Tony Horton Explains P90X for Fat Loss

Just finished up a powerful interview with one of the most well-known fitness experts in the world, Tony Horton. Tony, as you may know, is the creator of the programs Power 90, P90X, 10-minute trainer, and One-on-One with Tony Horton.

He’s a heck of a guy, and we covered everything including…

– Tony’s story about how he created P90X (you’ll also find out why Tony originally moved to LA)

– How Tony got Power 90 on TV (and you’ll discover who the original Power 90 program was designed for…this is very cool info for all you rock and roll fans)

– What his favorite workouts are in the program (and which type of exercise he dreads…I’ll give you a hint, it’s the kind I don’t like either!)

– The truth about what folks can do in 10 minutes to get great results (and why his 10-minute trainer program is so important)

– What type of intervals he likes best

– Why Tony thinks cardio is important

– What he REALLY thinks about yoga (he makes some pretty bold statements)

– His simple and powerful nutrition tips for fat loss and energy (and what he thinks about counting calories)

– His unstoppable inspiration and motivation secrets

– Amazing inspirational stories of P90X users who cut their body weight in half and lost over 100 pounds

And a lot more. It was just a great, great call.

Click here to listen to Tony Horton’s fat loss coaching call

And make sure you join Tony’s Facebook Fanpage where he is dedicated to bringing a healthy lifestyle to the world through fun, entertainment, and fitness.

Unlike most personal trainers, Tony doesn’t have his windpants pulled up to his navel, and he actually makes fitness fun and easy to understand. Download this call to your Ipod, it will make for a powerful workout motivator.

NOTE for Personal Trainers:

Without realizing it, Tony also happened to drop 3 killer business tips for all personal trainers who want to create their own workout programs, books, and DVD’s, including:

1) How he leveraged a program he designed for a major celeb (you’ll find out who) into a mega-info product

2) How Tony took one of Time magazine’s “Top 10 Future Trends” and used it in P90X to set it apart from everyone else

3) The “testimonial secret” that Tony and I agree on, 100%!

Find out all of that and a lot more in our interview here.

And feel free to share this interview with everyone you know who is interested in improving their health and fitness.

Pay it forward just like Tony,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS