STOP!! Is Calorie Counting Keeping YOU Fat?

I used to have a notebook full of hand written equations like this:

A gram of protein contains 4 calories.
A gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories
A gram of fat contains 9 calories.1 serving of x food = 28g (10 fat, 10 carb, 8 protein)

10g fat = 90cals from fat
10g carb = 40cals from carb
8g prot = 32cals from prot

Total 162 calories per serving of x food.

I used to spend countless amounts of time and energy calculating every last gram of fat, protein, sugar, and fiber to ensure I wasn’t exceeding “my limit” by even .5 a gram!

The neurotic scribbling in that notebook breaks my heart.

Fortunately, religiously counting calories and macronutrients is a thing of the past for me. I truly believe that type of bondage kept me stuck in a cycle of misery where that “last 5 pounds” would just never come off and I would never be good enough.

What I didn’t realize was that by my rigidity, I was actually forcing my body into a place of “fat storage” and worse I was damaging my very soul.

Strict, severe, harsh, unyielding, unbending, firm, inflexible — all these words describe my past relationship with food, exercise, and myself.

If I wasn’t actually weighing out my food and calculating my calories or macros, then I was thinking about weighing out my food and calculating my calories or macros.

My controlled environment was controlling me.

I had no room in my life for anything other than my weight, how many calories did I burn, how many calories did I eat, what size pants do I wear, and on and on in my fruitless, exhausting pursuit of perfection.

My weight fluctuated 5-8 pounds on a regular basis and it often triggered wild swings between feeling “starving” and “stuffed-to-the-gills.”

I lacked balance, flexibility, and had no real understanding for how my body worked, what it truly needed, or how to actually take care of it.

I misread all the signals — thinking more intensity and duration in my workouts coupled with less food and rest would be the key. Boy, was I wrong!

The journey out of this prison didn’t happen over night. But the decision to break free occurred in an instant. And when it did incredible transformations unfolded for me.

You, too, can transform your life! If you make room for fluidity, mindfulness, and curiosity based on Love and Respect for your health you’ll:

  • Learn, know, and give your body what it needs: rest, food, water, movement, and fun so it can heal
  • Speak more kindly to yourself to stay joyful and motivated
  • Think before you act to avoid health and fitness sabotage
  • Recognize what your body really needs on a moment to moment basis so that you truly take care of yourself and easily avoid setbacks
  • Trade fear, doubt, mistrust, and anxiety for love, clarity, confidence, and peace
  • Listen to your body, heart, and mind in order to shift from external force to intuitive wisdom
  • Become reliable in your decision-making so that you easily discern what to do, focus on that goal, and follow through
  • Exchange self-abuse for self-care

Fluidity became my flagship method of being. For me, structure is vital, but rigidity was destructive.

The ability to fine-tune my movements on a moment-to-moment basis so that I “stayed” the course of my health and fitness goals was a major turning point in my life.

So, how can you get to where I am today?

I developed a coaching program to help people just like you break free from whatever is keeping you in bondage and I write about all the tools I have used and post them on the Early To Rise website and Facebook.

The information is available, but if you desire to dive deeper into the process of change so that you can live life to the fullest, finding joy and freedom in all of your experiences then you need to be a part of my next 30-Day Challenge.

It. YOU will change your life.

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