Avoiding Injuries – Knowing When To Dial It Back

Ok by now you should have a good picture of all the added bonuses that are in the TT for Meatheads manuals from yesterday’s expert interview series, as well as a better insight on Turbulence Training techniques.

Today, I end this series with a simple but meaningful explanation that everyone who is training should practice.


Patrick McGuire: So, Craig, do you have anything you want to wrap up with before I just keep rambling on how much I think this is perfect for mass building for meatheads?

Craig Ballantyne: Just a quick comment about training in general is we’ve talked about how people might over train in terms of volume or frequency for both lifting and for cardio. We have to go back to what training is in general. I love to train, and I could go to the gym every day.  However, I hold myself back because of the definition of “what training is.”

Training is a stimulus applied to the body in order to get a specific adaptation. What I was trying to show these meatheads that I was training when I first put this together in 2007 or whatever, I showed them that they were training five days a week and when you train four exercises with four sets each for muscle group like your shoulders, you’re putting so much stimulus on your body that you’ve already reached the point of diminishing returns probably after the sixth total set of the workout.

You don’t need to be doing sixteen sets. So when you dial back the volume for resistance training, or when you dial back the amount of cardio that you’re doing, that’s when you see you still are getting the same results without putting as much stress on the body.  That way you’re not getting the overuse injuries.  So just remember – I know its very egghead and nerdy, but remember what training really is.

I mean, when you train meathead style, it’s a whole heck of fun to go in there and train, even if you’re getting into the strongman stuff.  That can get mentally addicting to go in there and just be throwing around weights and stuff.  However, you have to remember that you really should only be training if it’s going to give you a positive adaptation and move you towards your goals.

If another set of bicep curls is not going to do anything but make you more sore and possibly put more strain on your biceps tendon and possibly cause you to spend $40.00 to $60.00 for ART treatment or more, then you have to realize when to back off and when you’ve done enough volume.  So again it goes back to what we talked about at the very start this interview series. That is getting to know your body by writing down your workouts and writing down how you feel.

So take a little bit more of  a cerebral approach to this.  A little bit more thinking and you can really get more results in less time with less wear and tear on your body, which when you’re 40, 45 you’re going to thank yourself for not training yourself into the ground at age 25.

Patrick McGuire: That’s phenomenal, and that makes total sense.  It’s intelligent.  Turbulence Training for Smart Meatheads.  That’s awesome.  I really appreciate your time here.  We’ve got great information in this series; it’s really easy to look at different formats and formulas for training and eating.  It’s really, really easy to get confused.  So, follow some of the pros that have done it before you and other people who are actually walking the walk and talking the talk.

Like Craig who is big and lean.  He’s got great muscle fullness, and he keeps a lean body most of the time.  He’s always trim.  He believes practices, preaches, and lives the Turbulence Training way. He eats very smartly, very intelligently.  And he puts the right training in place. And whether you Google Craig Ballantyne or Turbulence Training, you’ll find him everywhere around the world. And it’s awesome to know that you’ve got someone like him working for you behind the scenes for all of your goals.

Especially when he throws in a bonus like Turbulence Training for Meatheads with the mass building meal plans with intelligent nutrition.  So Craig, I definitely want to thank you very much for this time and giving us some deeper insight to the Turbulence Training for Meatheads.  And look forward to much more from you.  I appreciate everything you do.

Craig Ballantyne: Hey, thanks.  Happy to help.

Patrick McGuire: Thank you very much.  When you’re looking for Turbulence Training for Meatheads, you can get it directly?  You’ve got a great opportunity to get it as one of the bonuses for empowered nutrition, muscle building and mass building meal plans. We are excited to get you the mass building meal plans with Turbulence Training and all sorts of other bonuses.

We’re pretty excited for what’s going on here, and we’ve got a community of great trainers and great nutritionists working behind the scenes to help you get your goals. I’m Patrick McGuire with empowerednutrition.com and we got Craig Ballantyne with turbulencetraining.com helping you achieve your mass building goals with TT for Meatheads bonus.  Have a great day everybody, we’ll talk to you soon.