Kettlebells, Chin-ups, & Fat Loss

I was in California this weekend…Cali always makes me think of great nutrition, and awesome foods like avocado, dates, spinach, asparagus, red onions, spinach salads with strawberries and walnuts, and even Portobella mushroom burgers.

Last summer I visited Kardena Pauza down here in Orange County, and she made me some amazing blender drinks and fed me the most amazing dates I have ever had. Nothing since has compared to them. They were like tiny donuts…so sweet.

Anyways, what most people don’t know is that  I was a very picky eater when I was young. I didn’t eat most of those foods listed above until I was almost 30!

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Now let’s get into the TT Workout and tips…

Monday – July 12th

Transformation Tip of the Week:
“If you have a problem with _____, do something about it. It doesn’t matter how big the ____ problem is, you can take action on fixing it today. Send an email to a friend asking for help with ___. Search the internet for solutions to _____. Or get off Facebook, and go fix your ____ problem in the real world. No matter what, there is no excuse to not work on fixing your ____ problem today.”

TT Workout A – Kettlebell Workouts
1) KB Clean (5 x 5)
2a) KB Side Press (3 x 5)
2b) Chin-Ups (3 x AMAP)
3) Turkish Get-Up (3 x 5 per side)
4) 2-Arm KB Swings x 100 (in as minimal sets as possible, rest 1min btwn sets)

And here’s something else to try, from the latest Men’s Health magazine.

Trainer Martin Rooney gives us his 3-minute chinup test and scores.

For men, if you get ___, you are ____.

<19 = below average
20-29 = average
30-39 = good
40-49 = excellent
50+ = extraordinary

In the magazine, Martin gives tips on how to improve by doing sets 2-reps short of failure with 1 minute rest.

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and do this week’s research review.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: July 2010 – Volume 42 – Issue 7 – pp 1286-1295. Resistance Training Predicts 6-yr Body Composition Change in Postmenopausal Women. Bea, J., et al.

Previously, sedentary women (n = 122, age = 56.3 ± 4.3 yr) were randomly assigned to resistance training or control.

The training group did eight core exercises for two sets of eight repetitions at 70%-80% of one-repetition maximum, three times weekly, plus progressive weight bearing, stretching, and balance

Results showed that resistance training is a viable long-term method to prevent weight gain and deleterious changes in body composition in postmenopausal women.

So no matter what your age, you need to be lifting for a better body!

Stay strong!


TT Workout B – Kettlebell Workout

Jumping Jacks x 25
1-Arm KB Swings x 15 per arm
KB Overhead Walking Lunges x 10
Push-Ups x 15
Double KB Row x 15
Prisoner Squats x 15
Burpees x 10

Do 30 minutes of fun activity. Now a common question I get about these off days is…

“Can you do intervals and weights on alternate days?”

The answer is yes. It seems to be fine. We are still looking to see if this gives more results or less. But so far, so good.


TT Workout C – Kettlebell Workout

KB Snatch (5 x 5 per side)
2a) Hindu Push-Ups (3 x AMAP)
2b) Renegade Rows (3 x 10 per side)
KB Windmill (3 x 8 per side)
Double KB Front Squat (1 x 20)

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity…and now for a support tip from the latest Men’s Health magazine (July or August, 2010).

Research shows you need to get on the email list of fitness experts, because signing up for weight loss advice emails can help you lose weight because you’ll eat smarter & increase your activity.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare

Another tip from that issue of Men’s Health…

Men should consume < 150 calories of added sugar per day.

However, good ol’ Men’s Health is always contradicting itself, and 2 pages later, MH recommends drinking 200 calorie slushies before your endurance workout.

Confusing messages…what they should have done was been more specific that the slushie recommendation was for ENDURANCE athletes.

Oh, and why do slushies help? Because the cold temperature slows the absorption of sugar…giving you time released energy.

It’s also worth mentioning again this info about deadly transfats.

Foods can claim to be trans-fat if they have < 0.5g per serving! But a package of food might have 2-4 servings, and therefore, you if you eat the entire bag, you could get a heart-crushing 1-2 grams of transfats. And you should eat LESS than a gram per day.

Research – quoted in MH – shows that for every 2% increase in your daily trans fat intake, your risk of heart disease increases 23% – transfats are nasty!

Avoid all foods with hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list…even if the package says “trans fat free”.

Next week!
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