my BIG diet mistake (more embarrassment)

It all started with a runny nose…a little sniffle, to be honest.

But it was one that wouldn’t go away, and one I had no reason to have, considering it started in July. Months went by and I was getting sick and tired of people asking me if I had a cold…

thinking that might be the cause.

But then I had a coaching call with nutrition expert, Isabel De Los Rios on Thursday, and she told me I was doing it all wrong.

The diet, that is.

Instead of eliminating one thing at a time, I should eliminate almost everything for two weeks and then slowly add in food that contained dairy for a few days. And then do the same with gluten, etc.

Ugh, embarrassing.

That makes so much more sense and that’s why Isabel is my nutrition coach and one of my three most-trusted sources for nutrition secrets.

She’s given nutrition advice to guys like Bill Phillips (former owner of the world’s biggest sport supplement company), Tim Ferris (NY Times best-selling author), Joel Marion, Mike Geary, and many more of the biggest names in fitness.

As Joel Marion says, “When Isabel speaks, I listen…and so should you.”

Here’s her most important info, all bundled up into a free video presentation for you.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to figure out this stuff on your own. Go to the experts. Go to Isabel.

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I listen to what Isabel says (and I watch what SHE eats),

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer