Best TRX Exercises

Here are the best TRX exercises to use in your fat burning workouts.

We recently had a discussion on the TT Facebook page and here’s what you said were your favorite suspension training movements.

Some folks also use the Jungle Gym or Elite Blast Straps, which I like as well.


Steve Henbest: I have a homemade Rex, upright rows and the chest flies….loads to do and portable

Dan Reilly: Just got one for work, keen to see some good exercises

Debbie Patience Dewey: I have one in my studio but haven’t had it for too long.

Paul Murphy: Trx single leg burpee

Kristy Iervasi: Trx Mcderminator

Julie Bohm: Albert Atomic pushups

Charles Hiller Jr: The sprinter squats or the tricep extensions

Lisa Kochnowich: I using the TRX just wished i had a more structured workout for it TT style…..but i   using the TRX for pistol squats bc i can take some of the weight off my knees. I have made up some of my own workouts TT style but would love to get some great workouts from you.

James Lewis:  I made one with ratcheting straps from walmart.

Shaju Jacob: GSP’s RIP 60, I   the rotational aspect. Tricep extensions into plank.

Glenda Watt: I also made my own with ratcheting straps from Canadian Tire!

Chris Cooper: I love my TRX. SL burpees, Scorpions are great. Or a complex of SL burpee into scorpion pushup.

Shannon Billows: There is a movement, I’m unsure of the name but its a Body Row followed by a twist to one side so you are then facing the floor and then into a one arm press. Then repeat on the opposite side. It is all one movement.

Pete Kamoutsis: I prefer the jungle gym xt….awesome piece of equipment…too many favorite exercises to list!

Jeff Kushmerek: I have a myoforce versus- trx on roid. Has a pulley to activate more.

Marc Yonts: Atomic pushups

Jenny Bell-Taylor: I don’t have a TRX. I have 3 dog leads from poundland fastened together with 1 lead knotted and trapped by the heavy kitchen door

Sean Sawyer: I have the blast straps…I love em. The chest flys, push ups, rows, and pikes are my favorite exercises. Actually bought them from your recommendation.

Freddie Brummer: I have a homemade suspension trainer with cargo straps and cam buckles and PVC handles. I   the atomic Pushups, inverted rows, pistol squats, and the runners squat things.

Zach Marcy: I actually did this junkie video due to a bunch of people that do virtual training program coming up with excuses as to not being able to workout on the road. The TRX is one of my faves. Although not the same I also  JC Predator bands too.

One of my favorites is a circuit from Coach Dos:

Shaun Patrick: First is a circuit of 10 pushups (chest press?) & flies, 10 jackknifes and 10x of 3 different inverted rows – W row, arms straight out to side (can’t think of name) and standard row. It’s a great conditioning workout to do on a lower body day.

LeAnn Johnson Carr: We have blast straps. My personal favorite is jack knife.

Scott Garrett: I use the TRX. Fall outs from the knees and decline pushups using hand grips are a couple of my favorites. I also find it useful for assisted split squats and progressions with certain clients. Thanks for all the work you put in with the FB posts and you tube videos Craig!  Chris Norm and USA ladders from

April Harkness: I made a Trx from equipment I bought at home depot. There are some good videos online for making your own. As far as my fav exercises….I   pistol squats and rows. I actually found a great prenatal workout incorporating the TRX online. I think her name is Cari Ham? Her vids are on youtube. Anyways, thinking of doing a TT style workout for the TRX? If you do..I will BUY it!

Shannon Jarvis: I love my TRX but I also really   my Lebert Buddy System! Same guy that makes the Lebert Equalizers.

That’s a great list of TRX exercises. I’ve put together a program that uses suspension training, kettlebell workouts, and bodyweight exercise, and called it the  Football Field 444.

Click here to try the 444-rep challenge workout

Train hard but safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Let me know what you think about these exercises on the TT Facebook page.