Planning and Goal-Setting So You Can Work Less and Make More

When you’re busy taking care of business, it can easily take you for a ride. You know you’re on this ride when you become very reactive—constantly putting out fires and responding to whichever customer or product is screaming loudest for your attention. This is how...

How Ed Sheeran Used a 1970’s Military Strategy to Write 2017’s Top Song

Ed Sheeran is arguably the most popular singer alive. His song, “Shape of You,” has been viewed over three billion (yes, billion with a “b”) times on YouTube, and topped almost every year-end chart in 2017. It’s also the most streamed track on Spotify (nearly two...

What We Can Learn from 2017’s Fallen CEOs

Before the roller-coaster ride of 2017 even began, Leadership Guru Suzanne Bates postulated that there would be five primary reasons for top-dog hacks over the course of the year. Some of what Bates suggested has been cause for CEO cuts for decades—poor communication,...

The Quiet Power (and Possibility) of Reward

For many of my hard-working friends, wine is the reward for a day well done. In fact, for one, it's a inviolable ritual. At the end of every excruciating midweek slog, my buddy hauls home around 7pm (if he's lucky), drops his briefcase, slips into a hoodie, and pours...

The “Dark Side” of Becoming a Leader

There's a dark side of becoming a leader. It's something I've never heard anyone talk about. And it's something that I only discovered when I began to earn the trust of a large group of people. To be frank, I wasn't prepared for it. And because of that, I went through...

My Case for the Automakers

“You make money when you buy, not when you sell.” So says the old adage. It’s especially important to keep this in mind in today’s market. Buying opportunities abound, and now is the time to take advantage of that and make your money.

Government Intervention Has a Ripple Effect

Over the last month, the intertwined relationships of the markets have been wacky, to say the least. On July 15, the SEC announced its protection plan for Fannie Mae (FNM), Freddie Mac (FRE), and 17 banks and brokerage firms. This move totally disrupted the natural ebb and flow of the market.

The Problem with Habits

The old Ballantyne farm where I grew up lies in the fertile lands of Southwestern Ontario. On our property you'll be treated to a great bounty of what Mother Nature has to offer. There are rolling hills where my father planted corn, flat stretches of fields where he...

More On Being Tough and Ruthless

"Where there is no might, right loses itself." - Portuguese proverb JB wrote to say that although he agrees that "being mean and nasty is not a long-term strategy," most people fail to reach their business goals because they are afraid to do "what it takes to succeed...

Are You Sick Of Your Job? It Shows!

Almost everybody, no matter how smart, ambitious, energetic, etc., grows tired of his or her job at some point. Usually, the feeling passes after a while. Sometimes, it lingers. It's not much fun to work when you lack passion -- and in case you are in any doubt, it's...

Setting And Maintaining High Standards of Performance

"The only way to succeed is to make people hate you." - Josef von Sternberg If you read almost anything in the mainstream media about management or leadership, you'll see lots of advice about making your employees happy.Listen to their problems and concerns. Create a...

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