April, 2010

The Language Perfectionist: A Chrestomathy of Misuses

Whenever I encounter an interesting linguistic error, I toss it into a folder. When the collection becomes large enough — which doesn’t take long — I have the raw material for a column like this one.

Review the following mistakes, and you’ll avoid committing them.

  • “We’re in the halcyon days of smartphone growth, and it won’t last forever.”
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Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own

“You’re crazy! Why would you schedule meetings that early in the morning?” Ted asked. “You’re the president of the company… Why don’t you make it easy on yourself?”

Ted’s reaction was not unusual when I mentioned to colleagues that I had a standing phone meeting with my top copywriter/marketing strategist at 7:30 a.m. every day, Monday through Friday. The two of us had those conversations for about three years straight.

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