Abs Finisher Workout Day

Today is the day. You’re going to quit reading all of the information on fat loss workouts and nutrition and start taking action on what you already know.

You’ve already figured it out, yet you keep reading and reading , as though some magical answer will pop up from nowhere.
C’mon – you know better than that.

You FINALLY want to lose that last bit of belly fat, and look more athletic.

But you also have a life. You don’t want to spend hours in the gym 6 days a week and you certainly don’t have time to do more cardio.

After all, you already know that doing more cardio is not the answer. That’s what brought you here in the first place. Performing hours of cardio week after week gets you nowhere but tired, more hungry and bored…. Avenue.

“Avenue” was put there to make the sentence make sense. And you probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out. And now there’s a whole paragraph talking about this one absurd sentence.

That’s time that could have been spent on an Ab Finisher like this one…
“Wait, I’m scared. What is this Ab Finisher you speak of?”

A metabolic finisher is pouring some tangy, yet sweet awesome sauce on your metabolic resistance training workout. It’s extra credit fat-burning. Metabolic Finishers take your stubborn belly fat and throw it in the fireplace.

It’s chaotic, yet ADDICTING.

– Short rest periods (as short as 4 seconds of rest)
– High and intense calorie-burning exercises in succession in a superset or circuit
– Crazy, but very effective set and rep schemes with just enough recovery built in just so you survive… but that’s all you get

Now what happens when you combine the power of a metabolic finisher with the best cutting-edge ab exercises?

You put them in a blender for a tasty metabolic ab finisher smoothie, that will not only sculpt your abs without a single crunch or any cardio, but will also get you addicted to working out because you start seeing your waistline shrink.

So Mike? Can we do one?

Sure imaginary person. Let’s do that.

“Deuce the Six Pack” Ab Finisher

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed:

Jump Squat (2)
Spiderman Pushup (2/side)
Jump Squat (2)
Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollout (2)

As you move along during that ab finisher, just keep thinking to yourself, “This too, shall pass” and trust me when I say that 3 minutes is almost too long. Sure, it looks easy on paper, but when do one billion… gagillion…. camillion rounds (Ha-ha, Dr. Evil is hilarious), your abs will be smoked…

… and so will your belly fat.

You’re very welcome (I heard you say “Thanks Mikey” in your thoughts… it’s crazy, I know).

That’s how you KNOW you can get rid of any stubborn fat, especially that lower ab fat and love handles – hard work and a great diet.

But remember your hesitation about spending too much time in the gym? That’s an easy solution, but the method is not.

You need to COMBINE the power of metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers.  I’m talking about 3 days per week and still getting amazing results. But the truth is – you have to put in the effort.

For example, in the first superset of Workout A in the metabolic resistance training program, Crank 2.0, you have a superset of the DB Reverse Lunge and the 1-Arm Incline Chest Press (which will smoke your abs, too).

If the program calls for 6 reps and you use a weight that you can lift for 12 reps – you got it all wrong.

Every single rep and set has to mean something, and you have to pour yourself into it. You have to walk into your workout ready to go to war, because the next 40 minutes are going to be intense, jaw-dropping metabolic chaos and it’s up to you to survive.

As a matter of fact, just when you think your body has had enough, then comes the plateau – shattering metabolic ab finisher which will push your limits and your mind.

But weeks later, your clothes will start to fall off. You’ll feel AND look more athletic. Your abs finally start to reveal themselves. They’ve been hiding for months after researching and reading way too much with not enough action.

But not today…. TODAY is the day that all comes to an end…

…enough of the reading and MORE of the DOING.

Today is the day,
Mike Whitfield, CTT
Author, Ab Finishers