Fat Burning Breakfast Meals & Workouts for Six Pack Abs

Fat burning meals and metabolism boosting workouts can be the key to getting you six pack abs. And as you know, I recommend lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, and healthy fats for your fat burning meals, and resistance training and interval training to burn stubborn belly fat.

I also talk so much about Bally my chocolate lab puppy that I was recently asked if I’m writing a TT for Dogs fat loss program. Find out the answer at the end of this TT insider’s scoop on my fat-burning lifestyle.


QUESTION: Most folks skip breakfast because, as you know… life is really busy sometimes… what tips can you give us for a quick nutritional breakfast-on- the-run?

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Grab something high in fiber and containing some protein.  An apple and an ounce of almonds and a cup of yogurt is a great start. As is any combination of those three foods. And there’s no reason not to cut up some vegetables the night before and add that to the mix.

Protein shakes are fine too. I don’t use them and they aren’t necessary in order to have a great body, but they are a convenient source of protein.  Just realize, protein shakes are NOT a magic bullet for anything. It’s just glorified milk.

QUESTION: How come you don’t include steady state cardio workouts in your fat loss program?

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Cardio is just not an efficient use of your time.  Interval training has beaten steady-state cardio in the two “head to head” Research studies comparing the two, and frankly, interval training works much better in the real world.

And you get done in half the time, which is the other important factor. So even if interval training was only AS good as cardio for fat loss – and not actually better – you’d still be better off choosing interval training because it takes less time.

QUESTION: Conventional thinking says we have to do a whole bunch of sit ups and crunches to get six pack abs. And most of us hate doing sit ups and crunches! How come you don’t have these exercises in your workout plans?

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: Neither of the exercises is necessary to get six pack abs.  Crunches are a huge waste of your time. Such a small movement does little in terms of burning belly fat or sculpting your abs.

Every smart trainer knows that if you can do a resistance exercise 50 times in a row, like you can with crunches, that there is little benefit to body composition.

Situps are a more difficult exercise, but like crunches, sit-ups are hard on the low back. Spinal flexion – when you round your low back – compresses the discs between your vertebrae and is actually the same mechanism that causes disc herniations.

So, both are un-necessary and risky moves. Too risky for my tastes!! An advanced replacement for crunches and situps is the “Pull-up with Knee- up”, and an intermediate replacement is the Stability Ball Rollout.

QUESTION: Thanks Craig. One last question, you write a lot about your Chocolate Lab … is there a Turbulence Training for dogs coming out any time soon?

CRAIG BALLANTYNE: You know, the sad thing is, my dog actually eats better than 80% of the North American population.  Before 9am, he’s already had more quality food than probably 50% of North Americans will have ALL day.

Diet for dogs is just as important as for humans. But as for the workout program, he ate it.

Say goodbye to crunches and “Hello” to more free time when you use the Turbulence Training for Abs fat burning meal plans and six pack abs workouts.