3 Simple Nutrition Rules

Last Friday morning I had to take Bally (my dog) into see the vet because he has an ear infection. And the vet couldn’t get over how lean Bally was for a 4-year old chocolate lab.

“These guys are the worst for getting fat,” he said. “Labs in general, but there’s something about chocolate labs. I’ve never seen a 4-year old chocolate lab in this good of shape,” he added.

“Yeah,” I said, “he gets a lot of exercise.”

But then the vet said something I should have known…in fact, he said the same thing I’ve been telling YOU for years!

“It’s not really the exercise,” he started…”It’s the diet.”

And that’s the truth! That’s the real deal when it comes to staying lean.

Diet is more important than exercise.

So today I’m going to give you Bally the Dog’s 3 Simple Nutrition Rules for staying lean.

Rule #1 – Eat more fruits and vegetables.

On any given day, Bally the Dog eats:

– 1/4 of an apple
– 2 slices of red pepper
– a handful of blueberries
– 2 small pieces of broccoli
– 1/6 of a banana

And only at the end of the day does he get 1-2 small little biscuit treats.

The rest of the day, he eats fruits and vegetables instead of highcalorie, processed treats.

And he loves it. Honestly, he’d eat anything. So as long as I know the fruit or vegetable is okay for dogs to eat, I give it to him. It’s much better than giving him treat after treat and turning him into another fat chocolate lab.
Sadly, Bally the Dog eats more fruits and vegetables than most North American people (in fact, this is something that Brad Pilon and I talked about in an audio we recorded for you – see the link below).

But because he eats all those fruits and vegetables, he keeps his calorie intake low and his body lean.

(Did you know that one of the other vets once said Bally the Dog has six pack abs? I’m not kidding, she really said that!)

So bottom line for you: Replace all your processed, high-calorie snacks with fruits and vegetables. You’ll be full on fewer calories and you’ll have more energy and you won’t crash during the workday.

Rule #2 – Never eat while moving.

Okay, I’ll admit, Bally didn’t come up with this. If he had his way, he’d be eating every second of the day – even while rolling in the snow.

But for you, here’s a new rule that you can add to your life that will help you cut down on calories and bad food choices.

The rule is that you can’t eat or drink any calories while you are in motion. That means no eating while walking, and no eating while driving. So no eating or drinking in the car. Or on the bus. Or the subway. Or the train. Not only will this save you calories, but it will also prevent your car from becoming a mess.
It’s too easy to eat while “on the move”, but rarely are those calories the right kind. Get rid of the muffins, the high-calorie coffees, the sodas, the processed snacks, and the fast food.
This might mean you’ll need to get up early to eat at home. But it’s worth it. Trust me. Or just wait till you get to work to eat.After work, you may need to “survive” an extra 15 minutes until you get home to eat. But I guarantee you that not eating while moving will save you hundreds of calories per day, and will help you lose fat without any extra effort.

Rule #3 – Do not force yourself to eat when you are not hungry.

Ok, again, if Bally had his way, he’d eat breakfast, immediately followed by lunch, and then would want to have dinner served.

But if he had his way, he would just be another lil’ porker of a chocolate lab – which are really, really sad by the way.

So what does this rule mean for you?

It means that if you aren’t hungry when you wake up, maybe you don’t need to force down a 300-500 calorie breakfast or a 500 calorie
post-workout shake.

Oh my, did I just tell you that you don’t have to eat breakfast?

And did I just say that you don’t need a 500-calorie, 50-grams-of-sugar post-workout shake if you want to lose fat?

Hmmmm, well, the full answer to both of those questions is in this nutrition discussion I had with Brad Pilon last Thursday night.

=> Click here to listen (and download it) for free

Brad and I cover:

– Metabolism Myths (including the myth that breakfast boosts metabolism)
– Nutrition Rules that EVERYONE has to agree on
– Controversial opinions on breakfast and post-workout drinks
– And the simplest nutrition changes you can make to lose fat

Hopefully we’ll simplify nutrition for you.

Your friend and personal trainer,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Simple Nutrition

PS – I believe in Brad’s program…

…and I highly recommend it.