Tough Mudder Obstacle Course

So you’re still doing this even after reading part one?  Congrats, you’re absurd and determined, qualities that … well, really no one looks for.  My bad.

But alas, I am going to continue to help you get through this Tough Mudder training, one obstacle at a time.  Ding, ding.  Round 2…

Funky Monkey –You guessed it – monkey bars.  However, the Tough Mudder got a little sadistic.  Some of the bars have been greased with butter, and at most events, the bars are above a nice cold body of water.  So, if you lose your grip, you can be chilling out in seconds.  Ha, good one Whitfield.

How to Train for It –Here’s where Pull-ups come in handy again.  But this is where you can train specifically for the monkey bars – you can use side-to-side Pull-ups.  As you pull yourself up, go towards the right side and release the grip for just a second from your left hand.  Switch sides and repeat.  Be safe.

Swamp Stomp- Sludge.  Awesome.  You will find yourself emerged about waist high in this mysterious substance.  You will need to work your way through it, and probably losing a shoe or two in the process.  So, be sure those shoes are double knotted.

How to Train for It –This would be where a variety of DB Lunges would benefit you.  A good variety of Forward, Reverse and even Lateral Lunges will prepare you for the swamp fest.db lunges

Arctic Enema – Really, really cold water packed with ice and you get to jump in.  Yay!

How to Train for It –Seriously?  You want me to tell you how to train for something like that?  C’mon.  That’s all mental.  I guess you can try this –  Fill your bath tub with cold water and throw at least 3 bags of ice in it.  Hop in.

You’re welcome.

Hold Your Wood –First of all, quit giggling.  You’re not 12.  Geez.  Here, you have to carry a log on your shoulder, while keeping your footing so you don’t slip.  Bring out the Lumber Jack in you.

How to Train for It –Strengthen your back and core using a variety of DB Rows.  High rep DB Rows are a hidden gem to work your abs, while low rep DB Rows will strengthen your arms and back for the load.

Fire Walker –There’s nothing like setting people on fire at events…. such a warm, cozy feeling.  Expect blazing straw around 4’ high.  Good times – you’re going to have to hurdle them, or get burned (literally).

How to Train for It –Lunge Jumps can help you boost your jumping power.  You can also set up a platform and practice jumping over it.  Just remember to really explode up during your Lunge Jumps to develop power.

Tired Yet? –I sure am.  My fingers are tired and I have to go pick up my little boy.  Wait a second.  You’re talking about the obstacle where you have to live your football dreams and run your way through a field of tires.  By the way, some of the tires are filled with mud.


How to Train for It –If you have access to an agility ladder, that is your best bet.  This will increase your agility, which you will need to get through the field of tires.  You can also run in place and bring your knees up really high.

Boa Constrictor –Sounds like a blast – you get to crawl through pipes and into freezing, nasty, muddy water.  Are you signed up yet?  If you’re not used to crawling, this can be a challenge.

Here is how to prepare for this one…

How to to Train for It –Crawling takes stamina as well as upper body and core strength.  Use the Alligator Crawl, as well as T-Pushups to get you ready for the crawling ahead.

Jumpin’ Bale –Embrace the bales of hay.  What lies ahead of you is a field of hay, in which you must jump from bale to bale.

How to Train for It –Squat.  A variety of squats will help you boost leg power.  Also, get your jump on.  The Standing Broad Jump is a great choice to help you train for this one.  Remember to explode from the legs.  Each week, try to improve by jumping further.

Kiss of Mud –Here, you get to crawl on your stomach in mud with wires only 8” from the ground.  If you’re thinking you might need a shower after this event, welcome to Earth.

How to Train for It – Pushups rock, but Decline Pushups are even a better choice for this.  This will help you manage your own body weight.  By elevating your feet, you create more resistance on the pushups, getting you stronger.  This will help you dominate the Kiss of Mud.  This is also another great place for the Alligator Crawl… or just another reason to have you try a cool exercise.

As you can see, the overall theme is to use a complete total body strength program as well as focusing on building stamina and endurance.

That sounds like a great ending, but there are still some obstacles left to conquer.

Boom goes the Mudder Dynamite,

Mike Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer