The Metabolic Punch Workout

The Metabolic 1-2-3 Punch (Full Workout) By  Mike Whitfield, CTT

It was a crisp Sunday afternoon in Lapeer, Michigan. Brian Kalakay and I just wrapped up a full day of filming high intensity metabolic workouts.

Brian had told me about a place called FroYo that served fresh waffles in which you put frozen yogurt on top. It was the perfect treat after burning 1.6 billion calories.

But Mikey came to play hard, so he decided to put on not only cake batter frozen yogurt, but cookie dough pieces and peanut butter cup chunks. The waffle event was so intense, Mikey talked in the third person for an entire paragraph.

When I got on the plane, I was still full. So, to get my mind off of the frozen yogurt and waffle deliciousness, I decided to write a new program for my long time client.

He’s a big fan of the metabolic 1-2-3 punch, and so that’s how I structured it.

“Mikey, two questions”

1. Why didn’t you have pancakes?
2. What is the metabolic 1-2-3 punch?”

I’m glad you asked that James, the made-up person I just literally made up… just now. We’ll save number one for another day, but let’s talk about number two.

The Metabolic 1-2-3 Punch is the ultimate blend of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning and my personal favorite, the metabolic finisher.

But with all this metabolic talk, what’s the difference?

Punch # 1 – Metabolic Resistance Training
Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is using big, compound movements in a non-competing manner, with short rest periods (typically 1 minute). So, a Barbell Squat followed immediately by DB Rows is MRT.

Bicep Curls followed by spinning on a bike is not MRT… it’s madness.

Now you won’t win any Strongman competitions with MRT because typically, the rep range is between 8-12 reps. But you will lose fat faster using this system. They can be set up in superset or circuit fashion.

Bam! <== That’s metabolic punch 1

Punch # 2 – Metabolic Conditioning Training
Metabolic Conditioning Training (MCT) is the same as MRT, however, you’re going to be in a higher rep range and more bodyweight movements are usually involved. Also, MCT is typically done in circuit fashion, never supersets.

It’s like cardio, but much more effective (and more fun), plus you’re working more muscle, therefore burning more calories both during and after your workouts. So, a circuit of KB Swings followed by Pushups and then finally Jumping Jacks is a good example. The rep ranges really vary – but they typically start around the 15 rep range.

Boom! <== That’s metabolic punch 2

Punch # 3 – Metabolic Finisher
A metabolic finisher is like metabolic conditioning on about 400 mg of caffeine for a very short period of time. The rest periods are very short (if any) and are designed to finish off any workout (and they are awesome off day workouts to shed off even more fat – as long as they don’t interfere with your recovery).

They are intense – as they should be because they are designed to replace cardio (even intervals), but here’s the thing – they only last around 3-10 minutes, which makes them as cool as the other side of the pillow. There are a variety of them including density circuits and supersets, gauntlet style finishers and much more.

Blap! <== That’s punch 3

“Mikey, I’m scared… and that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it. Let’s rock one”

That’s the spirit made up guy named James. You’re right, let’s do one.

Let’s rock a full workout using the metabolic 1-2-3 punch.
Let’s warm up first. Do the following circuit twice, resting for 30 seconds between circuits.

Prisoner Sumo Squat (15)
Pushups (8) – take 2 seconds to lower yourself and 2 seconds to come back up
Alternating Lateral Lunge (8/side)
Pushup Plank (30 secs)

MRT Superset 1
Do the following superset 3 times, resting for 1 minute after each superset

1A) Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat (8/side)
1B) V-Grip Lat Pulldown (8) or DB Row (8/side)

MRT Superset 2
Do the following superset 3 times, resting for 1 minute after each superset

2A) DB Neutral Grip Incline Chest Press (10)
2B) DB Romanian Deadlift (12)

Metabolic Conditioning Circuit
Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 1 minute between circuits

3A) KB or DB Swings (20)
3B) Decline Pushups (15)
3C) Skater Hops (10/side)
3D) Spiderman Climb (10/side)

Metabolic Finisher

Since this is my favorite part, we have to name this one.

The “Metabolic Trio Density” Finisher Best. Name. Ever.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed. Move at a fast tempo, but with good form.

4A) Prisoner Lunge Jumps (5/side)
4B) Superman Pushups (5/side)
4C) Total Body Extensions (10)

Using the 1-2-3 punch system and combining these powerful metabolic approaches, your belly fat doesn’t stand a chance… even when you treat yourself to a FroYo Waffle Yogurt Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cup Thingy.

Now remember, you can use that finisher (or any other finisher for that matter) as off day conditioning to keep the fat at bay this season since you’ll be snacking on Grandma’s cookies Saturday at the annual family Christmas party (yeah, I’m watching you).

C’mon, you can give yourself 3 minutes on that fat-torcher… and you don’t even need any equipment. This is it – you’re finally going to stay lean (or even get leaner) this year. It’s my gift to you.

You’re welcome.

Boom. Bam. Blap.
Mikey “Mr. Finisher and Pancake-lovin’” Whitfield, CTT