Surprise Workout and Miami Mistakes

If you’ve had some struggles so far this year, I know how you feel. While I was in Miami I messed up BIG time. I apologize for letting you down. The full story is below, BUT if you’re feeling down about your struggles, just remember this:

It’s always darkest before the dawn. There will be days when you struggle. We all make mistakes…but successful people shake them off, rebound rapidly, and get back on track. We must forgive ourselves and focus on what matters – learning from those mistakes.

Mistakes happen. We aren’t perfect. The key is to catch yourself, and to pull yourself out of a negative spiral, to get support and accountability, to jump back on the track to success, to start making the right decisions again, and to smile and to learn lessons so we avoid the errors of our ways in the future.

Stay positive. Move ahead. Don’t regret what you can’t change. Everyone goes through days like this. But not quitting is what separates successes from failure. Here’s what happened to me…

Wednesday night we went out for dinner and I ate way too much. I knew it, too, but at least it was at dinner and not a post-dinner binge. Ironically we even talked about my resolutions while we sat there destroying them. Geez Louise, I can royally mess up. But I’m looking back on it and laughing.

Heck, we ate and ordered so much food that our server tried cutting us off! But I rebounded and got back on track on Thursday. And that’s what YOU have to do.

Here’s a picture of us out for dinner on Thursday…


Bedros Keuilian, Joel Marion, Me (in the back corner with my cheeks stuffed full of seafood!), Shaun & Karen Hadsall, Rick Kaselj, Ryan Cobly, and Mike Westerdal

And if you’ve ever thought I was a goof, the picture below confirms it! Here’s the dessert plate brought out to celebrate Karen Hadsall’s birthday. (Oh, and yes, Joel has fallen asleep beside me. Ha!)

On that plate were deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried cupcakes, ice cream & more.

Anyways, enough about the trip…let’s get to your Surprise Workout. I’m sending this out a day earlier because I have a very SPECIAL announcement and giveaway coming tomorrow to help you lose fat fast.

I’ll be in Denver next week filming this workout – and 30 other new videos – for my latest follow-along video fat loss system. We’ve taken the latest science to improve my bodyweight workouts and help you get even more results in less time (there will be 10 one-minute workout videos as a bonus).

Enjoy this 10-Minute Workout to start your week right.
10-Minute Total Abs & Arms
1) 90% Close Grip or 90% Kneeling Close-Grip Pushups – 15 seconds
2) Crushing Plank – 45 seconds
3) Burpee – 15 seconds
4) 90% Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds (alternating sides)
5) Plank-to-Triceps Extension – 15 seconds
6) Squat Thrusts – 45 seconds
7) Jumping Jacks – 15 seconds
8) Cross-Body Toe Touches – 45 seconds (alternating sides)
9) Spiderman Pushups – 15 seconds (alternating sides)
10) Total Body Extensions – 45 seconds
– Go through the circuit two times with no rest between exercises.
– Do NOT rest at at the end of the circuit.

Half fun and get back on track today,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS – Never give up on getting better.
Stay STRONG and true to yourself today, no matter what happens, no matter what anyone else says, no matter how they act. Everything ends at some point. Good times AND bad. So persevere through the hard times knowing they will be over and you will get through them, and be present and enjoy the good times with as much gratitude as possible. Control what you can (your behaviors and thoughts), cope with what you can’t (the behaviors of others), command your morning, conquer the chaos, and concentrate on what counts. Never give up on what really matters to YOU.

PPS – Here’s one of my latest tips from Women’s Health magazine.