3 Techniques to Master Daily Gratitude

Gratitude: It’s an awesome feeling, isn't it? So awesome, in fact, I’d love to bottle it up and have a shot every time I’m feeling anxious, nervous, or angry. As important as it is to experience gratitude on a daily basis, it's incredibly difficult to do so during the...

5 Lessons for Becoming Wealthy and Successful as an Outsider

You don’t need to be born into money to succeed as an entrepreneur. You don’t need a four-year degree or a laundry list of qualifications, either. You can even be a broke foreigner who didn’t grow up speaking English. That was me—the broke foreigner who had all the...

The 5 Key Steps to Starting a 6-Figure Coaching Business in 2018

The coaching industry has been growing at a double-digit rate for almost a decade. In fact, I was reading an article recently about future trends in business coaching, and discovered (not surprisingly) that the top need for executives over the next five years is...

Elon Musk’s Solution for the Mark Zuckerberg Problem

Social media is driving us mad. Mark Zuckerberg has us addicted to our phones, and we’re losing a lot more than just our privacy. We short-circuit our brains first thing in the morning with Instagram. Millions check Facebook multiple times per day. Others mindlessly...

A Guilt-Free Way to Live a Life of Luxury

Huguette Clark seemed to have almost all the money in the world. She would generously give thousands of dollars to friends or strangers going through difficult times that she had seen in a local news story. She also bought rare art for over a million dollars a pop....

Falling Market Great for Buyers

Unless you follow the market closely every day, you should have two stock-investing modes – as a holder of stocks and as a purchaser of stocks.

And what about selling? Selling now is not a good idea. The

How to Get a New CPC Instantly

Issue #2477 WEALTHY: Investing - where do we go from here? (Rick Pendergraft) HEALTHY: How to prevent muscle soreness when you exercise (Craig Ballantyne) WISE: William A. Foster on quality ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Improve your AdWords campaign right now (Howie Jacobson) 3...

Power of the Right Words at the Right Time

Back when I was a preteen, comedian Steve Martin released a re-make of a classic love story, Cyrano de Bergerec. In case you don't know the story (don't bother watching the movie, trust me, it's not worth it), Martin plays a character with a very large, embarrassingly...

Dont Sugarcoat Your Criticism

  "We are all jellyfish, too pitiful and too afraid of being disliked to be honest." - May Sarton ("Monday, January 19th," The House by the Sea: A Journal, 1977) In Message #745 ("For Best Results, Make  Your Performance Reviews Frank, Positive, and Specific"), I...

A Productivity Tip You’re Not Going to Like

  "Formal learning can teach you a great deal, but many of the essential skills in life are the ones you have to develop on your own." - Lee Iacocca (Iacocca: An Autobiography, 1984) If you're lucky enough to have an assistant, one of the tasks you're probably tempted...

Why Do New Managers Fail?

According to a report I read somewhere, four out of 10 new managers fail in their first year. The primary reason, the report said, is that they are not able to build a good support system. That corresponds to my own experience. When you take over a new job, you will...

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