I am seeing great results from my new method of working out

“If you’re like me, you get very, very bored doing cardio on the treadmill, stationary bike, or whatever your favorite piece of exercise equipment is. Five minutes can feel like hours. The gym has plenty of TVs to try to entertain you while you work out. However, the news is too depressing, watching the food channel only makes me want to eat (definitely defeats the purpose of being at the gym), and the other mindless programs bore me.

“So, I decided to bring my own source of ‘boredom equalizer’ to help me through my workouts. I had purchased Michael Masterson’s book, Ready, Fire, Aim, on CD. I bring one of the CDs to the gym and listen while I’m on the cardio machines… and it works like a charm! I’m so busy concentrating on the information Michael gives in the book that I lose track of what I’m doing on the machines. Before I know it, I have more than doubled my treadmill time and distance and I have increased the rpm speed.

“I am seeing great results from my new method of working out. My body is getting trimmer faster, my stamina is improving quickly, and the knowledge I am getting from the book has been invaluable. As Michael states in the book, ‘Keep your eye on the target and not the barrel.’ This new exercise plan I’m using is a perfect example of this philosophy.

“Use your workout time not only to strengthen your body but to strengthen your mind as well. The results are phenomenal!”

Jo Ann C. Dearden

Egg Harbor Township, NJ