6 Secrets to a Flat Tummy

Bloated, distended, pooch belly… that’s not a desirable descriptor for your tummy.

Flat, toned, and trim are preferred, but getting a slender midsection is more than just skin deep — in fact, most of my tips focus more on what’s going on inside your body, rather than what your abs look like. Physical fitness is, in part, a reflection of your internal health.

Want a FLAT Tummy? Start with digestion and elimination.

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Undigested foods, toxins, and compacted waste contribute to everything from low energy and brain fog to chronically bloated bellies — did you know the average adult has between 5 and 40 pounds of intestinal sludge? Yuck!

Arrow purple  3 Tips to Knock Out Belly Bloat:

  1. Add in fiber and water rich foods: fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of both water and fiber (not to mention vitamins and minerals) that help to keep the digestive system hydrated, functioning, and moving toxins out of your system. Choose the right quantity for your body and chew well!
  2. Remove foods your body struggles to digest — processed flour, sugar, meat, trans fats, and other artificial additives — clog up your system. *Ironically, healthy foods, such as certain veggies and whole grains, might be on you’re list. Remember if YOUR body can’t digest them, it’s wise to cut them out. How will you know? You will suffer from bloating, gas, and distention within 2 hours of consuming.
  3. Take a fiber supplement. 1 teaspoon of Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula goes into my protein shakes, when I have them. It’s a simple blend of fibers that act like a broom to keep my intestines swept out. Another option is to add in Ground Chia Seed or Ground Flax seed to protein shakes, yogurt, hummus, or soups. Both contain soluble fiber, which absorbs water and offers the dual benefit of creating satiety while also cleaning out your system.

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Want a TONED and TRIM Tummy? With Digestion and elimination on track you can focus on the aesthetics of that slim waistline you desire.

Arrow purple  3 Tips to Tighten and Tone Your Waistline:

  1. Watch your portion sizes. Eating more than your body will use for energy, tissue repair, and functionality will be stored as fat.
  2. Reduce your stress — chronic stress plays a major role in how our hormones signal fat storage. If you’re chronically stressed, any calories not immediately used for energy will likely go straight to your middle.
  3. Engage in regular exercises that involve the core and challenge your system to fire as a working unit — avoid crunches and movements that only put stress on your back — try forearm plank, side plank, and all variations of slow mountain climbers. Plus, engage your core during normal daily activities.

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Don’t ever believe that you’re doomed to settle for less than the best health and fitness you desire. Take steps daily to keep your digestive system running efficiently — a trimmer, slimmer waistline will be just one of the amazing benefits you’ll experience!