Best Nutrition Supplements for Health

If you’ve been a long-time TT reader, you probably know that my father destroyed his health with alcohol and passed away in 2008. Unfortunately, today, I’m watching my mom slowly destroy her health with food.

My personal request to you is that you do NOT do the same. Lord knows I’ve tried, and I keep trying, to change her.

Fortunately, we’ve made some progress on her health, but not enough. I buy healthy food when I’m home, and while she knows better, she still eats the junk. Ice cream in the freezer, chocolate bars around the house (and also in the
freezer). Her Achilles heal is night eating. Might it be yours too?

Years of inactivity and bad nutrition have taken a toll on her health. During my last visit I found a manual for a cardiac-rehab program on her kitchen counter. Ouch.

Hopefully that means she is getting more exercise, but I really need her to change her diet. You know why?

Most people don’t realize this, but diet is more important than exercise for cardiovascular health and fat loss.

So what I’ve done is gone and ordered her some supplements for the New Year. These essentials will help her take some big steps to a better diet.

1) Healthy Recipes

My mom loves to cook, and if she just made some small  changes to classic recipes, she could enjoy her favorite foods and I’d know that she was eating well.

So I ordered her this recipe book.

It was less than 5 bucks.

2) Daily EFA Protection

Everyone, even my mom, knows that fish oils are an essential part of a healthy diet.

But research suggests this specific type of essential fatty acid is even healthier. So I bought her a monthly supply of this EFA protection that is renewed each month, that way she doesn’t forget to restock her cupboard.

3) Daily Greens Drink

You would have to spend as much as $40 every day in fruits and vegetables alone to equal the antioxidant power found  in a daily dosage of this amazing drink. I think this could be the most important addition to her diet.

4) Daily Whey Protein

Yes, my mom’s going to be hitting the whey protein, but for a different reason than you might expect.

After all, she gets plenty of protein at lunch and dinner, BUT protein has been shown to reduce appetite, so hopefully this will help her cut back on the dreaded night eating.

These three supplements plus the healthy recipes should allow her to make a dramatic improvement in her health.

It will bring down her high-blood pressure, help her sleep better, reduce her joint pain (she’s got hip, wrist,  shoulder AND knee problems), and give her more energy.

In addition to this new nutrition plan, and any extra exercise ol’ Bally the Dog can provide her every time he  stays over at her house while I’m traveling, she also has
one big factor supporting her health.

That one big thing she is her social and an abundance of  positive relationships. It’s tough to say for sure how long good people and hobbies can extend a life, but I’m hoping those combined with modern medicine will help her live even
longer than her own mother (who lived to be 85).

It’s all a big unknown. But what we do know is that she’s moving to a new house this year and the building project will keep her busy – and excited.

I believe she can live to be late 80’s or even 90 if I can just get her to change her diet and toss the junk.

So that’s my little personal soap opera.

Now before we go, I want to repeat my personal request to you.

Please take care of yourself and stick to the healthiest nutrition plan you can. Please, that is all that I ask.

In fact, on Christmas Eve, I posted on Twitter that all I wanted for Christmas was for my readers to eat more
green vegetables. 🙂

And I’m serious. Nutrition is as powerful as drugs. Even more powerful, in many cases.

What you eat is so important for both fat loss and long-term health…so make it a goal to have the best nutrition you can in 2012 and for the rest of your life.

Your body and your family will thank you for it.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer