Important Questions for You

Someone asked me a very important question today about my plans for Turbulence Training, and it was so powerful that I wanted to ask YOU the same question about your fat loss success.

Here it is…please let me know your answer in the comments section below:

“Let’s say we were sitting down together in a year from now at the end of 2011…and you were thinking back over the  previous 12 months…what needed to have happened in that time for you to be happy with your fat loss and body transformation progress?”

Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?

What advantages do you need to acquire?

And what powers do you need to harness?

Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?

Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?

What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Be crystal clear and be completely confident.

Go from “confusion” to CLARITY.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

NOTE: Best answer receives a 1-Year Platinum  Turbulence Training Membership.

Looking forward to your reply,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training

  • Amanda

    12 months from now, for me to be completely happy with myself… I need to get up and move. Right now. stop saying I need to do it and freaking do it already. At this point in my life, I would be disappointed in myself for continually NOT doing something. anything else (fat/weight loss) would be bonus. I don’t want to “age” before my time. I don’t want to have this extra around my middle. I don’t like what I see in the mirror right now, and there would be complete disgust with myself if things were static from now to then.

    • jackie

      i don’t know your whole story, so i’m just going to say this….stop doing what so many young woman do themselves, stop torturing yourself..if your mom, aunt, daughter, sister and so forth felt so discussted with herself, how would you re act…hopefully you would say, stop it.!! maybe you don’t have someone in your corner to tell you this but i work with so many girls/woman and have four sisters of my own, ladies? be nice to yourself…start with your nutrition. you can’t change it overnight but you can start today.

      write me back if you like.


  • Gráinne

    I just want to learn how to stop repeating the same mistakes again and again and again. This year I did the same thing I’ve done multiple times before. I cleaned up my diet and worked out hard. I got results and started coming close to where I wanted to be. Then I blew it and gained it back + HST. (I love how I timed my move to Canada to coincide with increased taxes). I want to learn how to stay consistent long term and to stop self sabotaging. Short term challenges are nice but learning how to become a fit, lean, healthy person for life would be even better.

    • Letty

      Keep the faith girl,half the battle is recognising the sabotage habits.happens to the best of us!!!

      • Gráinne

        Thanks Letty! Dragging myself back on track little by little…

  • Marc

    I want to continue to progress physically, but also mentally. I want to hit a 500lb deadlift, a 400lb squat, and a 225lb overhead press. I want to get my bf % to around 10% (don’t really need to get lower than that as I’m not driven by aesthetics like some guys, which is totally fine if that’s what you’re into)! I want to take my conditioning to the next level so I can smash the Army fitness tests in the spring. (I want to join as a Physical Training Instructor so the next 12 months are critical for me.) What drives me is the realization that only I am in control of my future, only I can make my dreams come true. “The plan won’t fail you, only you will fail the plan” – That’s the same with life. You get out what you put in. Over the next 12 months I want to improve each workout, beat my times or lift more weight. I want to be strict with my diet so my performance can be optimal, but I also want to get the right balance so I give myself enough rest and recovery. I want to improve my knowledge by continually studying and following yourself, Jason Ferruggia and Eric Cressey, as well as others like John Romaniello and Nate Green. This is so I can be a top trainer like you guys are, and help people become better, stronger, faster, leaner, healthier and most importantly, happier! If I achieve these things in the next 12 months I will be extremely happy with myself and well on my way to be longer-term goals!

    • Marc

      I also want to make sure I get up every morning at the right time, rather than hitting the ‘snooze’ button. so I get more done… Efficiency and daily productivity will improve! I should also concentrate on making sure I am in bed by 11pm (latest). Getting to bed before midnight has been a problem for me lately. And finally, I want to make sure that I don’t miss a scheduled workout… Ever! No matter how I’m feeling, I just don’t give up. Because only I am in control of my future, whether I fail or succeed. And in the end I will only be letting myself down. I want to be an inspiration to others, that’s what motivates me every day!

  • Roughly 11 months ago in December 2009, I began my quest to go from a 27-year old soft 201 lbs to, well, I wasn’t really sure. Where I’ve ended up is a solid 175 lbs, with more definition and mass and nearly a six pack. In order for me to drop and maintain the remaining 3-4% bodyfat I’m targeting while increasing muscle, I’ll need to be more adamant about replacing negative influences in my life with positive reinforcement. Packing, moving, a few minor injuries and admittedly a few self-imposed setbacks have kept me from completely dominating the past year.
    I’m able to exercise full control over my diet and work/workout schedule, which gives me a significant advantage. What I’ve lacked control over is compulsive decisions to party, which turn into immediate regret and sluggishness. I plan to join a new, more serious gym to be surrounded by those who are as permanently dedicated to improving themselves as I feel when I am at my best. Through Facebook, Twitter and offline, I know that there are people who are there for me when I’m not always there for myself. At this point in 2011, I’m confident I will be 185-190 pounds with a physique that would appear chiseled from stone.
    Thanks to the ideas from Craig, Ferruggia, Pilon and others, I’m never at a loss for ways to keep things fresh and look forward to setting an example for others at some point in 2011.

  • Rich Oliveri

    I would need to have finally sorted my sleep patterns out, for two reasons. Firstly, so that my body gets the rest and recovery that is essential to any good regime and, secondly, so that I am not too shattered to train before work or when I get in from work. Trips to my doctor have not been useful so far and I am not keen on being prescribed sleeping tablets. Even just one good night’s sleep would mean so much to me.

  • Michael Butler

    I currently love to work out and do some sort of physical activity at least 6 out of 7 days. I am 45 years old and have definitely noticed a change in my metabolism in the last 10 years. Its at a snails pace and I know its my addiction to carbs. I snack throughout the day. I need to be more disciplined with my diet, but haven’t found the “key” to motivate. At the end of 2011 I would love to have control of my diet and to remove the thermal blanket that is hiding my 6 pack. I’ve tried many of your TT workouts, stealing them off of youtube. But the results aren’t there and I know its my lack of self control. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to do it on my own and its time to admit I could use a little support. I have 3 kids 16, 12 and 10 and would love to show them dad can still keep up and have fun.

  • Karisa M

    I just need to be consistent. My biggest obstacle is dedication. I like working out, but have an all or nothing mentality. So if I fall off the wagon either by improper nutrition or missing a workout I tend to give up and tell myself I will start again on Monday. I hate this mentality and I don’t know why I do this when I know if I just stick with it, I would get the results I am looking for.

  • Brie

    Wow! ok lets do this pretending game for a minute(which ofcourse I’m actually working on!lol)…
    What needed to be done was the making of a really tight game plan for a 40 young woman who had 25kg to loose! And that plan involved a journal where I wrote it all down: the whole layout detailed to the theeth with my nutrition plan, my workout programs,my workout actions,my mind,mood and ofcoarse goalset! And the plan was so thight that I not only lost the 25kg but now(dec 2011!) can also perform 20 straight pushups,15 pull ups,15 dips and turkish get ups with no hands! Overall I’m in way better shape than I have ever been in my entire life!!! And believe me I am very very very very happy cause not alone did I reach my personal goals I’m now(dec 2011,lol)but also finally working as a Strenght and Conditioning/Lifestyle Coach to motivate others to get to their personal dreams and goals!! Yeah life is good!!!!! 😉

  • Andrea

    1 year from now for me to be really, really happy and successful:

    I would need to be at my “ideal” athletic body weight. Not just “skinny/not fat”, but to have some good muscle tone, core strength, and conditioning so I can get out and do fun stuff without tiring or significantly risking injury. Plus, when you’re in shape you just *feel* better!

    The program I would be using would need to be one that didn’t have me spending hours and hours in the gym every week, it would also need to be a program that didn’t leave me completely blown out for several hours/days after my work out. I have a family, job and school all competing for my attention during the week. My workout needs to physically fit in a time frame to accommodate that, as well as leave me enough energy when I’m done to continue with my other duties. Preferably, something along the lines of 1hr every other day, or 40 mins “most days” would be a good time frame!

    To make me super-duper-ooper happy, it would be a workout that didn’t even need to have me go to the gym! A set of adjustable dumbells would be all I needed! This would be important to me because we are really short for space in our apartment and don’t have room for traditional workout equipment. Plus, I would only need to make a single investment and would be free to workout even when the gym wasn’t open!

    It’s tall order, boy do I know it. Sure would be sweet though!

    • Andrea

      I should point out that I purposefully didn’t put a number on my weight, since I’m not exactly sure where it will be. My current guess is somewhere around 165lb.

  • Alex K

    I know how to succeed physically…eat less and move more….doesn’t get anymore complicated than that to improve body composition. Unfortunately, it is the mental blocks in life that interfere with the consistency to maintain that simple phrase. To be truly happy, you must be mentally healthy to coincide with physical health. Today’s world consist of fast paced stressful situations, which puts a burden on everyone. Is this healthy for me? Do I make enough money? Am I a failure because a book or person says so? It is almost impossible to attain total mental happiness. So if I had one year to progress, I would want to have become closer to my family, help more people, and attain more knowledge on the things that matter in life. What matters to you?

  • A.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    Yes, though I don’t think I can know the exact amount. I do know that I want to see my abdominal muscles and look lean and defined.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    I do want to achieve my goals as fast as possible, but I also think that healthy nutrition and exercise are a way of life. So practical short term goal for me would to get more defined and lean for me.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?
    Ideally I would like to transform my body into the image I had in mind. Though I understand that things will not always turn out that way, so for me to be really, really happy, all I want is to see progress, to know that I am on my way, and to know that I really am changing my lifestyle to a healthier one.

  • Todd

    One year from now I hope to be heart healthy. I had a stent put in and started having panic attacks. I have already lost almost 50 lbs and since I found TT I know I will reach my goals. So one year from now my goal is to healthy for my family.

  • Lee

    I’d just be happy saying goodbye to me sitting on the fence about where I wanted to be body-fat-percentage-wise, and congratulations to me for continuing to push, continuing to move even when times got boring; and best of all, I’d say Hello to the me I once thought was impossible to be.
    Probably not what you’re looking for, but I’m pushing and moving that way, and have already considered this question.

  • Max Keirn-Whiting

    In the next 12 months I don’t think fat loss is my main goal, I may have some periods of fat loss during the next year, but my main goal is to get strong. More specifically I want to compete in powerlifting, and be somewhat respectable at it. I would like to break 225 on my bench press, 315 on my squat, and 405 on my deadlift, other strength goals are to be able to do 20 pullups. I would like to try to accomplish all of this at either the 148 or 155lb weight classes, which means I have to get appreciably stronger without putting on very much weight.
    So that’s my goal in the next 12 months. Get strong.

  • aditi

    My major obstacles are primaraly myself. I need to keep myself accountable for my eating everyday, and not make excuses. I can’t out train my overeating, even if it’s healthy food.

    I need to acquire the knowledge that I CAN do this. I know this is a mental game in part as well. This means harnessing my inner power.

    I’d like to lose 5 lbs of fat, or about 2% body fat. That shouldn’t take me longer than 2.5 months.

    I want to see myself maintaining a healthy, fit toned body. I want to continue to challenge myself (thanks to Craig!), and enjoy fitness and manage my food intake so that I can have my cheat days and get on track.

  • Craig,

    You asked:

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?

    — I would say my excuses for not doing it/not following through with exercise and diet.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?

    — Better dedication, more focus, more motivation, and a more positive approach.

    And what powers do you need to harness?

    — Honestly, just the power to believe in myself.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?

    — Yes. I haven’t measured recently but based on my past experience and feeling/size, I would say I am at about a 25% body fat down from 26% in the last 3 weeks (been doing the Couch to 5K program). My 3 month goal is 6% BF loss, my 1 year goal is to get down into the low teens (13, 14).

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?

    — No, no specific time period other than “now.”

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?

    — Believing in myself, and recognizing my accomplishment and progress as they happen. Knowing that if I apply myself, I not only can, but I -will- do it. No more excuses, no more reasons not to. To just do it.

    Thank you for the question; it’s allowed me to re-evaluate my thoughts on the matter and give me some more perspective on things.

    – Greg

    • Laura

      You responded to my post. Thank you. I need to ask – What are body calipers and how much do they cost around? (I’m on disability and it is a below level income which is why I cannot afford much in the way of equipment or memberships, etc.)

  • Denmark

    Wow.. Good stuff here and really powerful words…

    What would really make me happy at this point in my life is to finish my certification as a personal trainer so I can be a part of guiding people in the right direction in order to achieve all of the above… I know how happy it made me when I reached my goal(s), I wish to spread that good feeling and help other people reach theirs…

    Good luck everyone, keep up the strong work…!

    Ohh… and a ridiculous! six pack by summer 2011 wouldn’t hurt, would it? 😉
    and about 10 pounds of lean mass… *LOOL* we all have our goals…

  • It seems so unattainable. Just to write down a goal on a piece of paper. Then actually take the obvious steps to attain it. Then…check it off the list and chase the next one.

    You read about the true Champions and how they achieve theirs. If you know Arnold Schwartzanegger or Greg Lemond’s stories, you know the wrote down unattainable goals for anyone. But how did they succeed where no one else could?

    The answer is that they stuck to their goals and saw them through. Hindsight has such clarity and yet foresight could have saved me so many wasted years of half hearted effort and novel excuses.

    Looking back on a goal of losing 15 pounds of fat in 6 months and keeping it off forever seems so easy, that I could kick myself for not just turning down the path and staying on it. How’d I do it? Simple. I wrote it down on paper. I looked at that paper every day. I put a dash on the paper for every consecutive day that I turned down that candy bar/soda/extra helping and did aomething active.

    It became a game. I couldn’t let time beat me. I had 365 days to put down 365 slashes. Every 5th mark went at an angle across the previous 4 and I felt a burden lifted….as though I’d cheated time again. My horrible habit of stopping at the gas station for a candy bar and soda was getting slashed. I couldn’t stop because that calender was waiting to beat me or outlast me.

    Sleep came easy knowing that when I woke up, whether it was day 5 or day 275, I got to cut that calender with the sharp edge of the pen.

    You ask me how I did it and I say it was simple. I refused to lose a game with time. But my goal was rooted in the love for my wife and kids. So I had to make it a 2 goal sheet of paper. I work in insurance sales and getting my health back to protect my family meant nothing without getting my finances in order.

    I knew I couldn’t achieve my health goal if work was going to destroy my motivation. So I set sales goals with the boss. I wrote a single goal down. We calculated what I had to do to get to it. She set aside time each day to check off that goal. We made it a match the same time frame 6 months to reach reward level and then maintain it for the remaining 6.

    Why did I give in and get myself out of shape and risk my health. I had no goal. Sure, I talked about it to my wife every day. She’s in great shape and a positive influence. But at the end of the day, she still loved me. Writing it down, marking off each day and seeing something happen through work, exercise and skipping sweets became tangible and achievable.

  • One year from now I will be learning more every day about what a pleasure it is to maintain and refine the physical self I’ve always wanted. Although all kinds of new opportunities will have presented themselves where family, work, and fun are concerned, I will stay faithful to my workouts and healthy eating because they make me feel so astonishingly good. Sure, I’ll have days when I may over indulge, but I’ll look at them with genuine curiosity to see what I can learn from them. I will use the fit and healthy body I’ve always wanted to carry me to the places I’ve always wanted to go. I won’t be able to hide my enthusiasm for what I’m doing in life and the gym, but I won’t be showing off, I’ll be showing up for the life I always wanted to lead.

  • Christie L.

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?
    – My habits of emotional, boredom, and procrastination eating. Also my habits of laziness, low energy as an excuse for not exercising, as well as other excuses (like scheduling) for not exercising.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?
    -I need to acquire persistence, self-control, and faith in myself. I also need to physically gain strength, agility, and endurance. Strengthening those aspects of my physical health will help me be more confident.

    And what powers do you need to harness?
    -The powers of resiliency of mental state and mental toughness.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    -Quite specifically 48 pounds of fat would be best to lose from my body.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    -1 year is a good timeframe.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?
    -A mental makeover and a progressive health program to follow that I can somewhat ease into so as not to be completely overwhelmed by it. (This has happened before and it was disastrous.) Some program I don’t have to spend hours in the gym to accomplish. I like concise workouts (30-45 minutes) that are effective in helping me gain strength and lose fat.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Ahmad

    My status now is :
    Hieght: 6’1
    Weight: 182 lbs
    bf%: 13

    After 12 months I would like to have BF% 5 and Weight 185 and Get ACE Personal Training Certificate !

  • Liz

    Last year my daughter was born in July. I had gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy. I started working out when I could and ate healthy. I am back to 110 pounds. My goal 12 months from now is not about my weight but more my health and appearance. I want to be able to prepare my meals so I have healthy meals ready to fit into my busy schedule instead of skipping meals or grabbing something that won’t give me the energy I need to make it through the day. I work from home around my family’s schedule so I am unfortunately up late. My goal will be to get my business more controlled so I can get the sleep I need, get my workout set up so I tone and get some nice definition and get my eating habits controlled so I’m as fit as can be.
    I would love to know I have a workout routine that focuses more on muscle definition and health rather than weight loss. I would like something that fits into my schedule and is fun. As far as time frame, I’d love to see results by the holidays because I would then know that I’m on the right track and I’d be encouraged to keep going.

  • Eva

    I am already pretty happy and successful in my life. I have a wonderful family and have finally returned to school in order to pursue my dream of higher education. I am however not happy with my body. I realize that I will never be the tiny little girl I was in high school (I am 5’3″ and in high school I weighed about 100lbs) but do I really have to be this oversized blimp (I now weigh 230lbs) that I have become. My knees ache constantly, I have no energy, the simplest task leaves me short of breath, and I am uncomfortable in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong I love my life but I just came out of a very dark and depressing time in my life and during that time I put on a lot of extra weight. I am sick of it, I want to lose it and yet every time I try to motivate myself to do so I lose all motivation. At one point I was exercising 6 days a week for about 1.5 hours at a time and I actually gained weight, depressing, I lost all motivation after that and now I am trying to regain lost ground again. This is the vicious cycle I have been going through for the last year or so. I need help I need a motivator and it cannot be myself.

  • Ralph Nunez

    I resently got divorced and did not realize how much out of shape I am. I was weighing 335lbs. and working construction. I since my divorce last 3 months I have lost 59lbs. no diet just stopped drinking soda. long term I would like 2 go 2 about 190lbs and b in shape like never before. I believe ur progrom will play a very important role in this, my finaces are limited but I am determined 2 suceed. Thank u and I hope u consider this big task!

  • B Smith

    In the next 12 months I would be happy with my fat loss success if I could reach my goals but also inspire at least one of my work colleauges to reach theirs.

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated? I travel every week for my job so my biggest obstacle is planning my meals and ensuring i get my workouts in. I am starting to discover this can be done with discipline.

    What advantages do you need to acquire? I need to obtain the advantage of time. Time is very important and many days I don’t have much to reach my goals, so through TT I am able to spend less time in the gym, reach my goals which also provides a positive impact to my clients and colleagues

    And what powers do you need to harness? I need to harness the power of discipline. We all know what to do thanks to Craig and the program, but we need to make sure we, ourselves go out there and do it.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose? I am currently trying to lose the last 10 pounds of my 30 pound fat loss goal.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body? The middle of next year is the time frame I am shooting for to show off a better body than I had back in college playing basketball

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? Understanding that taking care of myself is also allowing me to take care of my family and my business clients is the most important thing to realize. Taking care of everyone else may be the goal but it does start with me

  • Laura

    You asked specific questions and I will as honest as I can with my answers as I can.
    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?
    First off, I have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, a benign brain tumor, PTSD and major depression which often makes it painful to exercise and difficult to get motivated. I just started back at school, after not being there for quite a long period, which leaves me little time. I am 52 years old and the last time I truly had any regular exercise was probably around 1987 when I was in the Army National Guard before I was pregnant with my first son who past away right after birth. I also have to remember to eat regularly. I forget to eat even though it does not show since I am over weight. I also was in an accident last year and suffered from a rotator cuff injury and have 3 bulging discs in my neck (C-3, C-4, C-5 which they could do nothing about). I had surgery in January and though I have about 3/4 range of motion back in my shoulder I am not sure how much more will return.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?
    I need to acquire knowledge, the equipment that is used and I do not have the finances for, motivation, someone to help me along, focus / concentration, a plan, better nutrition / diet, sticking to it, stopping procrastination, consistency, no being so tired all of the time, and improvement with my knack of being so self critical.

    And what powers do you need to harness?
    I need to harness my will power, know that I am progressing, increased self-esteem

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    At this moment I do not know what my body fat index is but I do know it is not low. I am sure it is probably between 28% to around 33%. I would be thrilled if it was down to 14% to 17%. I know my body weight and my body fat are not the same because if I start losing weight but start building leaner, healthier muscles they will weigh more than fat so I do not know exactly what weight I would get down to if I had lean muscles instead of muscles with more fat in them. (I am over 60 lbs. overweight which does not help anything.)

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    I do know that most people who lose weight to fast often gain it back so I do not want to lose it to fast or to slow. I want to be safe and not get sicker in the process.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? If I feel and look better physically I will most likely feel better mentally / emotionally. More than likely the pain will be reduced, even if it is not gone 100%. That would also mean less medications which in turn would make me happier because of less side effects. I would probably fall to sleep easier at night which in turn would give me a better night sleep regularly and I would be more rested and wake up easier in the morning. This would increase my productivity and mental acuity during my waking hours. I would be able to do more / get more done and hopefully move on more with my life. This would make me very happy.

    • Laura

      With all of my infirmities it may be to tall of an order / to much to ask for.

      • I don’t know that it’s my place to reply to posts and I certainly apologize if I overstep any bounds; no disrespect is meant. I was moved by your story though, and with your secondary comment, decided that I had to say something. Don’t give up hope, whatever you do. You -CAN- do it, and it’s not too much to ask for.

        I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t say that. Stay positive. I can’t speak for everyone, but I would guess the others would agree: You have a whole group of comrades here, supporting you in your goals, for you to lean on when you need to.

        You’ve identified the end result goals, you’ve now posted them. That is a HUGE first step (I am not being facetious, I am being very sincere). Now just chunk down your goals using the SMART theory:

        Specific (example: lose 5% body fat percentage)
        Measurable (you can buy body calipers, or have your BF% measured)
        Attainable (it is possible to do, and losing 5% BF is definitely doable)
        Realistic (5% body fat, done 1% each month over 5 months is realistic. 5%BF in a month is not)
        Timely (1% each month over 5 months, 5% by June 2011)

        Basically, you need to identify what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you will do it by. The smaller and more specific you can chunk it, without getting overly complex, the more successful you will be. So long as you have realistic, achievable goals; if you focus on them and stay true to yourself, you can do it. And be sure to recognize and reward your progress. Plan to have mistakes and fallbacks too, it’s human nature. If you incorporate the possibility into your plan, you won’t feel as bad when it happens.

        For example, if your goal is to lose 5% BF in the next 6 months. Let’s say it’s month 2 and you have lost 2% already. In month three, you go to a wedding, you have some holidays, go out a few times… you only lose .5%; don’t beat yourself up! Remember, you are still down 2.5%!

        I hope that helps, and again, I apologize if I stepped over a boundary.

        – grego

  • Here’s the thing – I am already happy and successful. I love my body and my health. I learned this crucial lesson the hard way through cancer in 2005. And I learned that nothing is more important than:

    1. You feel good.

    That’s it – that’s the secret to every happiness and every success.

    Having said that, I am still working on my ‘stripper ass’. Feeling content and happy doesn’t mean I don’t have goals! I am aiming to release 5kg, drop 5% body fat, and bench press 60kg (ouch!)

    I’ve got a trainer, I’ve got a great program, I’ve got a clean eating plan.

    I still need to overcome the fear that getting there will be hard, a struggle, and difficult to maintain. After all, I am all about enjoyment not agony! (thanks cancer – you taught me life is for living).

    What I need also would be a groovy community who really gets that eating fish and vegetables every day is ok and that taking your own food to conferences is totally acceptable and how exciting it is to beat your time on the rower.

    That is all. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  • Charles Mclaughlin

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated? I would need to eliminate all doubt that I can get in the best shape using your system. I have lost faith in several systems that just didn’t get the job done! I need a system that has been proven and that can be used in a no hassle manner.

    What advantages do you need to acquire? I need to acquire more information in regards to Nutrition. I also need to be able to control the situation and workout whenever possible.

    And what powers do you need to harness? I need to get motivated externally and internally. I need to set a goal and stick with it whether its to get the best body in the gym or to do it for myself.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose? I don’t have a certain amount of fat that I want to lose but I want to lose as much as I can until I can see my 6 pack for the first time.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body? I want to make a transformation but don’t have a certain time period as I feel it should be an everlasting achievement.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? I need to get situated financially and have a stable income but feel that once I start changing my body everything else will come into play.

  • Donna

    Recently I have struggled with the loss of my mom and now that both parents are gone, it has been a very difficult time to say the least. I have to admit, however, my fitness and good nutrition has helped my well-being a lot throughout this experience. I have always had a passion for fitness which serves as my therapy and I recognize it’s merits and the value of good nutrition.

    So what does that have to do with what you are asking… well, as you may know, often after a life altering situation people may struggle or they are inspired to move on in a positive way. After this life experience I have found myself saying “now what… what’s next?, what can I do?” Well my response to that is because of so much inspiration from my parents I want to move forward in a positive way, go that extra mile, and take my fitness and my body composition to the next level. I want to be able to look in a mirror within 12 months and say…I did it ….they both inspired me enough that I finally have the chisled, well defined body that looks good dressed and un! that I have been struggling and trying so hard to achieve! And then perhaps go on to competing or to becoming a personal trainer or who knows opening my own gym in the rural area where I live. Fitness is my passion, however, I just can’t seem to get the results I am after and I would love to get there!! Obviously I need some help along the way! One obstacle is leg definition, no matter what I do I can’t get it. I would like to harness the balance of cardio and weights. Although I am fairly lean, with low body fat thru the upper body (11%) I need to balance my lower body with my upper. I can seem to get some good definition in my arms and abs but want the same for my legs. I strongly believe that fitness, good health and nutrition is ongoing so I would love to accomplish my immediate goals as soon as possible in order to then move on and set more goals! . In 2011 I would like little regrets and to have made the best of a difficult time. A journey of my own where I could reflect on the time as positive, constructive and healthy while coping with the lose of those that meant so much!!!! Perhaps to inspire others going thru it too! Thanks for the taking the time to read this. D

  • Lizelle

    I just started your program, about a week ago! Thank you, it’s difficult, but I already feel beter about my body and myself.

    In a year from now, I’m going to be lean and healthy, but I think this will be the easy part. It’s staying lean and healthy that’s going to be hard.

    So in a years time, I’m going to STAY lean and healthy! I’m going to keep the 10% fat off that I’ve lost!

    I have never been a “gym rat” but thanks to you, showing me how to do all these exercises I really enjoy them a lot. I’m going to keep it up, with your help!

    Again, thank you so much! Lizelle

  • vmm

    I need to stop being obsessed about my work and spend much more time focusing on myself.
    I need to add up quality hours to my day instead of staying up late working by my PC, sitting, of course.
    All I need to do is get up a bit earlier and go to bet earlier as well, learning how to sleep properly. My night life and work keep me from healthy living, which I am used to for years. I HAVE TO start working out, since it’s been two years now I stopped. I feel that urge, that feeling after I drove at least my home bike or after I’ve done some serious workouts, that feeling when my arms are raising up when I stop.

    It only takes one night, before midnight, when I’ll say: “That’s about enough! Go to bed and finish it at a proper place – at work! Get up early in the morning and do your tour!”

    I know it will be hard since I’m occupied too much, but I’m 44, in excellent health and physical condition, looking great for my age, if it wasn’t for those extra pounds on my belly (though reasons were many, even medical), but I did never feel that before and I HATE IT.

    I want to lose about 10 pounds and get back into all my jeans 🙂 I suppose that’s not too much.

    I’d like to have lost those already, but I suppose by spring will do, I do not like losing pounds quickly and I don’t like depriving myself of favorite food and … lol… beer!

    GOING TO SLEEP on time, getting up on time, even if it means additional half-hour shut eye in the afternoon!
    LOSING 10 pounds by May, or even one year, changing my habits into the healthy ones, which ruled my life successfully for years! That’s success – there’s nothing more I should expect, it would be too much.

    Cheers, folks and good luck!

  • Shirley Hegel

    What needs to happen is for me to start dieting and exercising immediately and get all of these extra pounds off. My doctor told me I have kidney disease and I do not want to go through what my dad did several years ago. He went through dialysis for a few years and did not always follow his doctors orders and ended up having a massive heart attack and dying. I know I can become successful on this plan because I have a mighty God that will help me and I now have the willpower and desire to change my life. I am very active as a leader in the childrens’ ministry of my church and I want to be able to be active physically as well as spiritually. I do not want to be looked upon any longer as an overweight person that has nothing to offer. I want my body to cooperate with my willingness to change my circumnstances. I need to lose a great deal of body fat and I want to do it in the least amount of time possible and practical. I do not want to hope for too much but, then again, I want to lose alot! By next year at this time, I would like to be a success story for your company, for myself, and for my God. I have to keep mindful of my situation and always remember it is a matter of life and death and, for now, I choose life.

  • Victoria

    Projecting a year into my future, I would like to be able to look back and know…

    -That I did not allow the thyroid condition that I was diagnosed with this week to hold me back from reaching my goal to lose weight and get healthy.
    -That I did not let working 7 days/60 hours every week to take all my strength and energy and time.
    -That I was able to return to college as a non-traditional student and not let my age and weight take my confidence away and discourage me from my goal of becoming a nurse.
    -That I had the determination, will power and comprehension to take the information and examples provided by Craig and make them work on my own.
    -I would be happy to know that I was a year further down the road towards being a better me.

  • I want to know that I will have achieved the physique I want. Low body fat and not too huge muscles. Kinda like that guy in the TT logo…But most importantly, I want it to have become not effortless but second nature. To just simply know what needs to be done so that I can maintain that physique and even improve it if I have to. That’s my goal concerning me. However, I also want to have helped more people by this time next year. People do come to me for fitness advice and it feels great knowing you can help someone improve their health and appearance and I want to help as many people as I can.

  • I want to drop body fat down to around 10-12%. Currently I’m about 18%. I know exactly what needs to be done… I’m doing really well with training : 3-4 weights sessions, 2-3 interval (either sprinting, kettlebell raises, mountain climbers etc.) and walking 3-4 days a week. Unfortunately the diet is my weakness. I find bad foods slowly creeping back into my diet having been good for a couple of months in the Summer… Firstly at the weekends – what started as a ‘Saturday night’ cheat night soon becomes ‘Friday and Saturday’ and then quickly becomes during the week having a dessert (and half convincing myself I can get away with it and still lose fat!). Before you know it 5 days out of 7 you’re having some sort of ‘cheat’ meal.

    I’d also love to give up alcohol altogether. During the Summer I went off it for 4 weeks while I started a new program and found it really rewarding to be able to say ‘no’. Now though, I do have a few beers on the weekend or a bottle of wine (and sometimes more depending on the occasion). If I could cut that down to alcohol no more than 2-3 times per month I’d be happy as I still enjoy a few drinks.

    I’d love to be down to 14% bf by Christmas 2010, 12% by next Summer… Those would be a first for me. It can be frustrating for me that I’m doing really well in the gym, getting stronger and transforming the way I look, only to sabotage myself by letting my diet slip.

    Will power is an amazing thing; something I really need to make more consistent.

  • Tony Evans

    In answer to your questions:

    What obstacles need to be eliminated?
    – Probably a very common one, having little or no belief in myself.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?
    – knowledge is power so they say, however without action its just knowledge, so the advantage I want – the knowledge and the drive to do something with it.

    What powers do you need to harness?
    – Same as the last question really.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    – Yes, around 20 -25% body fat.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    – As soon as realistically possible.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?
    – To really start to believe in myself and to start making the goals I have set myself to start happening.

    Thanks, I think this is a good exercise for anyone to go through to make you to really understand what is holding you back and to get it down on paper and not just bottling it up.


  • My goal is to not only continue to improve with my fitness goals, but to also learn to do affiliate marketing successfully. I don’t really have exact numbers in mind, but I’m constantly trying to improve physically and financially. I love my event staffing job and working out helps me not only keep up with the people I work with who are a lot younger, for the most part, but I can also out-do most. I do hope to one day be able to make enough in affliate marketing that I can quit that job if I ever want to.

    Thanks for all the information!

  • James

    What I need to meet my goals is a diet that is easy to follow timewise.

    I’m married with three kids. My wife has just gone back to work full time to help pay the bills.

    We’re always running around to hockey, karate, cub scouts, soccer, lacrosse, and a host of other activities.

    I just need a diet that requires as little time as possible.

  • Abdul Islam

    I am not far from where I want to be, size wise and appearance. If I could look where I want to be in 2011, it would be at a place where I could get in more cardio (TT) in the morning before work. Right now getting in TT in the morning is too dependent on traffic. I am going to get in the weight training at 11:30 every day, so that is not a problem, but getting in the TT training is difficult because if the weather or traffic is bad, by the time I arrive at work I have to begin work.

  • For the past two years I have been blogging about my up-and-coming bikini body. I’ll start the year saying, “This Memorial Day, it’s gonna be me in a bikini.” Then it’ll turn into, “Fourth of July, me in a bikini.” Before you know it, I’m saying, “Just wait guys, Labor Day, it’s gonna be in a bikini.” At the end of 2011 I would like to be saying, “Here’s my family at the lake all summer, and yes, that’s me in my bikini.” It’s not that I want to be some kind of sexy glamor mom or what-not, it’s just that it’s a goal I’ve been working hard toward for a long time and just can’t seem to grasp. I have made so much progress and am proud of the lifestyle changes I have put into place, not only for me, but also for my family. I’m concerned for the overall health of my husband and three kids, not to mention the rest of this country, at the end of 2011 it would be awesome to be working toward a degree in nutrition or counseling because obesity is such an emotional issue.
    Physically I would love to see ABS!! And more definition in my shoulders and arms. Obstacles? Well, there’s always the TIME factor–but I really try not to make excuses like, “I don’t have time,” I’ve found that you have time for what you want to have time for. I need to harness the power of NUTRITION. It is so overwhelming–the information out there is so contradictory and you just don’t know who or what to believe anymore. But having adopted a whole, real food lifestyle I feel that the next year should just be about really getting it down to an exact science. I would love to be all organic at the end of 2011. Again, by Memorial Day, the start of boating season and lake days, I would love to shed this handful of belly fat and finally be in my bikini. I’m looking to TT to take me there–so here we go! I’m in my first week and am admittedly skeptical, but it’s because after doing a year of 6 days a week cardio/ resistance training intervals, going to 3 days feels downright scary. I’m trusting the program though, and am ready to do it!

  • Pat

    In about 12 months, I would like to look back on my previous year of training and have reached as many of my goals as possible. To me, the only obstacle that needs to be taken care of is MYSELF. I need to stop making excuses on why NOT to work out, whether it be from a long day at work or not wanting to go to the gym. I don’t need a gym to get a great workout in. I’m very good about going to the gym and doing my workouts , but I do find that sometimes I get into a habit of finding excuses not to go. I would like to lose some bodyfat and also become stronger overall. Instead of setting a date to look good/transform by, I’d rather do it as soon as possible and look good all the time. This would mean dedication to my workouts AND MORE IMPORTANTLY nutrition(which I can always stand to improve). Overall, I just want to be leaner, stronger, and just live a healthier lifestyle.

  • juliet anne

    I don’t like the way I carry myself now. I don’ts like what I see and I’m sick and tired of doing trying and not getting the result I really need. I want to look like what I use to be when I am full of energy and confidence about myself. I’m tired of hearing comments about me saying what happened to me. I want to be there for my children as they age. Being healthy and a good example for them is my goal. This are the reasons why I really want to get into TT training. The only problem is that my budget doesn’t allow it. My husband do not support me on this so my goal is to earn extra so that I could purchase a copy and have my TT training. With God’s grace I know I could do it.

  • Mariana

    Hello Craig!

    Well, for me it’s not hard to picture how I would like to be physically 12 months from now.

    Let’s imagine that I achieved my goals and conquered the body I always wanted. Sitting together you would ask me:
    “what needed to have happened in that time for you to be happy with your fat loss and body transformation progress?”
    And I answered you: everything. What do I mean? I mean EVERYTHING.

    First, I had to eliminate all the wrong ideas about losing weight.
    I got focus and stopped postponing. Put my entire mind together and decided to start the program NOW. No more “I can start the diet on Monday”. I also started to work out hard and got the perfect training for myself. No more laziness and lame excuses.

    I realized that I needed to lose 40 pounds (really, 40 pounds!!!!) to be happy with my body. And that was killing me! I had a lot of plans and I was crazy to do them! I had goals!

    So I started. And it worked! It’s the end of 2011 and I finally have the body I always dreamed about!!!!!!

    I would really like to start your program Craig…. It would be amazing, I’m sure!!!!!

    Best regards from your greatest fan,

    Mariana Barbosa
    Brazilian, 27 years old, Cooking Chef

  • Juluoo

    I would like to continue helping other people, I’ve been helping my siblings for 5 months and have enjoyed that time with them.
    I don’t want to limit to my family I’ll get a certification and start training more people not just to get income but to be a change agent for my country, Mexico is the #1 country in obesity and I want to collaborate with my grain of sand.

    Also I want to continue enjoying my lifestyle, enjoying my workouts, enjoying my fasting days and enjoying the time I spend training with my brother and sisters.

    • Julioo

      I would like to continue enjoying the time I soend training my brother and sisters.
      I’ll get a certification and start training other people I want to help people to reach their fitness goals, I want to help people who are too shy to go to the gym, I want to encourage the to reach their fitness goals, Mexico is the #1 country in obesity so I want to help my country to move from that ugly #1

      And lastly I want to enjoy everything, the workouts, the fasting days, the rest week, the soreness, reading blogs, posting in forums, reading books, EVERYTHING!!!

      I think that if you enjoy and feel good you reach your goals without any struggle

  • Andy

    I’m (very) new to TT, starting yesterday from a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

    I’d say in a years time I’d like to have stopped measuring any gains. At the moment, I think measuring my weight and body fat will provide the motivation to continue with the TT program. Hopefully though, in a years time the increased health and energy provided by the program will be motivation itself. Meaning I won’t need to measure anything, just enjoy the more active lifestyle the program has provided.

  • Denise

    Personally I need to find ways around lifes obsticles (they are inevitable) so that they are not a hinderance to my success. I play hard and things happen and when they do, they slow down the progress – like it or not. I understand the whole diet thing and I know and have used TT for over a year so know it works when I can give it my all….I won’t use my mishpas as an excuse because my activities are what keep me happy, and I find ways to keep moving even when certain body parts need to rest BUT ONCE AND FOR ALL, I want to GET TO THE END GOAL. 2 years ago I was 3 pounds shy of a silly goal I set for myself and I felt awesome, but I turned around one day and was back at square one and although I knew how I got there, I didn’t want to believe I waisted all that time and effort. After 2 years and 2 ACL replacements I get nervous about jumping back into gear yet look at some of the athletes and know how hard they go – – when you don’t have the proper support or the professional guidance, sometimes those first steps into the unknown are what holds you back. I am going to be 42 in January and my goal is to get my weight and body fat back to where it was 3 years ago, 126# and 17.9%, while once again seeing the shape in my body that I know I can have. TT is a great tool and although I have lots of info stocked up, it is so nice and so KEY to feel I am staying up-to-date. Despite a recent bike injury that is slowing me down a bit, I am day 3 into making sure the diet is on track and once the calf is healed, I can ramp up the exercise routine again. I’m here – -just waiting for that one good kick in the booty that makes me JUST DO IT!

  • Jim

    It is all about the mindset. You really have to “get it”. Until you do, you will not have lasting success. When you “get it” your life will transform in ways you would not believe possible now.

  • Judi

    My biggest hurdle is to stop eating all the junk food. My goal is to eat clean and then once I’ve mastered it get my family to enjoy it with me. I want to do this, not only for the healthy aspect, but because of the plain and simple fact that I look back at pictures of me from 10 years ago and see my toned abs and arms and relish in the memories of people asking me how I stayed so slim. I get discouraged when I think about how old I am and think “I’m too old to have a nice toned body again.”, but then I find encouragement in the articles I read in fitness mags about women who are older than me and look so much better.
    So – getting to the point.. if I were to sit down with you a year from now I would want to be able to look you in the eye and say ” I did it! I lost that last 7 lbs and toned everything up. Thank you Craig for the encouragement and tools for me to do it!”

  • Bert

    Mine has nothing do with actual scale weight loss or physical transformation and everything to with metal change. 12 months from now I want to sit down and confidently tell someone I’m not afraid to go on that work trip, not afraid to go to a restaurant and order what I need to order, and completely confident in my mental ability to do what needs to be done to achieve whatever goal I set out. If it’s fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, etc. It’s all about a one year mental transformation. You will never lose 1, 5, 10, 50lbs of weight, never increase your bench or squat by 10, 20, 100lbs, never go into a restaurant and know your will stay the course if mentally you can’t do this. When you look at yourself in the mirror can you imagine yourself at 8% BF? When you look at the bench can you imagine yourself pushing up a weight you’ve never done before? If you can’t…you won’t! You look at the TT workouts and something think to yourself (like the Monster) “no way I can do this”…then something clicks in and you convince yourself you can do…then you do….then you do more and more. What I learned and will continue to learn about TT is that it’s as much mental as it is physical. So long story short….in 12 months what needs to occur so that I am completely happy with 2011…….a mental transformation which will be the catalyst for the physical transformation.

  • Jeff

    I am looking for a program that promotes functional, lean strength, flexibility and balance for good health and tennis. At 54 years old and while continuing to play against younger, former college players (30-45), I have found that this type of conditioning approach allows me to remain “competitive” and provides the advantage needed to maintain this competitiveness.

    For me, the obstacles are energy and recovery. Ideally, the program would be used on a weekly basis, on the days off and when not playing tennis and would increase in difficulty as personal improvements are made.

    I am not quite certain what the question “what powers do you need to harness” means. My first thought is motivation, which is not an issue, and nutritional knowledge. I think the powers that are needed are more along the lines of the correct nutrition program to “fuel” this activity and having a realistic program to achieve the goal, i.e. having the correct blend of food and the calories needed on a daily basis to advance and improve.

    In my case (and I do not state this to come off as arrogant), realistically, fat loss is not a goal. However, lean and functional strength is.

    In my case, the time frame to transform the body may take longer due to the fact that I want to continue to play 3 days per week. The main point is that steady progress is achieved, and this would be measured by personal assessments of the results on the tennis court.

    What would make me really, really happy at the end of the 12 month period would be to see a quicker first step, greater endurance and stamina, increased power on my shot production, and finally the strength and balance to control the game, i.e. being able to slow the game down and speed it up, as needed and in order to keep players off balance.

  • kathryn barnes

    Being a New mother (who owns her own business) my life has been turned upside down and right now my biggest obstacle is time management. Sometimes I feel like i barely have enough time to tie my shoes. The next biggest obstacle is sleep a baby that wakes up 3 or 4 times a night leaves for a very tired mommy in the morning and barely any energy to workout or should I say the drive to workout just isn’t there. I need to find a consistent routine and try to manage my time better, although that seems like the impossible dream at the moment. Of couse i would like to say i want to lose all my fat that i gained during my pregnancy and that would be 35 pounds and the rest of the weight i tried to lose before getting pregnant which is another 15 pounds. However, in my heart i just want to lose enough weight so that i am no longer ashamed of taking pictures with my 11 month old. I want her to have memories of us together someday and i hide from the camera. How sad when you avoid having your picture taken with your baby the greastest gift in the entire world. With the right weight loss tools,consistancy, accountability and determination and alot of hard work i know i can get there. I guess i also need some time management skills as well.

    thanks for the opportunity to say it like it is!

  • Aimee Earl

    Let’s say we were sitting down together in a year from now at the end of 2011…and you were thinking back over the previous 12 months…what needed to have happened in that time for you to be happy with your fat loss and body transformation progress?”

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?

    What advantages do you need to acquire?

    And what powers do you need to harness?

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?

    Let me know in the comments section below.

    Be crystal clear and be completely confident.

    Go from “confusion” to CLARITY.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    NOTE: Best answer receives a 1-Year Platinum Turbulence Training Membership.

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
    Turbulence Training

    Over the past year my fitness journey has brought me to several places and back again. As the mother of four boys, as a wife, and as a business owner and most recently, as a NSCA-CPT student, I have tried many different workouts, and different levels of intensities , and different styles of workouts to bring me to the place I have set in my mind as a destination. I have found many things helpful and hurtful to this journey and although I don’t know that the journey will ever or should ever be over, I do know that there are things I would do differently. These are things I struggle with daily, hourly, and each minute some days.

    It is very difficult most times to find the willpower to avoid foods we know to be bad for us, and some days its very difficult to push yourself out the door headed for a workout, whether to the gym or just a run. Life is so busy, and it takes a lot of focus to set your mind to do this when its so much easier to rest before and after the busy day. However, if I had realized the value of just taking things one step at a time, and realizing that change does not have to happen overnight, the way we expect everything else to happen these days, that the journey doesn’t have to be quite so stressful, and you can find a rhythm that works for you and your life. Over the last year I have learned whats normal for MY body, what is a good…and bad…day in the gym. What pace I can expect to make gains…and losses. I have also learned what PUSHES me to the next goal, and what derails me completely.

    I have many obstacles that are really good excuses to not be fit, to not persue a healthier life. Having four sons, ages 7,9, 14, & 16 are four enough. They can keep anyone hoppin’, let me tell you. Its a different activity and worry daily. Not to mention that my husband and I own a company with offices in two cities, and that requires quite a bit of my time. Now I need to study as well, since I have decided to become a trainer. These things are excuses, and legitamate reasons to not make it to the gym, but they are not obstacles. The obstacle is in your mind, in my mind. I bet its even in Jamie Eason’s mind! The obstacle that I would love to be able to eliminate completely is the excuses I make in my own mind to skip workouts or to eat that cupcake. There are no excuses. If I wish to reach my goals I have to workout and I absolutely must eat better.

    Over the past year I wish I had spent more time using the experience of people who have done this before me more often. There are so many great people out there willing to share what they know. I am finding that not everything works for every body and you have to find what works for you, and stick with it. You’ll know quickly enough if its for you. You cannot be successful on program if you absolutely hate doing it. I wish I had stopped the programs I hated sooner and moved on to the ones I did like that carried me farther, even if not faster.

    Currently I am training to do a bikini competition. I am 36, and I have a long way to go. Mainly some recompositioning and about 20 lbs of body fat to lose and some reshaping for that particular goal. (You may think that 20 lbs of body fat isn’t very much, but just wait until its your LAST 20 lbs. ) I set this goal, not because I want to become a serious competitor, but because sometimes you have to turn up the intensity on your GOALS to turn up the intensity in your pursuit of those goals.

    My goal show is in 5 months, so over the next five months my fitness goals are wrapped around that date. However, my long term goal is to learn to maintain that goal. I don’t want to get in shape, and then lose all my gain 2 months after this show. My success will be a year from now, when I can say I have reasonably maintained what I am pusing myself so hard to achieve now, and have learned to fit FITNESS into a normal lifestyle.

    Fitness shouldn’t feel like a “diet” or some burden. It should be the WAY we LIVE, EAT on a day-to-day basis. It should be our choice because we like the way we FEEL and LOOK.


  • Adrienne

    In order to feel that I have had a successful 12 months, I would have to have lost about 10% body fat and learned how to join everyday clean eating and a somewhat typical workout schedule.

    I used to be a national figure competitor, but I have had to put aside competing right now because of work and raising my son. I don’t know how to eat other than a ‘competition diet’ and to workout like crazy. It hasn’t been good for me because I have been gaining weight instead of maintaining close to the body that I trained so hard for. I feel like I don’t know how to eat normally or do a modified workout anymore. Instead I feel like I need to work out 2x/day and eat very regimented. I don’t have the time to spend in the gym like I used to, and can’t lose 1lb. I feel so lost. I feel so frustrated. None of my clothes fit. They are all too tight. I have never been this heavy.

    So if I can drop the bodyfat and have a lean figure and feel confident in myself once again, like I used to, that would be a huge personal success for me.

  • Lisa P.

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?

    My biggest obstacle is myself! I am the only one limiting myself. Unfortunately you can’t buy confidence and happiness at the convenient store. But once you do find it, you realize it was always there the whole time, maybe just a baby seedling, but it is there. The only one stopping me is ME!

    What advantages do you need to acquire?

    Independence. Once I realized I can’t rely on anyone else to do this for me, I stepped up to the plate and worked it baby! Don’t look to others because you can’t compare yourself to anyone else. You have no idea where they came from and where they are going. Life is not a race because we all have different starting and ending points. Pick your own trail and blaze it.

    And what powers do you need to harness?

    The power of positive thinking!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Always reach for the closest positive thought and hold on to it. Even if it’s imagining petting your furry friends or hugging a good friend.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?

    Yes, and no. I want to lose enough to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. But I don’t want to negatively obsess over it. I am human and NOT perfect and proud of it.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?

    Before I get old and wrinkly but if I keep this up I hope to NEVER be “old and wrinkly”.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?

    I need to love myself and my life and my surroundings. And a few emails from Craig never hurt either 😉 His daily reminders keep me on my toes! Getting down on yourself is a sick trick. We are all here for a purpose whether or not you believe it. We are all equals. Share the love!

  • David DeLorenzo

    I have used TT for the last year and have seen huge success, with that success for me has come a drive to become even better. The obstacles that have been elimited so far are booze, late nights, bad eating habits, and excuses. These obstacles are always coming up in my way, after a year most of the avoidance of these bad habits have become habit, just like avoiding speed bumps at a fast pace. You drive over them slowly till you are clear to go your regular speed.
    An advantage that I find I have acquired is the advantage of preperation. I have learned from my mother how to be super organized and very neat. That is very helpful in fitness. My meals, prepared before hand or at least know what is on the menu before I go eat. My workouts, I know what they are. I watch the videos, I study the circuits before hand, I know where I am going to workout. The biggest advantage is that I don’t get down on myself if things don’t go “exactly as planned” I have learned to pick up and move on.
    My powers are the powers of drive and breathing. The ability to drive thru one more rep, one more set, and to breathe and concentrate to realize I am harnessing something that is bringing out more and more results to make me feel and look amazing.
    I have gotten down to 10 percent BF in the last year. I am working on seeing 7% and keeping a steady look of 7% to 10% , that allows me a life of energy, looking good, and being happy.
    The time it takes to do this is really dependant on how bad you want it. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but if you keep wasting away today then tomorrow will always be your excuse. I am so happy with what I have accomplised this year with TT and my new way of life. My goals are life long and if I do 1 little thing if not more everyday then I am getting closer to keeping my optimal body and transformation in check.
    In the next 12 months and the rest of my life, I want the following to be happy.
    I want to wake up be thankful for everyday, enjoy my mornings, enjoy my workouts, enjoy every meal, and enjoy every rest day laying on the couch with my dog. I need to enjoy each day as it comes to be truely happy. If I can keep that focus and keep that love for life, my passion to have my ultimate body will come natural and the things I need to do to get that will always be habit and not a trend within myself.

  • Concetta

    “Let’s say we were sitting down together in a year from now at the end of 2011…and you were thinking back over the previous 12 months…what needed to have happened in that time for you to be happy with your fat loss and body transformation progress?”

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?

    Craig, the most important fact that you have ever written is “you can’t out train a bad diet”. Your workouts are the best I have ever used, because when I have my nutrition correct, I get results. I have instances of workouts + nutrition working together, but not consistently enough. The obstacle to be eliminated is self sabotage. Lose 2lbs, eat more. Instead of building on success, I use it as reason to slide. I don’t like this about myself. I have the discipline to get to the gym, but my nutrition holds me back.
    December 2011, I should be below 20% body fat. That would make me happy. What needs to happen is I overcome my emotions and stop eating when I know I should.

  • AB

    The only obstacle I seem to have is my eating habits. I eat with my emotions, when I get stressed I really want a piece of chocolate to comfort myself. I have a passion for fitness so I myself became a personal trainer this last May and I still fail myself from time to time, I do not have anyone to help me stay accountable. I am currently at 17% body fat and I wish to be at 14% body fat, I am having a hard time losing the fat from my saddle bags; I do not have fat anywhere but there now. I know if I stick to my nutrition plan I can get there. I want to be at 14% body fat by next June which I know that is not too much to ask. I was looking at TT to see what other types of workouts are new out there, something I may be missing. The strange thing is I can hold my clients accountable and help them reach their goals but it is taking me forever to get that last few pounds of body fat off. I am 5′ 2″ and 111 pounds. If I can hold myself accountable for the next 12 months and reach the body fat % I am looking for I will be very happy with my accomplishments, this way I can feel very good about wearing a swim suit next summer. I have a family that does not eat very healthy so sometimes it makes things hard, I would not have any junk food in the house if it were not for their diets. I know that I cannot control what they eat but I have to be able to control what I eat.

  • Jennifer

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated? I got to my fit lean, healthy body by eliminating excuses and developing a plan, and having several back-up plans. No more wishing and hoping and waiting. Only planning and doing.

    What advantages do you need to acquire? I enlisted the help of a trainer because doing it on my own proved over the years not to get me the results I desired. I admitted to myself, that in order to get where I wanted to be, I had to look at my fitness goals as worthy of a time and money commitment.

    And what powers do you need to harness? I looked deep into myself and saw a strong individual who was not living up to my full potential.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose? I am satisfied and grateful to have shed 15 lbs of uncomfortable fat and revel in happiness that I can again wear all the wonderful clothes that were in the back of the closet. I feel like my old self again from years ago. I’ve got my sexy back.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body? I achieved my 10 lb fat loss goal in 3 months and because FITNESS FEELS SO GOOD, I have made a life commitment to myself.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? I know that fitness is ongoing and must be everlasting so I found ‘everyday’ ways to incorporate physical activity into my life. I know I will be truly successful and happy when I have achieved the fit fabulous body I have always desired and eliminated debt and worry from my life. I will be living with excited energy for the future instead of dread and a woe-is-me attitude.

    Thanks Craig, for helping me to focus with laser clarity on these questions.

  • Janet

    I would like to be standing on a stage as a buff women’s bodybuilder! Plan & simple….but not easy!

  • Michael

    Craig thanks to your body weight coaching and applying the workouts and checking out my eating I have dropped 28 pounds of fat and now at 174 lbs. My diet turned out to be the biggest hurdle. When you think about it it is not rocket science. 3,500 calories equal 1 pound. When you eat less than 3,500 calories and work out regularly you will drop weight. I f you apply the less than 3,500 calories for a couple of weeks you can go out and have a high calorie meal with all the trimmings and lose a pound.

    At 2011 I want to look back and see that I have maintained my weight and added lean muscle mass.

  • Britt

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?
    In my experiences the biggest obstacle is how to stay away from negative nutritional influences. We all know fat loss can be broken down into “calories in versus calories out” so it’s not a complicated process but there are so many outside factors which make the journey much more difficult.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?
    Information…and how to sort through all the BS. There are so many differences of opinion and it seems everyone and their brother is putting there ideas out for the world to read. Much of it is contradictory so it can be very off putting go through it to be able to take out what you need and discard all the blabber.

    And what powers do you need to harness?
    Self control. This is the big one. Conquer this and not only will I have the body of my dreams but all other aspects of life will be improved as well.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    I was looking to lose about 50lbs before my body was ready to start building muscle.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    I wanted to lose the fat in time for summer so I had roughly 5 months.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?
    I need to be able to put on 20-30lbs of mass and have my body fat around 10%.

  • Christina

    To be happy with my fat loss and body transformation progress one year from today, I must stay motivated and consistently embrace and implement actions that support my continued progress toward a long and healthy life as a fit person.

  • Katie

    To be happy with my fitness progress over then next 12 months, I would lose at least 10% body fat, and be able to do several pull ups. Thanks to turbulence training, my obstacles to being in great shape have little to do with what I do in my workouts. My largest problems are dietary. I know that I drink too many calories (and I don’t mean soda). Also, I would like to find a handful of simple healthy recipes to keep me from eating out. Things to take to work, or even better, things to keep stocked at work; and simple dinners I enjoy when I don’t feel like cooking.

    As far as motivation is concerned, I find that motivation has momentum. When I’m on, I stay motivated, and when I’m off, I find watching good workout videos gets me pumped to get back to it. The more strength I build, the easier it is to want to workout more. The trick is building strength as fast as possible.

  • Jay

    I would be very happy and feel very successful if I could achieve the following things by the end of 2011.

    1. I really want to be able to prepare delicious healthy food from natural ingredients. I am pretty good at the healthy part, I just want to prepare food that tastes fantastic. Also, I find it hard to fit protein in my diet and I want to find recipes that taste great using protein sources that I like. In addition, I have specific preferences and some food intolerances, so I have to find recipes that work for me. I also need foods that not only taste good, but actually make me feel good, since some “healthy” foods do not leave me feeling very good. I want to be able to prepare large quantities of great tasting, healthy food so that I have enough to freeze or refrigerate for several days’ worth of meals.

    2. I also really want my health to improve. If my health is considerably better at the end of 2011 and especially next summer, that will make me very, very happy.

    3. I want to be confidently making menu plans for a whole week at a time. I want more consistency in what I eat. I also want to eat very healthy most days.

    4. At the end of 2011, I want to be very happy with my body. I want to be enjoying food AND have a fit, toned, healthy body. My legs and waistline are areas that I really want to improve, but I also want to tone up everywhere else, too. I want to exceed my own expectations and achieve better than I have ever had. Strength is important to me and I am looking forward to increasing that. I’d like to turn a lot of my fat into muscle.

    5. Self esteem and confidence. One of reasons I wanted to do the TT challenge was that I knew that my self esteem and confidence would increase, two things I am really anticipating. I hope at the end of 2011 my self esteem and confidence are much greater than they are right now.

    6. There are some supplements I need that will really help my health. Right now, I have difficulty finding room in my budget for those things, but I know eventually I will get them, which will make me VERY happy.

    7. I have been wanting to incorporate running into my workout routine for many months and I will be very happy if I am doing some running by the end of 2011, although I plan to start much sooner.

    8. I will be very happy if I am doing some regular fasting at the end of 2011.

    My main obstacle is that I am living on a budget, so I am slightly restricted in how fast I can make changes and what equipment I can buy. The power that I need to harness, and have been already, is patience. Patience means I will achieve it all, given enough time. As long as I continue making progress towards eating healthier, becoming healthier and becoming more fit, I will be happy at the end of 2011.

    Thanks for this idea, Craig, I have found it very helpful.

  • Galina

    what needed to have happened in that time for you to be happy with your fat loss and body transformation progress? – I need to be at a size 10.

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated? – Partying, laziness, excuses not to excercise

    What advantages do you need to acquire? – Discipline!!!

    And what powers do you need to harness? – the power of the mind, the power of visualization

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose? – 20lb

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body? – By my 48th b-day

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? – I need to set the goals, put a plan together and just stick with it!!!

  • Gabriela

    I think that to have achieved my goal was:

    Have been convinced it could succeed.

    Knowing it would take time.

    Having in mind that my reason for fat loss was not only to look better, to attend an event or go to the beach, but to improve my health and my change was permanent.

    Convinced me that it was necessary to follow a training plan suited to my lifestyle and my coach was a skilled person.

    Having had the correct orientation to learn make the appropriate changes to my routine (in all areas: type of exercise, training time, etc) and especially having the discipline to be constant.

    Having made the changes necessary to avoid stagnation, lack of motivation and disappointment when the changes are not displayed quickly.

    Have found the diet plan that adapted to my lifestyle and allowed me to continue after having achieved my goal.

    Feel happy every time I look in the mirror because I know he was being consistent and was getting the results that I had proposed.

  • Kyle

    Over the next year, I want to drop my bodyfat by at least 15%. I not only want want to drop my body fat but I want to build muscle as well. I’m tired of putting it off for tomorrow, I want to do it NOW! Over the years I’ve been given modeling opportunities; but when it comes to shirtless jobs, I get rejected for lack of muscle definition and too much body fat, in spite of my over all looks and height.

    I really want to know what to eat and how to effectively plan my meals completely, and what types of proteins and healthy fats and carbs I should be eating instead of junk food.

    I want to know if it is needed to always to do turbulence training workouts in a gym versus at home.

    I really want to build 35lbs of lean muscle mass onto my frame in place of the body fat I will lose; and is it possible to do both at the same time?

    I want to be healthy, not just on the outside but on the inside is well. I want to be great example for my family and friends. I want to set myself up for success for when im older.

    I want to umderstand why I always have fat around my stomach and thighs and not only how to keep it off, but replace it with lean muscle.

    I want results by May of 2011. I want to land any modeling job, and be in such great shape, I won’t think twice about going to the beach next summer.

    Most of all I don’t want to turn into a statistic, of an American male in his early twenties, struggling to run 2+ miles, or doing 10 pull-ups without collapsing.

  • norm staar

    I’m 53 will be 54 by end of 2011. I was dinotise a diabetic in 2002
    as type 2. In 2005 it was change to type 1. Now on insulin at night and after each meal. The big thing to me was this was a complete shock because I always assoociate diabties with overweight people never thought happen to me. I’ve always been skinny since highschool. Even when I was originally dinotise I was 6’0 maybe 190.
    Now I’m 6’0 havent got any shorter ha ha I weight 170. For last 5 yrs I havent flexuacuted much 165-170. I’m told I’m of that rare 10%
    skinny diabetic. My wife calls me the thin man. The Diabeties is attacking my muslces. I have been working out at home mostly last 5 yrs to just maintain with a lot of starts and stops. This yr has been bad for me cause I spent 2 times in hospital I was in dec 31st and came close to death I had sugar of over 900. Then again in June I was in hospital with serve case of stomach pain they where giving me morphine to eat. They could figure why finaly got under control let me out. Thank God I’m still here and recently went for my diabietis check up and blood. Doctor said everything is good low cholestral blood liver ect ect. Expect my H1c was 9 and they want it under 7. So to answer your question about 2011 I would like to loose my belly fat six pack gain weight in muscle I believe I would look healthy at 175-180. But most of all get my H1c under 7 and here my Doctor say in great shape for my age 54.
    Norm ps: sorry bout spelling errors

  • Michelle Gaynor

    Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated?
    I think the main obstacle is myself. Believing I can achieve the great body I always wanted. Self doubt is a terrible thing. Sometimes thinking ‘what if I actually get the shape I want and I am happy’ can be a daunting thing. I know that may sound crazy but I do think this is my main obstacle, self belief.

    What advantages do you need to acquire?
    As far as eating habits I think we all know what is a good food choice and what is a bad one but as from TT I’ve learned not to beat myself up if I make a bad food ,just enjoy it and get back on track. Give myself those cheat days, just not too many. That’s one advantage I already have. Also no matter how hard I try to do this on my own, it is very difficult when the people around you, are not on the same wave length. I have learned it is important to surround yourself around positive and like minded people wanting similar goals. So I definitely could do with surrounding myself with more of like minded people.

    And what powers do you need to harness?
    Self Belief, feeling I deserve this and I can do this.

    Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose?
    I have wanted to drop Jean sizes rather than lose a specific amount of fat. I would be happy being a size 10/12, currently a 14/16 UK dress size.

    Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body?
    I wanted to lose this weight for my 30th birthday which is in 3 weeks. I have currently relocated to be with my boyfriend and my weight has gone up. Unfortunately I have not lost this weight but I am not defeated as for the last 7 weeks I have been training consistently and getting stronger and the weight is slowly coming off. I do need to improve my eating habits but getting there slowly but surely and my self belief is improving.

    What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful?

    I would love to be lean and lose the body fat. I feel I am getting stronger and toning up but need to lose the body fat so people can see it :). Continue to improve my self belief, try and smile everyday and rob a hug from my boyfriend when I feel crappy and miss home. No matter what to enjoy life and my training and to keep it fresh and fun.No matter what to believe I can be really really Happy 🙂

  • sherard jones

    Simply, I’d like my body to be spring-loaded and ready for action at all times. I want my body to carry me around and not vice-versa.

    As far as obstacles, I need to eliminate my reliance on convenience and addiction to comfort. The reliance on convenience centers around nutritional choices and the quick and easy foods (fat, greasy, but tasty foods) that are detrimental to long term health and fitness. The addiction to comfort is in preferring to do what I’ve always done and not being willing to challenge myself daily. If it requires too much effort, I sometimes feel as if its not something I need to do and am unwilling to sacrifice my comfort for it. As will without the certainty of success I am hesitant to begin. In general, I think that I have to overcome inertia. Plus, I love my bed way too much.

    I need to acquire increased functional strength, speed and stamina. I need my energy levels and my focus to increase. I can spend much too much time on various distractions and not direct my energy to accomplishing worthwhile goals. In the determined pursuit of strength, speed, and stamina I believe that my focus will be improved.

    I need to harness self-control, focus, and perseverance. A willingness to go “all out” fully understanding that my effort may fail .

    I don’t have a target number of fat I want to lose. However, I have a target feeling and a target group of habits. I want to feel really comfortable in my body and know that it can perform whatever physical task I demand of it whether its climbing trees, pushing a stalled car, wrestling with my kids, or playing a sport. I want to eat well and still enjoy it.

    By the end of the summer of 2011, I want to be in the best shape of my life.

    To be really, really happy and successful I need to actualize the person that I believe I was born to be. I need to fully employ every talent and gift that I have and meet my limits on some sort of regular basis. I need to be performing something masterfully or practicing to be able to perform masterfully. I need to be satisfied with me, knowing I’m doing what I’m built to do without the need for external measures of happiness and success.

  • Wayne Magruder

    For me, I think the things that need to happen in order for me to be satisfied in my fitness goals is to stop trying to incorporate every new fitness program that comes out and just stick with one for a year, hold myself accountable to it and stick with proper rest and diet. I also need to stick to a specific supplment schedule and quit experimenting with supplements.
    I also need be focused and give 100% everytime I go to the gym and not slack off because I feel a little tired. If I could keep that committment for one year with the right program, I would be thrilled!

  • Mike

    I don’t know. Plain and simple. That’s my problem. I’m stuck. I’m 50, in the last year I’ve lost about 12 pounds by changing my eating. I’ve worked out (weights, treadmill) off and on over the years and got stronger but could never lose the belly fat. The more I worked out the hungrier I got, the more I ate, and my body fat percentage stayed the same. Now that I’ve changed how I eat (eliminated sugar, flour, fewer carbs more good fat, etc) I’ve eliminated some body fat, I’m at a decent weight, but I don’t feel fit or strong as I’d like to be. I’d like to get rid of the last remaining body fat around my middle. If I lose more weight to get my body fat down enough to trim all the fat from around my middle, I feel like I’ll look like a stick! Everyone tells me I already look like a stick! What I want is to be fit, lean, and strong, not a slim jim, I want to be a strong and fit old(er) man. I don’t know how to get there and I’ve run out of ideas. Its so difficult (for me) to lose fat and gain muscle.

  • john hinman

    I feel pretty good about myself physically and most importantly mentally at the moment, so why do you ask am I posting a reply? Well it hasn’t always been like this, but with a certain amount of dedication to training, diet and most in importantly training my mind to ignore negative thoughts which for many years stopped me from getting what I wanted in life, I have started, and I can’t emphasize enough,” started” on the path to a better, more rounded life.
    So the questions you posted at the top are as relevant to me as they are to someone who maybe is just starting out on a transformation, because if you lose sight and humility in this process, you become complacent and bigheaded which in turn will find you right back where you started.
    The obstacles in my life are generally the ones generated upstairs between my ears, which don’t exist, except for up there. It sounds easy to say just ignore the negative thoughts and focus on the postive ones, and maybe it is that easy, but it reqiures practice.
    The advantage I need to acquire in my life is the one which I believe to be the foundation to building the whole structure of your life in general, “contentment”. Contentment with oneself is the best advantage of all, if you can find contentment/inner peace you are on the right path.
    The power I need to harness is the ability to be a little easier on myself and to believe that with consistency, you will get the results you want as opposed to beating yourself up and pushing to hard, which in my experience gets you worn out and injured either physically or mentally, or both.
    In terms of fat loss I’m in a postion that I need to gain a few pounds on the Craig Ballantyne infamous height, weight scale for guys, so lets focus on safe, sensible weight gain without putting it on as fat gains.
    I’m probably not going to win any competiotions with this answer, but this is how I feel with regards to setting time limits on things for myself .Personally, I don’t like the concept of time limits, but prefer the psycology of improvement and performing tasks to the best of your abilty, every time you do something in your life, whether it was that exercise at the gym you weren’t getting right, or you lifted a P.B. Or in other aspects of your day to day life, if you do it to the best of your ability, that is all you can ask for. Small improvements every time you do something add up to big gains overall.
    For me to be happy and sucessful over the next 12 months I just have to keep it simple. Stay positive, ignore negativaty. Don’t just think about myself, take others into consideration. Maintain focus and routine, and make constant, steady progress to contentment.
    This may all sound a bit hippy dippy, maybe it is, but if you look ater the small things in life, I’m sure the bigger ones come along a whole lot easier.
    Take it easy!

    John Hinman.

  • Ted M

    My goals are rather simple… 6’3″ 227lbs 8%BF and 51yrs old, my goal is to be able to look back and say I trained harder than I did at 51. I live on all organic foods, raw organic grass fed milk, grass fed/free range meats and have been blessed with good genes. I expect to be as cut as Craig at 230lbs by the end of 2011. My weakspot? I keep skipping my wind sprints, I tend to lift hard then on my rest days I skip intervals and that’s got to stop! Here’s a good interval for ya:
    Grab 2 weight plates (I use 45’s)- set them down on the ground- pick 1 up and run as fast as you can for 10yds and put plate down- then run back to start- pick up other plate and run 5yds put it down and run back to start- then run as fast as you can to the first plate and pick it up and run to put it at start- then run to 5yd plate and grab it and run to start- then repeat 5 times with a 30second break between sets.
    Try it, you’ll be fried when you’re done.

    Ted M.

  • Kim

    I had lost a lot of weight (70 pounds!) and was feeling great. My thyroid went nuts on me, and I shot up 30 pounds in 3 months. Tack on another 10 pounds for good measure and you have one depressed, discouraged, disgusted Kim. In 12 months I want the 40 pounds off PLUS the other 10 – 15 I never lost the first time. I am trim and fit, toned and firm–no jiggly bits, 🙂 no dimples other than the ones on my face! I am a perfect size 4, full of energy, vitality, and life. I am a disciplined exerciser, and exercise jazzes and energizes me. I have time for relaxation, too. No more fatigue, no more depression, no more listlessness. Abundant energy, joy, and the ability to help lead other women trapped in the same spot out of The Pit of Despair with the key of Hope. 🙂

  • Kim

    Oh–and I am also free from food cravings that bring me down. I eat healthfully because that’s how I feel best and, by then, that’s how I roll. 🙂 I no longer perceive not having junk food or excess sugar is as deprivation but as freedom from bondage.