AND THE WINNERS ARE…. Your Perfect Day Audiobook is on its Way

Last week we announced that we’d be giving away 10 Perfect Day Formula audiobooks. We received some great feedback from Early to Rise readers. We appreciate you taking the time to share with us how ETR has helped you, and what you hope to gain from reading Craig Ballantyne’s new book, The Perfect Day Formula.

If your comment was selected as one of the winners listed below, please keep an eye out in your email inbox for your free download information.

If you don’t see your entry below, you can still get a copy of the audiobook by clicking HERE.

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Here’s to more Perfect Days in 2016!

– Your Early to Rise Editorial Team


Winner #1

Thank you for your The Perfect Day Formula free audiobook offer! I’ve been a faithful fan of Early To Rise since it was first launched by the brilliant Michael Masterson many years ago. The insights, tips, strategies, and inspiration that ETR has provided week to week have proved to be invaluable. I was very pleased to read that you had purchased ETR after my son had told me how impressed he was after hearing your message and experiencing your example of dedication and discipline during the Sovereign Man Bootcamp in Lithuania. Craig, you’ve managed to fill MM’s shoes admirably. Early To Rise definitely has your voice and in many ways, it’s even better than the original! Not an easy task.

ETR has helped me become and stay a more positive, healthy, and focused person by providing quality actionable content. The articles are always informative, thought provoking and encouraging. And it’s free — what a bargain! I’m particularly fond of Michael’s Ready, Fire, Aim and Automatic Wealth for Grads, (a copy went to my boys when they graduated high school). Your books Turbulence Training for Fat Loss and How To Make Money Online are an excellent value. My youngest son uses TT as his core routine. After suffering a layoff a few months ago (at age 65), I’ve decided to start working for myself. Better late than never. You have proven to be a dramatic success in many areas of life and business. And I figure if you have distilled your personal ideas, principles and methods in to a solid doable plan and routine, I want to have it. The Perfect Day Formula is just what I need to “get it together”, reinvent myself and start living life on my terms.

I’m determined to make 2016 my Best. Year. Ever. —Scott

Winner #2

Stumbling on ETR has been the greatest turning point of my life. This was five years ago when I was scanning the Internet for information on how to improve my situation in life. Then, I felt hollow, dead broke, and at the point of resignation in life. I started reading the daily newsletter and everything I could get my hands on from Michael Masterson. Since then ETR has been on my daily task list — actually a priority. The greatest products have been The Pledge and Seven Years to Seven Figures. Although, I still have a lot to change in my life, these products, including the daily messages, have helped me to reorganize my life, to set goals, and focus on the most important, valuable (working towards invaluable!) skills for a happier, richer, more successful life. Most recently, it was the “My Perfect Day Revealed” video that you created.

Within this ETR transformation period, I have (been) promoted to a better position, given more responsibility at work, studied for a Master’s degree, and just this year I have been awarded funding for a Ph.D. by my employers. Unfortunately, the funding is for 2.5 years instead of the 3 years I am supposed to (have to complete) the Ph.D. This implies that managing my days will be the most important skill I will need to learn to be able to finish the Ph.D. within 2.5 years, which will involve working as I study.
That is why I need a copy of the “The Perfect Day Formula.” —Ivan

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Winner #3

Thank you for this opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone could use this information; I read tons of stuff from you, Mr. Ford, Altucher, Bonner, etc., and find it quite inspiring. Your quotes and down-to-earth style of writing resonate with me (perhaps because you are also a Canadian). I sometimes feel like a bit of a flake for taking in all this free info without giving back, but the simple fact is that every well has a bottom. I have made some progress on my own; over 20 years in brick-and-mortar businesses made me realize I needed to buy out my partner. Done. Twenty-eight years of dysfunctional marriage needed to end. Done. Admitting to myself that being the owner/operator of a business does not always equate to happiness, let alone provide the combination of time and money to enjoy life the way I want to. I have read a lot about the “Internet lifestyle,” and found in practice that it is much more difficult to find any real level of success that many “gurus” allude to. I do firmly believe that the business success I have enjoyed is a direct result of hard work, but that there is still something missing. I tend to be reactionary, rather than proactive, and it seems from reading the teasers in your copy that your book may provide a solid foundation that would help me clean up the way I approach my days. I wish you all the best with your new book, and hope it brings you and its readers much success! — Dean Dingwall

Winner #4

I love ETR! And that means a lot, coming from me who is inherently a night owl, with most of my magic time late at night. I have Chef Gui’s cookbook, Eat More, Burn More. The recipes in it are beyond amazing. They have the delicious taste and experience of a pro chef, yet they are so healthy even an Olympic athlete could eat them with a clear conscience. Even with such great recipes, I think there is an even bigger benefit to owning this great cookbook: It lets you know for certain that the food you will enjoy as part of a healthy life is SO much better than anything you can find in a fast-food joint. The reason I need a copy of The Perfect Day Formula, is because I’m hooked! I really do need it. Last week I had an absolutely perfect day, in every way. It was beautiful. The flow, the productivity, the joy. I have constantly been thinking: “How can I make this my everyday experience?” And then I found out, you have written a book about just that.

With two kinds of work, fitness goals on the side, and a dream of financial abundance and a career change, I need to up my game, especially in terms of productivity. I believe The Perfect Day Formula can provide me tools to make this more efficient, and shorten my learning curve.

Thank you for the amazing value you all share on this website. —Isak Tougaard

Winner #5

I’ve followed Craig since 2006 and followed Mike Masterson since the early 2000s. When you announced you were taking over Early to Rise in 2011 it was like the perfect match! I haven’t used any ETR products as I have found the excellent advice in your emails, articles, and newsletters more than enough food for thought. Until now. Now is my time to take all I’ve learned from you and go a giant step further. Last year I quit my corporate job, ditched bad friends, mended my long-damaged relationships, and rediscovered my ability to excel at whatever I seriously put my mind to. This year I am seeking meaningful, impactful work to pursue independently and feel the timing of your book release is meant to be to help me get the best possible start each day.

The student is ready! —Dawn

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Winner #6

Early To Rise has helped me reconfirm principles that I have grown up with, (which were) taught to me by my parents, but I chose to ignore. A positive attitude helps any situation, no matter what it is. I have also been keeping a more uniform sleep schedule. I wake up about 45 minutes earlier than I used to; I do a quick 10-minute workout using exercises that Craig has shown us on his website, and I do not watch that much television in the evening. Instead, I am working on things that are more important to me and I finish the night by reading. Craig and his team have helped me to improve my life and to coach others on being positive, helping them improve their lives. ETR is a daily reminder that life is good; not easy, but good, and that hard work will pay off when it is accompanied by the proper attitude. — Aaron Wilker

Winner #7

Thank you for this opportunity to get an audio version of The Perfect Day Formula to back up and reinforce the book that I purchased and received earlier this week. I have followed Craig and ETR for over 10 years. Early to Rise has improved certain areas of my life. I have made significant improvements in my personal and business life. Time management: I’ve eliminated time wasters. Procrastination: I’m getting better. Belief in myself is improving. I have eliminated a lot of email by deciding to use ETR only. When I search for solutions to most any challenge/problem/concern in my life there is usually an essay or resource available on ETR. My big problem and nut to crack has always been doing exercise and sticking with a nutrition plan. Lose weight, feel great, and exercise. But a lapse in concentration and the good habits stop. I need a plan or formula to stay on track.

Well, due to a recent significant health scare I am now off the track and at the bottom and need to rebuild and start again with nutrition and exercise. I believe the answer is in The Perfect Day Formula.

I believe this will help me achieve and rebuild my health. —Michael

Winner #8

The reason I need a copy of The Perfect Day Formula is because as someone who runs the 9-to-5 while building my business, my day runs me ragged at times. It especially becomes challenging getting my work done while also attempting to get my daily workout in. Being able to craft my perfect day will give me insights on how to consistently get up early to get my work done, be a top performer at work, and have the energy to workout and work on my business after coming home. The high level of productivity that would come during the week would also free me up for more time with friends and family on some weekends. — BJ Pivonka

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Winner #9

Would love to win a copy of the new Perfect Day Formula. Have been following Craig since Turbulence Training, then II, and ETR. Early to Rise helps cut the B.S. and give you the truth about success. (I’ve) used Financial Independent Monthly newsletters and free information that ETR has given.

Why I want to win: young — 26, with kids. Doing pretty good and make decent money but I need help structuring my perfect day. I’m okay with productivity but with this product I KNOW I can take it to the next level.

Thanks for the invite to enter! — Anthony Huerta

Winner #10

I’m an educator. I run schools, I set up schools. With a very clear and motivating mission I’ve spent too much time frustrated that I didn’t get more done in each day. I’ve been an avid follower of Early to Rise for a lot of years and bit by bit believe I get closer to mastering my day. Being an educator has also given me the opportunity to ‘pay it forward,’ sharing what I’ve learned with teachers and students.

I’d love a copy of Craig’s new book to take my own development to the next level and to make a difference early in more young people’s lives. — Mark Parkinson