7 AWESOME Finisher Approaches (Part Two)

Mike Whitfield, CTTCreator of the Workout Finishers 2.0 Follow-Along System

Here’s a quick recap of how you got introduced to a new “twist” on using finishers after your main workout…

“Finishers rock”.

Cool. Now you’re caught up.

Seriously, you already discovered that you don’t have to do the traditional finishers found in a lot of programs, but instead, you can plug in advanced methods like…

# 1 Density Finishers – time sets, timed rounds, etc.

# 2 Gauntlet Finishers – where one exercise is assigned as a “gauntlet” like this circuit…

  • Braced Squat
  • Chin-ups or Inverted Rows
  • Braced Squat
  • Shuttle Sprint

# 3 Superset Finishers – Two moves, but with fun combinations of ladders, density approaches and more

# 4 Ladder Finishers – These sneaky ones will get the best of you.

Now, let’s look at some more finisher approaches with a couple of awesome finishers you can plug in this week with your program.

Finisher Approach # 5 – Metabolic Circuits

Metabolic circuits can be typically longer than your standard finisher, so they can serve as a great short workout for those times when you have a packed schedule, but you want to get the most you can out of a short workout.

For example, going for a 10-minute walk is a great way to stay active and clear your head. But to be politically incorrect, you CAN’T count that as a workout.

With metabolic circuits, you must use compound movements (even combination moves like the ones you’re about to do) and short rest periods.

Here’s a solid Metabolic Circuit Finisher right here that you can use as finisher or a fast, but effective workout:

“8-1/2 Minute Combo Gauntlet” Finisher

Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 30 seconds between circuits. Use a weight that will allow you to complete all reps with a fast tempo, but under control:

  • Squat and Press Combo (30 secs)
  • 1-Arm Inverted Row or DB Row (30 secs/side)
  • Pushup/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo (30 secs)
  • Total Body Extensions (30 secs)

Now, you might not be familiar with a couple of these moves, so here are some photos and descriptions. My follow-along videos are better, but at least you’ll get…

… the picture <= Ha! See what I did there? Hilarious.


Squat and Press Combo
•    Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height and your feet just outside shoulder width apart.
•    Squat to at least parallel, maintaining an upright torso.
•    Return to the standing position
•    Pressing the weight overhead.

Hey, why did my feet disappear in the second photo? Who knows. I could be floating… how awesome is that?

Pushup/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo
•    Start in the pushup position and your abs braced.
•    Perform a pushup by lowering yourself to the ground, keeping a straight line with your body.
•    Push through your hands back to the starting position.
•    Perform an X-Body Mountain Climber by bringing one knee towards the opposite elbow, keeping your body in a straight line. Repeat for the other side.
•    That’s one rep – repeat as necessary.

Total Body Extension
•    Start in the standing position as if you were going to do a bodyweight squat.
•    Dip down quickly into a quarter squat and swing your arms behind you by your sides.
•    Explode up and extend your body onto your toes, raising your arms overhead.
•    Control the descent back and in one movement return to the dip before exploding back up again.
•    This is a non-impact replacement for jumping.