The Surprising Way I Healed My Back Pain


A recent and wicked resurgence of back pain left me questioning everything I knew.

Years ago, I was T-boned in an intersection and I struggled with back pain for a long time after. Through a combination of yoga, chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage, and appropriate exercise I have managed to create a fairly pain free life… and it’s been extremely freeing.

So, when the pain returned in full force and my “normal” go-to modalities barely offered any lasting relief I was tempted to panic. Even taking anti-inflammatories, albeit reluctantly, couldn’t touch it.

I mean, come on, I had just released my Yoga for Pain Relief program because I know it works. So why wasn’t it working right now??

The pain grew constant with debilitating episodes that grew ever frequent. It was maddening.

The ghost of past fears began to creep in whispering in my ear, “Have I injured myself? Are some discs bulging? Is my new job to blame? Am I going to be okay? How am I going to work and work out and enjoy life? Do I need surgery? What is going on?!”

This voice of fear is one I knew all too well in my past. Now when it perks up, I immediately know what to do…

I quiet my mental chatter.

I breathe deeply – enough to trigger my relaxation response – so I can listen to a voice that’s deeper, wiser, and subtler.


It comes from a place rooted in Love and Curiosity… my gut instinct.

The value of trusting my gut is this: I felt, intuitively, that I was ok. That nothing was “really” physically wrong.

I sensed the pain was manifesting as a result of the recent life change I had experienced. I knew I needed to face some heavy emotions but I was struggling to fully access them on my own. I needed help.

I was energetically drawn to try something new. And for me, it worked.

Like, miraculously worked. In 3 sessions, I had zero pain.

By trusting my gut and trying something new, I opened the floodgates allowing me to access emotions that were so excruciating they had settled deep into my body and manifested as physical agony in a short period of time.

As I faced them, felt them, and then released them so, too, did I release its physical hold on my body.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I was surprised.QM4A1862

Once again my understanding of the impact emotional pain has on physical pain was deepened.

I share this with you today because if you read my emails you know I am devoted to self-understanding, personal growth, and freedom from fear, doubt and pain… and through my experiences I aim to help others find the same health, understanding, joy and freedom in their own lives.

I am reminded that we are always a work in progress – learning, growing, healing then experiencing “life” so we can learn, grow and heal again.

Staying open to this process each time around feels like a gracefully curious way to navigate life.

So, I have just one question for you to become graciously curious about:

What emotions, what fears, what doubts are you not facing that could be keeping you stuck in pain?

Isn’t it time you set yourself free – again?

PS – If you need a simple place to start Yoga for Pain Relief really works.

In the comfort and privacy of your own home you can begin to tap into your own deeper understanding. Through guided sequences and breath work you will learn to stimulate a healing response.

And, like me, you will learn to trust when you need help. Recently, I incorporated my program with acupuncture to help me access heavy emotions that were surfacing and I was able, again, to heal from my pain and experience all the joys of this life… I’m so glad I did!