Potentiation for Fat Loss

You’re going to get a little more power and a lot more fat loss when you use this workout technique.

It’s called “power potentiation“, and research shows it works to give you a little boost.

I first discovered it back in my legendary 4th year neuro- muscular physiology class in 1998. This is where I learned almost EVERYTHING that I use today.

But back to your power potentiation…

When you do a heavy strength exercise, and follow that with an explosive movement, like low-box jumps, burpees, vertical jumps, lunge jumps, or even jumping jacks, you’ll have more power. That means you’ll jump higher. Way higher.

And that means you are producing more force, putting more turbulence on the muscles, burning more calories, and building a sexier, leaner body. A hot, ripped, shredded superhero body.

So here’s what you’ll do:

1A) Strength exercise – 6 to 8 reps
1B) Power exercise – 6 reps

My favorite version of this is Deadlift + Vertical Jumps. It will literally put 2 inches on your jump in 30 seconds.

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After you do the potentiation circuit, you’ll go into the Power Density Depletion movement (total meathead awesomeness), followed by the DK Toolbelt Muscle Building Circuit (so much fun), and you’ll finish with a unique interval method (no equipment required).

And that’s just Workout B.

In Workout A you get the:

– Dark Knight of Metabolism (DK) Power Circuit
– DK Strength Circuit
– DK Speed-Endurance Metabolic Finisher

And in Workout C, you’ll get:

– DK Bat-Mobility Strength Circuit
– DK Bat-Mobility Torso Power
– DK Fantastic Four Power Fat Loss Finisher

This is a truly unique TT program.

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Power up your fat burning with potentiation,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Dark Knight of Metabolism

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