Sprinting For Fat Loss

Sprinting For Fat Loss – By Niall Traynor

Who doesn’t want the enviable body of a sprinter? Six-pack abs, lean from top to bottom, and whether a man or a woman, sprinters always seem to have muscle and shape in all the right places.

Sprint training consists of a series of sprint drills, done typically over short distances (10 – 20 metres) followed by a series of actual sprints, where you would work on different distances.


But how can that be? It’s because the drills can be done at even at a very slow, manageable pace. They can be done at three speeds:

•    Marching
•    Skipping
•    Run-in-place motion

They can be performed in an almost running-in-place motion with the only difference being you move ever-so-slowly forward over the determined distance.

Understand this kind of exercise will melt fat, give you the body of your dreams, and make you more athletic, graceful, and just like it does for the elite track athletes who do these exact exercises as a regular part of their routine.

What could possibly be better?

Oh wait…I know…combining a sprint program with the innovative fat loss techniques of a Turbulence Training session.

No we didn’t?

Ummm, yes. Yes, we did. Do you want to burn fat like never before? Then give this routine a try.

Burn Fat As You Get Faster!

Here’s the breakdown of the routine:

Warm-up ~ All done over a distance of 10metres
•    Marching A’s
•    Skipping A’s
•    Running A’s
•    Walking Lunges

Circuit #1 ~ Do 2 rounds with 1 minute rest in between each round
•    Running Butt Kicks ~ for 20 metres
•    Planks with Alternating Leg Raises ~ 30 seconds
•    Side to sides ~ for 20 metres

Circuit #2 ~ Do 2 rounds with 1 minute rest in between each round
•    Marching B’s ~ for 20 metres
•    Kickbacks ~ for 30 seconds
•    High Kicks ~ for 20 metres
•    Bridges ~ for 30 seconds

The Sprints
•    Sprint 20 metres, walk back as your active recovery and repeat for a total of 6 sprints
•    Rest 1 minute and repeat another round of 6 x 20 metre sprints

If you haven’t sprinted in some time, learning just the sprint drills at just the marching pace will begin to get your ready to eventually return to sprinting and sprinting like a kid no less!

The drills actually condition your Central Nervous System (CNS) to be able to sprint. The drills teach your body the kind of perfect form that will make you faster and faster over time.

Think of it this way, much like someone who lifts weights is building more and more muscle the more weight they can lift, so too a person who is becoming faster and faster is moving their body more and more towards that ideal sprinter body.

Best of all this kind of sprinting routine can be done in under 20 minutes.

You want the body of your dreams? Take a page out of the www.HowDoIGetGreatLegs.com playbook and make sprinting part of your program!