The REAL Reason You Avoid Exercise – and How to Defeat It

The two main reasons people give for avoiding exercise are lack of time and lack of motivation. But those are really just politically correct answers. The truth is, most people just don’t like to do it.

If you “hate” exercise, here are three ways to stay motivated and stick to your plan:

1. Work out with a partner or in a group. Bootcamp exercise classes are becoming more popular every year – mostly because they are a million times more fun than jogging on a treadmill by yourself. If you get a good high-energy trainer, and a few friends to join you, you’ll have a grand old time while you burn belly fat.

2. Play the right music. Whether your bootcamp trainer brings it or you create a kick-butt mix on your iPod, working out to peppy music will make the time fly by.

3. Turn your exercise program into a golf game. In other words, keep challenging yourself to do better. That’s what golfers do. They get hooked on the game because they always want to beat their last score. And by giving yourself a “score” to beat every time you work out, the competitive streak deep within you will come to the surface and you’ll work harder and more consistently.

It’s all about making it fun. That’s why workouts like my Bodyweight 500 have become so popular that more than 5,100 readers of Men’s Health magazine used it to burn up to 41 pounds of belly fat in just 8 weeks.

You, too, could see results like that.

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