The Diet Secret You Probably Aren’t Using

The worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is “go it alone.” Support from your friends and family can help you eat better and exercise more.

Scientists at the University of Michigan studied 228 women in order to determine the connection between social support and the women’s ability to eat well and exercise consistently. And though most of the subjects reported low to moderate social support, the more social support they received, the more physical activity they did and the better their nutrition was.

As a result of their lack of social support, most of the women didn’t make improvements in their body composition during the study. But as my personal research shows, the more a person’s friends and family support their efforts to lose fat through exercise and diet, the better their chances of success.

So grab a nutrition buddy at work, a workout partner at the gym or at home, and some online support at your favorite fitness website. These three valuable sources will help you lose inches and burn belly fat consistently.

[Ed. Note: It’s true. Online support can be very helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. ]

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