Squats, DeadLifts, and Deli Meats QnA

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But first lets take a look at some great nutrition and workout questions that from TT readers in today’s “training QnA” on my Facebook Fan Page.

Question Karan Desai:  is it alright if I have 3 meals a day even if I’m on a bulk?  How often do you recommend doing HIIT or Cardio if you’re trying to bulk. Thanks!

Answer: Karan 3 meals is fine. Just follow a program like Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets. It will tell you everything that you need to do.

Question Michael Pullam: Drinking whole fat organic milk to gain mass. Is this recommended or am I better off using other foods to get my calories. Dairy does agree with me.

Answer: Michael There’s only one way to find out. Try it for 2: 4 weeks. Then try reaching your goals without it for 2: 4 weeks. Compare the differences, with everything else being equal.

Question Artie Albernaz: What is a good alternative for Romanian dead-lifts?

Answer: Artie There is only one equivalent alternative:  Good Mornings. Otherwise, glute: ham raise, lying leg curls are okay, or DB reverse lunges.

Question Matt Cox: can I do the goblet squat instead of squats on workout b on original tt program? I run into trouble getting from squat rack to pull up area on my gym without having to wait my turn slowing my workout greatly

Answer: Matt : That’s not the best substitute. You are better off using Bulgarian Split Squats or regular split squats.

Question Truman Griffin: Do you recommend dips for tricep growth?

Answer: Dips are great, but lean forward slightly, keep your elbows tucked in, and bring your knees to your chest to reduce stress on shoulders

Question Charles Mclaughlin:  Do you consider deli cuts such as ham, turkey, and chicken off limits?  I try not eat these type of foods but for someone who is extremely busy. What are the downsides?

Answer: Charles the downsides to processed meats are long term health problems. If you buy the expensive, no nitrate, organic versions, you have less risk. But the cheap stuff should be used no more than once per week.

Question Charles Mclaughlin:  Is eliminating all white food necessary to lose fat faster than normal? I mean processed foods such as white rice, white bread, potatoes, etc.

Answer: Charles, if those foods were eliminated, you would lose fat faster.

Question Shana Vidal White: When doing inverted rows is it necessary to elevate your feet?

Answer: Shana, No, it is not necessary, just slightly harder.

Question Matt Cox: thanks, I am working on building my hip flexibility so I can do the pistol squats

Answer: Matt  cool, great choice.

Question Paulo Rego: Do you think the suspension trainer is a good tool for several exercises on the 6months body-weight program?

Answer: Paulo :  Yes sir

Question Charles Mclaughlin:  When I ate a high fat, high protein diet with low carbs I felt stuffed. When I ate a low fat, high protein diet with low fat I felt that I needed to eat more.

I tried to eat more vegetables to curb my hunger. Has research shown any differences between the two if the calories are the same amount?

Answer: Charles, the more vegetables and nuts you eat, the better off you will be in the hunger and fat loss department. You should read the TNT diet from Men’s health for a high: protein, healthy fat approach.

Question Michael Brichford:  Regarding face pulls, what is better for shoulder health… high reps, lower weight or low reps, higher weight?

Answer:  Michael B.  Sorry for the late reply. High reps, low weight, big squeeze on each rep. Great question.

Michael Brichford :  Thanks, Craig. I think I was starting to lean more towards a heavier weight but that clarifies it for me.

Question Charles Mclaughlin: What does TNT stand for? I drink a big pot of green tea throughout the day. Should I be adding some fresh squeezed lemon to each serving? Thanks Craig! See you in TT forum bro!

Answer: Charles no, the lemon is not necessary unless you like the taste, and yes, see you in the forums. Good times. Keep up the great work.

Question Shaun Cochrane: Would you recommend being tt certified for running workouts in an FBBC?

Answer: Shaun Yes, it would help. You’d get a lot more workout ideas too, a new bootcamp game and new finishers each month, as well as more advice and more client getting tools from the best in the industry. I guarantee you’ll find it worthwhile.

Plus, the TT Summit (that you get to attend for free as a TT Trainer), is truly an incredible weekend. It’s almost as good as FBS, but it’s smaller, so you get a different experience. More intimate.

More connections. More meetings of the minds.More good times and hang outs. See you there, June 22: 23rd, San Diego.

Question: Shaun Cochrane Cool thanks

Answer: Ok, I think I answered all the questions. Great session.

Will try again Thursday or Saturday. Have a great day, and check out Bootcamp Finishers

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer