favorite line from the conference,” said Lisa, “was when emcee Joshua Boswell asked, ‘What am I stealing from friends, family, and people I know by not doing what I’m capable of?’

“I now know that I’m capable of making my site the best anti-aging site, www.theantiagingspecialist.com, on the Web, and will be giving back to the people I know and care about (as well as a ton of others I don’t know) by doing so.”


Nathan and his Dad, Darren At just 18 years of age, Nathan is already light years ahead of his peers by coming to the conference and taking that first step down the entrepreneurial path.

His parents are justifiably proud. In fact, Nathan’s Dad attended the conference with him!

“ETR taught me that there’s more to Internet marketing than just pop-ups!” Nathan said. “I learned the fundamentals of list building, and I was able to take the Agora Model and incorporate it into traditional as well as Internet businesses.”

If you couldn’t make it to Miami last week (which is a shame, because we had so much fun!), we can still help you start your own profitable Internet business.

Our Perfect Home Business program gives you the same proprietary blueprint that we revealed at the 5 Days in July Conference – the same techniques that helped Agora Inc. bring in an average of $295 million each year for the last five years. And if you sign up for it today, you’ll get a $100 discount. So don’t delay. This special offer ends for good Monday at 5:00 p.m. For all the details, click here.

| A Bunch of Thanks |

When I got back to the office on Monday morning, I was delighted to open my inbox and find all sorts of thank you notes from our 5 Days in July attendees. But they’re not the only ones who left the conference feeling inspired. Check out this lovely note from our video marketing expert, Sandy Franks, the executive publisher of Taipan Publishing:

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. I’m thinking we might hold it in Denver or Chicago. Let me know which you’d prefer.

| The Gains, They Just Keep Coming |

Another thing waiting for me in my inbox on Monday morning was this great bit of news from our options expert, Ted Peroulakis:

“Last week, I correctly forecasted that Alcoa, CSX, Intel, and JP Morgan would beat earnings estimates. So my readers saw some nice gains – including a 125% gain in only two days after Intel blew away their earnings expectations.”

“Nice work, Ted!” I replied.

Ted has an incredible track record of winners with his Breakfast Club trading advisory newsletter. The best part of it is, you don’t need to invest large sums of money to make his strategy work for you.

Just recently, for example, you could have turned a modest $350 investment into $700 in two days.

That might not seem like a lot. But consider this: If you generated an extra $350 in cash every week, you’d end up with an extra $18,200 at the end of the year… Not bad, right?

For all the details on Ted’s next recommendation, click here.

| Pulling Back the Curtain |

Mr. Newman and me One more thing before I sign off this week…

Did you notice anything different about the messages you received from Early to Rise last week?

You shouldn’t have… even though almost the entire staff moved down to the Turnberry Resort for a week. We were literally setting up and broadcasting ETR to our subscribers from the back of the room between presentations! That is, when we hadn’t scheduled messages to go out in advance.

As Brian Edmondson showed our 5 Days attendees, that’s the beauty of the Internet! You can run your business from anywhere – at least anywhere with an Internet connection.