April, 2009

Online Marketing in 3 Steps

Find a problem. Solve it. And charge people for the solution. If you’re wondering why your online business isn’t doing better, put it through this three-part marketing audit. • Have you found a problem? A problem that matters to people? To enough people?

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In-Home or in the Gym?

I am frequently asked: “Jon, can I work out in my home or do I have to go to a gym?” The answer: You don’t have to go to a gym. You can work out in your home – with little to no equipment – and make very good progress. Here’s how…

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2 Strategies Perfect for Today’s Market

For decades, stock market participants have been led to believe that “investing” is safe… while “trading” is risky. But the way most people “invest” is about the riskiest way you could possibly manage your money. The prevailing advice has been something like this:

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