7 Transformation Tips

small_bally-guarding-booksLast week I stumbled across a cute little cartoon that showed a dog sitting high up in a tree beside a surprised cat.

The cat looks at the dog, clearly wondering how the dog got up the tree.

Dog turns to the cat and says, “Sheer will, I tell ya. Sheer will.”

Brilliant message there.

As a mentor of mine, Dave Kekich says, “You can get any job done through sheer force of will.”

I believe it.

In fact, I have proof. Just look at the success stories at the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest site.

All of those winners used sheer will, and the following 7 tips to transform their bodies.

1) Create the Right Mindset

Believe in yourself. I know you can do it, and I want you to believe it too.

2) Get Social Support

Surround yourself with the right people. Get a nutrition buddy, a workout friend, or even a trainer. Positive people will support you and help you get results.

3) Plan, shop, & prepare

Nothing beats nutrition when it comes to transforming your body, so make sure you plan your program. Make sure you have the right food ready for every time.

4) Structure your workouts

Don’t just wing it. You have to have a plan in place, just like you do with your workouts. This is key.body transformation

Make sure you have your bodyweight circuit warm-up, followed by your strength training supersets, and then your transformation interval training.

Check out how Robyn was able to transform her body with intervals and set a record in the 4th Transformation Contest here.

5) Stick to your guns

You will have people trying to pull you down BUT never let anyone stop you or get in your way. Be LOUD and PROUD of your choices. That is why you will succeed. I believe in you.

6) Never stop. Always keep moving ahead.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if your knees hurt, your back is sore. Nothing can stop you.

Please check out my favorite transformation of all time, my new friend Guttorm from Norway, and how he changed his body despite being obese for many years. He never gave up.

Click here to read Guttorm’s transformation

(And he won $1000 in the Transformation Contest too!)

7) Fail forward.

There is no failure – only results. That means that everything is really just an experiment, and we’ll learn from our mistakes so that next time we succeed.

Never give up. Never stop. You can do it. I believe in you!

Please join me in the 6th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

Looking forward to your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS