The Ultimate Stress-Reliever

There is good news for those of us who have hectic schedules and still want to exercise to lose weight. It’s even better news when it comes to combating the nation’s number one silent killer: Stress.

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined short bouts of cardiovascular work as compared to longer bouts for weight loss efficacy. And no difference was found between the group that exercised for only 10 minutes, three times a day, and the group that exercised for 30 minutes in the same session.

In addition, exercise reduces stress, and multiple 10-minute sessions can reduce stress at key moments in the day. It’s easy to get in 10 minutes before work, during lunch (just walk up and down a flight of stairs for 10 minutes), and then later in the evening. Ten-minute sessions are also easier for most people to handle mentally, as boredom becomes less of a factor.

Give 10 x 3 stress-busting cardio a shot. You’ll be surprised at what it can do for your stress levels and your productivity… not to mention weight loss!

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