Tough Mudder Workout Program for Success

All day long people have been asking me, “So, was it worth it?”

My answer was, “Yes, despite all of the hassles and the three days of soreness that prevents hard training, the Tough Mudder was worth it. I’d give it a 7/10. When you finish the race with a friend, you’ll have great memories to last a lifetime.”

IF you train properly.

If you don’t, you could have injuries that last you what feels like a lifetime.

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My friend Scott Whitlock is “pushing 50” as he says, but he almost beat my time at my first Tough Mudder race…and yes, he used my TT Adventure Race program.

Scott believes the workout is worth it…listen to him give it a 10/10:

You’re Tough Enough! – By Scott Whitlock

Your tough enough…

Or at least you will be with the TT Adventure Race Training program.

I’m fit, but I’ve never competed in anything like the Tough Mudder!

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve never even competed in a 5K run. But when invited to participate in the Beaver Creek, CO Tough Mudder however, I couldn’t pass it up.  First for the camaraderie and secondly for the challenge.

The first and wisest thing I did was purchase Craig’s TT Adventure Race Training program. It was a life saver. In this case, that statement is more literal than you may think.

Craig must have carefully analyzed each obstacle because he developed the perfect training regimen to address every challenge, as well as the endurance you’ll need.

Frankly, on game day, I was more than intimidated looking up at the course which ascended the Beaver Creek, CO ski slopes. Coming from Missouri’s 1,300 ft. elevation AND “pushing the big 50” made the course, from the 8,000 ft. starting point to the 12,000+ ft. peak, almost nauseating. It was a daunting sight even without thinking about the 24 British Special Forces designed obstacles.

By race time I had changed my point of view and looked at the challenge as the adventure it’s designed to be… 500 of us charged forward. Soon, the anticipation, dread, apprehension and anxiety were gone. I was passing people right and left and felt invincible.

Not at all what I anticipated.

2 hours and 55 minutes later I owned the experience. However, I was literally wishing it wasn’t over. I had more in me and I wanted to use it.

Running at altitude and the “Arctic Enema” were my two biggest fears. I had only 3 weeks to train for the running because of an injury and while I was passed by some, surprisingly, most of the passing was done by me.

When it came to the obstacles I could compete with anyone. I was shocked (you will be too, LITERALLY!) by the similarity of the obstacles and the TT exercises. Being that prepared turned each test into pure fun and accomplishment. And the “Arctic Enema” well, there’s no training for that and I was justified in dreading it.

My advice on top of Craig’s, of course, is treat the entire event as if you’re at a Disneyland on steroids! This is an adventure. Go for everything, you’re there to have fun.

Also, don’t hesitate at the obstacles. You’ll notice a lot of people stopping to analyze the challenge. You know you’re going to do them, so… jump in front of the timid and Go For It. KNOW that if you’ve trained with Craig’s A.R.T. program you’ve got everything and more that you need within you!  You own this thing!

You’ll be Mudder Tough by race day guaranteed. The only bummer is…

you’ll have to wait on your teammates (if they didn’t use Craig’s program, that is).

Bottom line is, train smart and be safe.  If you need to skip certain obstacles that’s fine. But, most importantly… Have Fun!

Scott Whitlock

Thanks Scott, your success inspired me to do my best at the Toronto Tough Mudder this past weekend…

…and to have a sale on the TT Adventure Race program so that more TT readers will be fully prepared no matter what “brand” of adventure race they try.

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Like Scott says, train smart and be safe…and always have fun.

Stay strong and get stronger,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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