The 10-Minute Walk

If “finding time” is your main obstacle to getting enough exercise, try taking three brisk 10-minute walks five days a week. One in the morning before you do anything else. One in the afternoon after lunch. One at night after dinner.

Think about it: 10 minutes three times a day. Studies have shown that cardio done in 10-minute increments is as effective at increasing overall calorie-burning as long-duration cardio. So for those who say “I do not have the time,” give this a shot:

1. Get up a whopping 15 minutes early. Put on your shoes and sweats and head out the door. First 10 minutes… done.

2. Cut your lunch hour 20 minutes short. Again, not much of a sacrifice to make. Take five minutes to change into walking clothes, 10 minutes for the walk around your office building, and five minutes to change back into your work clothes.

3. 10 minutes at night? After the kiddos go to bed, just hook it out the door.

That’s it. You now have 30 minutes of brisk cardio under your belt.

[Ed. Note: Fitness expert Jon Benson just released his in-home fitness plan, The 7 Minute Muscle Body System. It requires only bands, a rubber ball, and your bodyweight to tone your body and help you burn fat. Try it for yourself]

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