Free Metabolism Boosting Workout

The latest Men’s Health magazine contained a shocking research study stat.

According to the article, you can boost your sleeping metabolic rate by 8 percent more than normal IF you workout with heavier weights.

That adds up to over 5 pounds per year…and it’s why I’m a big fan of creating intense Turbulence Training workouts for BOTH men and women for rapid fat loss.

If you don’t challenge yourself with exercises in the 6-8 rep range then you’re leaving your metabolic burn boost benefit on the table.

Don’t make that mistake.

To get maximum results, you need to use a fat loss workout system like this:

Step #1 – Bodyweight Warm-up

Step #2 – Metabolic Resistance Supersets (sets of 6-8 reps)

Step #3 – Bodyweight Finishers (higher reps) or Intervals

Let’s say you only had 30 minutes to workout.

You could do this 30-minute metabolic boosting TT workout:

1) Two rounds of this bodyweight exercise warm-up circuit, doing approximately 30 seconds per exercise:

– Prisoner Squats
– Mountain Climbers
– Stick-ups

2) Three rounds of the following superset with no rest between exercises and one minute rest betweeen supersets. Do 8 repetitions per exercise and use a 2-0-1 lifting tempo.

1A) Barbell Squat or Front-Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat
1B) Pull-Up (bodyweight, weighted, or assisted)

2A) DB Romanian Deadlift
2B) DB Press

(Bonus: You should be able to use the same dumbbell set for exercises 2A and 2B.)

3) A 100 rep bodyweight finisher challenge

Sound good?

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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