7 Signs That You Are Doing Too Much Cardio


The other day, while I was completing my Turbulence Training workout, I noticed that the folks sweating it out on the cardio machines were going through some interesting rituals. After watching them for a while, it was clear to me why they were doing it: They were doing too darn much cardio!

This got me thinking. And to keep you from falling into the same trap, I came up with the following ” 7 signs that you are doing too much cardio.”

#1. You have to spend 5 minutes before your workout flipping through all the magazines in the gym to find one you haven’t read before.

#2. You know the other cardio addicts on the machines (the guys you talk to every day) better than you know your own friends.

#3. You know exactly how many calories you burn per minute on every machine in the gym. (And you use that information to justify every calorie you eat.)

#4. You dread your workouts more than a trip to the dentist.

#5. The only thing you are losing is precious time – not belly fat.

#6. You go to the gym to watch your favorite television shows while doing cardio.

#7. You’re getting overuse injuries because you keep doing the same activity over and over again every day.

Listen, cardio is not the be all and end all exercise for fat loss. In fact, as I’ve written in previous ETR articles, cardio just doesn’t work.

A big part of your results are going to come from your nutrition. So focus on whole, natural foods, and avoid foods that come from a bag or a box.

Once you’ve taken care of your nutrition, look for workouts that you enjoy and that allow you to build strength, mobility, and fitness. You’ll save time, have more fun, and see a big difference in your waistline.

[Ed. Note: If you think long, slow cardio is the best way to get fit, you’ve fallen victim to one of the most common myths around. Discover 5 more myths about exercise – and how to combat them – right here.]

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