Training for a Tough Mudder Race

interval training workouts for tough mudder trainingYou are almost there.  As I like to say with my clients, “You are on the verge of greatness”. When you break things down into smaller chunks and create a plan for each obstacle, it doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Let’s dominate this Tough Mudder, obstacle by obstacle.  Let’s start this last bit with the Mud Mile.

The Mud Mile –This is where you get to make your way through muddy trenches, losing your footing constantly as you make your way through.

How to Train for It -DB Lunges – and lift heavy.  This will help you power through this obstacle, even if you do get stuck.

Berlin Walls – Up to 12’ high, this is where you must make your way over big wooden walls, as well as help other people climb over.  Team spirit comes into play here.

How to Train for It -Another great reason to get better at Pull-ups.  You will need to jump and pull your weight, but don’t worry, people will be there to help you up.  Just remember to pass it forward and help others by pulling them up.  This is why you also want to use DB Rows.DB Row tough mudder training

Everest – It’s a steep and giant quarter pipe, that with no doubt, you will need help getting over the top.

How to Train For It– Learn how to become a great sprinter.  Then you can sprint and gain some good ground, and at the top,  you’ll get help with the finish over the top.

Twinkle Toes – This is where you must make your way across a very thin log bridge and if you fall, you get to freeze your tushy off in the water below.

How to Train for It -Learn how to balance yourself by incorporating 1-Legged Squats into your program and perhaps some Offset DB Lunges.

Ball Shrinker -It’s important to keep in mind that I did not make up the names on these obstacle courses.  With that being said, this is where you have to make your way across a swinging rope bridge while almost laying back.

How to Train for It – First, learn how to grip for your life, so use Hammer Curls and Farmers Walks.  Then, you will need to be able to control your own weight practically laying down.  Inverted Rows are a great choice to train for this obstacle.

Walk the Plank -It’s simple, but mentally challenging.  You have to jump about 15’ into cold water.  That’s it (easier said than done).

How to Train for It – Another exercise you must complete with your mind.  Remember, it’s just a few seconds of your life.  Go to your happy place and face your fear head on.  Know that you have people all around you supporting you, and chances are, they are just as scared if not more so than you are.

Turd’s Nest – OK, seriously.  Who wrote the titles of these things??  Anyway, you have to make your way through on a big net with square holes.

How to Train for It -This obstacle requires balance and strength.  It’s time to revisit the 1-Legged Squats, and this is a great reason to get good at the Spiderman Climb, increasing your conditioning and core strength.

Devil’s Beard – This is where you have to make your way through very low cargo nets.single leg squat tough mudder training

How to Train for It -Develop a love for patience.  Once you do that, develop core endurance because you will be staying low for a while and you don’t want to get a kink in your back.  Use a variety of planks, and try to improve your time each week.

Electroshock Therapy – A field of live wires, some which carry a 10,000 volt shock, welcome you with open arms.  Now go have fun.

How to Train for It – Back to the mind exercising again.  Expect to be shocked and don’t think, “maybe I’ll get lucky and not touch one that’s live”.  No way.  Expect it.  Embrace it.  Dominate it.  There’s nothing you can do but to back down, and you have come too far to quit now.

Mystery Obstacles – Each Tough Mudder presents its own “Mystery Obstacles”, in which you don’t find out until you get there.

How to Train for It – Since you don’t know what to expect, do the same for your training.  Train in a Tutu. Perform Box Jumps blindfolded.  I don’t know.  Seriously, all you can do is to train hard, but safe.  By the way, here’s a disclaimer – don’t do Box Jumps blindfolded.

Putting it All Together – The Tough Mudder can sound intimidating, but when you look at the obstacles, one-by-one, and put a plan in place on how to face those obstacles, you can rock this thing.

Have fun… you freaks,
Mike Whitfield,
Certified Turbulence Trainer