5 Laws of New School Fat Loss

I spent all day yesterday explaining what Turbulence Training is to new potential readers. By the end of the day I had my speech memorized, and decided to turn it into a new article for you called, “The 5 Laws of New School Fat Loss“.

Here goes…

Turbulence Training is a structured routine that I came up with that allows you to get the most results in the least amount of time, no matter what your goals.

This revolutionary new workout system evolved from both scientific principles as well as personal experience.

And it originally came to me in a dream in University. (Just kidding.)

The truth is that during my graduate years at University, I was searching for an efficient and effective way to stay lean while I was stuck in the lab for up to 16 hours a day doing my thesis.

Obviously, I didn’t have a lot of time to exercise…but I still had SOME time, and so I made sure I did.

And so I based a new program on what I had read in hundreds of fat loss research studies, as well as my countless past workouts that I had recorded faithfully over the years.

And from that research and from my own personal workouts and results, Turbulence Training was invented and have given rise to the 5 Laws of New School Fat Loss.

Law #1) Use intense resistance training

NOTE: This doesn’t just mean lifting heavy weights…it could also mean doing difficult bodyweight exercises or even explosive exercises (like I use in the TT Big 6 Circuit).

Here’s why…

Intense resistance training stimulates what is called muscle protein turnover. This is important for two reasons:

a) It causes your body to burn extra calories and belly fat when you are not training (so while you recover, etc.).

b) It stimulates muscle re-modeling.

That means it will help you maintain your muscle (and sculpt your body) even while you are eating fewer calories and burning fat.

However, if you rely only on light weight & high reps, you won’t keep that muscle and your metabolism will decrease.

Law #2) Switch from slow cardio to interval training.

Research shows that interval training is more effective for burning belly fat than regular cardio – even when you don’t change your diet!

Interval training is what separates people with 20% fat from those men and women with the lean, athletic, sexy abs body type.

Interval training also builds better sport conditioning and “everyday fitness” that is more practical in life.

For example, how often do you ever need to run 5 miles? Pretty much never, right?

But how often do you need to climb a few flights of stairs or chase one of your kids? Those are every day demands…and will be best improved by interval training, not 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Law #3) Use non-competing supersets to do more work in less time.

By using the Turbulence Training system of non-competing supersets, where you do 2 unrelated exercises back to back, you’ll avoid muscle fatigue and get more work done in less time.

Therefore, you’ll burn more calories compared to traditional workouts.

This is one of the major reasons Turbulence Training is so efficient and effective.

Law #4) Use Total Body Workouts

Skip the classic steroid-bodybuilder method of doing one body part per day. That will only give you overuse injuries and a big body set up for more injuries & chronic pain in the future.

Not what you want, right?

Of course not. So switch to three total-body workouts per week, using a variety of exercises, and when possible, using a variety of training methods – from dumbbells to kettlebells to bodyweight exercises.

None of these methods is magical, and you can get amazing results no matter what combination you use, but in my most recent Turbulence Training workouts I’ve started to use more combination workouts and they are getting the highest ratings on the TT Member’s forum.

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The top 3 programs so far this year are:

i) TT Transformation
ii) TT Adrenaline
iii) TT 2K10

(The TT Big 6 Circuit was just released…so it can’t be compared just yet.)

Rule #5) Change Your Workout Every 4 Weeks

The Turbulence Training workouts are changed every 4 weeks, and sometimes every 3 weeks for advanced results.


To avoid the dreaded fat loss plateau. If you’ve been doing the same workout over and over for more than 4 weeks, your results will slow down and eventually come to a complete stop.

You MUST change your program…and that’s why I create not just one, but TWO new Turbulence Training workouts every month for TT Members, so that they will always have a new program to keep their fat loss results moving along.

In fact, the Turbulence Training System is simple to adapt and easy to modify for the creation of an endless number of workouts – a great thing to know if you are a personal trainer or simply someone that loves the body transformation results of a fast workout.

Now you know what really works,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training