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Habit Change Challenge

The 21-Day Habit Change Challenge

By Craig Ballantyne | 05/1/2024

I want you to begin a 21-Day Habit Change Challenge today, where you focus on eliminating only one bad habit from your schedule.

finish work by 2pm

7 Simple Tips to Finish Work Finish by 2 pm Everyday (Without Losing a Dime in Profits)

By David White | 04/9/2024

Click here to discover a simple 7-step system to work less, finish your day by 2pm, and grow your income while enjoying MORE freedom.

getting started online

The Easiest Way to Get A Business Started Online

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/2/2024

The easiest way to get started online is first to identify the niche marketplace you want to help, and how to get in front of this marketplace.


The 7 Mistakes Holding You Back From Hitting Your First 7-Figures

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/26/2024

Are you struggling to break through to 7-figures? If so, you’re probably making one of these 7 CRITICAL mistakes. Click here to fix them.

The War Room

Why Every Company Needs The War Room

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/20/2024

A surefire way to manage results.

change your life

The 5-Step System to Change Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/19/2024

Change your life and start making your days count by applying this 5-step system using the 5 Pillars of Success, which I used to beat crippling anxiety.

best morning routine

Evolutionary Proof of the Best Morning Routine

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/5/2024

Evolution of the greatest achievers in history shows us the best morning routine for success includes getting up early and working right away.


How to Build the Perfect Morning Routine

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/29/2024

Imagine Joe, an average guy with a regular office job. His day starts with waking up to an alarm. He hits the snooze button two, sometimes three or four times, leaving him late for work. He doesn’t have time for breakfast at home so he grabs a large coffee —…


Why You Need a Business Coach

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/23/2024

Today I’d like to share a video I made on the topic of Why You Need a Business Coach. It’s never been easier than ever before to become a millionaire. Today I’ll explain how I made that happen thanks to a business coach. If you’re interested in working with an…

goal setting

The Truth About Goal Setting

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/20/2024

The little pieces keeping you from achieving the goals you set.


How To Have More Discipline in 2024

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/16/2024

Today I’m going to share with you several tips to help you have more discipline in 2024. Leave me a comment on the video and tell me what you think. Do you have questions about how to apply my discipline techniques in your life? Let me know! Video Summary

Candy-less Productivity

3 Scientific Hacks to Get More Done and Eat Less Junk

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/15/2024

The dietary wisdom we’ve been hearing for decades can actually help us boost our productivity—and the methods are scientifically proven. Here’s how to use them.