October, 2008

How to Double or Triple Your Brainpower Almost Immediately

In the past few months, I’ve rediscovered a powerful secret to making life better and easier. It’s something I’ve talked about in ETR before – because I’ve experienced it before.

But just recently, I proved to myself once again that this secret can help you double (at the very least) your brainpower. And you know what comes with having a more powerful brain…

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How Do You Know Which Products to Sell?

When it comes to the products you offer, if you stick to two guidelines, you’ll never want for satisfied, loyal customers. Those two guidelines? As MaryEllen Tribby puts it, “Before we sell a product, it has to be good for the company and it has to be good for the customer.”

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Preserving Life’s Most Precious Moments

Whether it’s simple forgetfulness or the all-out scourge of Alzheimer’s, the loss of mental acuity as we age ruins quality of life. To the surprise of most, studies show that this decline can be slowed or even prevented with the energizing combo of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR).

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Widget Bait

Technically, a widget is a small add-on created for the popular WordPress website software. Many online marketers (including ETR) use WordPress to build out their blogs and websites. In fact, millions of people download WordPress every year. If yours is a WordPress site, you can host all sorts of widgets.

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Keep Your Averages in Mind

Your e-letter is pulling in plenty of new subscribers, your website is attracting more traffic, and you are selling tons of products via other companies’ newsletters. In fact, your return on investment (ROI) is well over 100 percent.

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How to Uncover the No-Quit in Not-So-Quiet Companies

As I read the Financial Times on the flight from Baltimore to West Palm last week, my worst fears were confirmed. The market meltdown is truly global. And several countries – including Turkey, Iceland, and Argentina – can sell their bonds to investors only by paying out double-digit interest rates to…

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