TT Gauntlet Workout Gift for You

This is kinda funny…picture this…

A young Craig Ballantyne back in the summer of 1987…on vacation with his parents in the small town of Grand Bend on the edge of Lake Huron in sunny Southwestern Ontario – about 45 minutes from home.

About mid-afternoon I’d had enough of the beach. It was time for some mini-golf. But as I walked towards the putt-putt links, I stumbled across a video arcade.

As soon I walked in, I was in awe of the beeping, the flashing lights, and the giant machines. And so in I went, wandering from game to game until I settled on one called, “Gauntlet”.

It was one of those dorky wizards and warriors games, but I was hooked on it for the rest of the afternoon…or until my quarters ran out.

And while I quit playing video games in high school (once they added the 4th button to the controllers I had to give it up – too confusing), the image of the Gauntlet arcade game was burned in my mind.

So it shouldn’t surprise me that just last week – while in the hotel gym in Washington – I decided to come up with a program called, “The TT Gauntlet“.

The idea was so random and so out of the blue…but I’ve since taken that idea and turned into one of the most amazing – and ADVANCED – TT bodyweight programs I’ve ever put together.

It also has the dorkiest cover of any book I’ve created, too. Just wait till you see it. You are going to have a good laugh at me.

PLUS, here’s the best news for you.

I’m giving this workout away. For free. It’s a complete bodyweight workout – my gift to you.


Just to say thanks to you for reading my articles, watching my videos, posting on my blog, and being friends on Facebook.

(Besides, I asked Bally the Dog how much I should charge for The TT Gauntlet Workout, and he said nothing. So there you go, it costs nothing.)

It’s just my gift to you.

Ah, but I know what you’re thinking…What’s the catch, Craig?

Good question. In fact, there are indeed 3 catches to this gift…

Catch #1– Its advanced. This is not for anyone who is more than 30 pounds overweight or who can’t do a plank for a minute. T’is a serious routine. And you need to understand that before you try it.

Catch #2 – In order to get the secret link to the download page, you have to become a Facebook Fan of Turbulence Training.

Click here to become a TT Fan on Facebook

(NOTE: If you refuse to use Facebook, you can still download the program from the TT Member’s site. But if you’re not a current TT member, that means you’ll have to pay for this free workout. And that just doesn’t make sense.)

Catch #3 – You’ll need to enter your name and email so I can send you updates/improvements to the program and cool new advanced bodyweight exercises.

So why am I doing all of this?

Because I really like you and appreciate your interest in all of my workouts, exercise tips, and advice.

And because I really like interacting with Turbulence Training readers on Facebook – and want to see you on the TT Fanpage.

Yep, it’s a “bribe” to get you to join the TT Facebook page.

I know, I know, I was one of those people who said they’d never get a Facebook account, but it’s really turned out to be the easiest way to interact with TT readers.

It’s far more convenient and less of a distraction for communicating with you than using Twitter or Email or Youtube.

And I also do random fitness Q’n’A sessions where you can ask me quick questions about your workouts or what TT program you should use next. Plus, I’ll be posting unique videos and audio interviews there as well.

Now for the 2 reasons you MUST get the TT Gauntlet Workout:

1) The dorky book cover that will make you laugh out loud. (I promise you’ll at least snicker and shake your head at me – especially if you’ve ever played this video game.)

2) The workouts are AWESOME! (And free – so that is reason three.)

So to get “The TT Gauntlet Workout” and my goofy book cover and the TT Abs Gauntlet Circuit, just go to this link and become a Fan of Turbulence Training:


You’ll love the new workout…although your abs might be mad at me for a few days.

Let me know what you think of the workout & the TT Fanpage,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Gauntlet – Including the TT Abs Gauntlet Workout

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That’s where you’ll get your free copy of the TT Gauntlet Workout, and the TT Abs Gauntlet circuit that left my abs feeling it for 3 days.