Yesterday morning, after an early morning walk with Bally, my 3-year-old chocolate lab, I sat down in my office and read a motivational quote. (Something I do every day.)

This one struck me as true for both business and weight-loss success. It says, “Intense desire is the foundation of all achievement.”

So here’s a question to ask yourself: Do you really, truly have an INTENSE burning desire to succeed with your fat-loss goals?

Or is your interest in losing fat the “flavor of the month” for you?

Only if you truly have an intense burning desire to change will you be able to lose fat. Otherwise, you’ll probably just lose interest and motivation in a few weeks. That’s the harsh truth.

Success mentor Bob Cox is a big proponent of pinpointing your motivation for setting a goal before you take action. Knowing the “why” behind your desire to accomplish something will help you move forward. So if you are committed to making your fat-loss program a success this year, take a few minutes to make sure you have identified your intense burning desire to achieve that goal.

Ask yourself: “Why do I truly want to change and lose fat?”

Let’s say your answer to that question is “Because I want to look better.” So then you ask yourself “Why do I want to look better?” And you keep asking yourself “Why?” after every answer.

Dig deep. You’ll find a very emotional “weak spot” that is driving your intense desire to succeed. Turn this “weakness” into your strength (your intense desire for success), and you’ll finally achieve your fat-loss goals this year.

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