Killer Core Circuit!

Ready for a killer ab workout?

This quick circuit combines my favorite core exercises to tone, tighten, and chisel your midsection — prepare to feel the burn!

You’re welcome

Go through the circuit one time giving everything you’ve got. Take a break and see if you can do it again. Click the video below to follow along…

Exercise Descriptions:

Triple Threat Abs: Hip Tuck, Heel Dig, V-up — 5 to 6 rounds

  • Begin lying on your back with legs up, knees slightly bent.
  • Hold onto an anchor point over head such as a heavy dumbbell or sturdy piece of furniture for leverage
  • Hip Tuck: Pull on anchor point to close ribcage & engage abs; lift the hips off the floor pushing feet toward ceiling. Lower with control
  • Heel Dig: maintain knee bend as you lower heels toward the floor. Tailbone will stay tucked up so low back doesn’t arch and arms maintain tension on the anchor point to keep abs engaged.
  • V-up: pause the legs ½ way up from the heel dig & hold. Release the anchor point, sit up and tap ankles. Lower back to mat with control and abs very tight.
  • Repeat hip tuck, heel dig, and v-up for 5-6 rounds.

Oblique Pullovers — 8-10 each side

  • Begin lying on your back with arms up over chest; hold 1 dumbbell between both hands. Start with legs up over hips, slight bend in knees.
  • Engage core and tuck tailbone up to find a neutral spine.
  • At the same rate, lower legs toward floor and take dumbbell overhead while maintaining tension in abs.
  • Drive legs and arms back together over chest adding a small hip tuck & rotation at the top of the movement.
  • Repeat the pullover alternating the direction of the hip rotation at the top each time.

Plank Series: Cross Body Touches, Lateral Taps, Spiderman Climbs, Mountain climbs, Hold — 8 each side, plus an 8 count hold at end

  • Begin in High Plank for all variations — chest drawn between hands, body lengthened, and entire body toned.
  • Cross Body Touches: touch right hand and left foot to meet under torso. Return to plank and repeat on the other side.
  • Lateral Taps: hold plank while legs alternate tapping out laterally from the hips. Make the movement quick and athletic.
  • Spiderman Climbs: hold plank while you alternate driving each knee up toward the same side elbow.
  • Mountain climbs: hold plank while you alternate driving each knee up toward the chest.
  • Hold: hold plank with perfect form: heels press back as chest lengthens forward. Thighs and abs press up as tailbone curls down. Squeeze tighter through the core with each exhale.

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