9 Secrets to get a Handle on Your Love Handles 

Endless crunches, hours of cardio, and years of torturing yourself — yet, you still

have those nagging love handles.

Now, I know that there is more to you than your physical body. But I also know that

until you believe that, too, your body shape will affect your confidence and dampen

your beautiful spirit.

Stop trying to spot reduce your body to perfection — it doesn’t work. However,

trimming down your waistline and saying goodbye to your love handles is

ABSOLUTELY possible.

The secret is to expand your efforts from exercise alone to a targeted, 3‐pronged

approach that includes stress reduction and dietary improvements.

Here are 9 Whole Life approaches to trim down your love handles in no time:

Diet: The number one factor keeping your love handles from budging is the foods

you eat. Here are the 3 most important tips you need to follow to achieve a svelte



1. Cut out processed sugar, refined flours, and sodas.

2. Cut out alcohol.

3. Cut out trans fats, fried foods, and poor quality meats.

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Stress: Reduce the fat‐storing effects of cortisol, your stress hormone, by altering

your perception of — and reaction to — stressful situations and you will begin to

release emotional weight that magically slims your physical body as well:


1. Exchange destructive thoughts and words for constructive ones.

2. Meditate and breathe deep.

3. Journal or talk to someone.

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Exercise: Increase your metabolism and build muscle to facilitate a greater caloric

burn all day plus make time for fun, rejuvenating activities. Studies are finding that

the spirit of play is critical to stress reduction and lasting weight release:


1. Short burst intervals

2. Weight training

3. Fun activities

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