Got Milk for Fat Loss?

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It includes an interesting study on milk and resistance training, which I’ve also reviewed below.

I’m off to Washington and then Tampa this week, and this is your final week to enter the 7th TT Transformation Contest to get your full 12 weeks.

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Head over to and read about some of our most successful case studies…see what they did and how much they improved…that will give you some ideas…Most helpful if you can find someone who started in the same “position” as you.

Monday – Jan 11th

Transformation Tip of the Week:

Consider setting PROCESS goals instead of just outcome goals. A process goal is “I will do Turbulence Training 3 days per week” or “I will use a food log for 8 weeks”. And then if you meet your process goals, your outcome goals (i.e. you want to lose 10 pounds) will take care of themselves – and you’ll circuit workouthave better lifelong habits.

TT Express – Advanced Workout A

Express Circuit Rules:

– Start every workout by going through the circuit at a moderate intensity, doing half the number of repetitions for each exercise and using 50% of the weight you plan to use in the regular circuits.
– Perform the workouts as circuits doing one exercise immediately after another.
– Do not rest between exercises or before repeating the circuits.
– However, train conservatively and do not hesitate to take rest if needed.
-Repeat the circuit workout as many times as possible in 15 minutes.
-Do each exercise at a controlled pace, taking 2 seconds to lower your body or lower the weight, and 1 second to return to the start position.
-Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then switch. For single leg exercises, do 30 seconds on one leg and then 30 seconds for the other leg.

1) DB Squat – 30 seconds
2) Decline Pushup – 30 seconds
3) DB Row – 30 seconds per side
4) Bulgarian Split Squat (1 & ½ rep) – 30 seconds per side
5) Stability Ball Rollout – 30 seconds
6) KB Swing – 30 seconds

Finish with static stretching.hayden-got-milk

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – and let’s do this week’s research review

Med Sci Sports Exerc. Body Composition and Strength Changes in Women with Milk and Resistance Exercise. Josse AR, Tang JE, Tarnopolsky MA, Phillips SM.

My old buddies Drs. Tarnopolsky and Phillips from McMaster just published an interesting study…

20 young women were put into one of two groups:

1) Resistance training plus fat-free milk

2) Resistance training plus a carbohydrate drink

Both groups drank 500mL of their drink after a workout, and then another 500mL an hour later.

That’s right, the milk group drank a liter of milk per day!

Total calories were about 400 extra per day for both groups, but the carbohydrate group didn’t have protein in their drink. Both drinks were flavored with vanilla to “mask” the identity of the drink.

No side effects reported.

The workout was intense, frequent, and had lots of volume. That’s good and bad, as you’ll see.3122_angled_leg_press

The girls trained with weights – on machines – 5d/wk for 12 wks. Researchers tend to use machines to avoid the learning curve required with barbell and dumbbell exercises.

However, it’s likely the 5d/week was too much volume, as 3 subjects reported overuse injury. But, in total they had a 92 percent training compliance.


Weight Gain:taylor-swift-got-milk

Carbohydrate = 1.9 pounds
Milk = 1.1 pounds

Lean Mass Gain

Carbohydrate = 2.4 pounds
Milk = 4.2 pounds

NOTE: Lean mass is not just muscle, but would be most of the measurement.

Fat Loss

Carbohydrate = 0.67 pounds
Milk = 3.5 pounds of fat lost!!!

The milk group also got stronger in a few exercises.


The milk group gained lean mass and lost fat at the same time and got stronger.

The researchers concluded, “Heavy, whole-body resistance exercise with the consumption of milk versus carbohydrate in the early post-exercise period resulted in greater muscle mass accretion, strength gains, fat mass loss, and a possible reduction in bone turnover in women after 12 wks.”

That’s why I drink chocolate milk after a workout.

Could you get the same results with a protein shake and Gatorade? Probably.

Unless there is something specific to milk…but if it’s just a case of protein and carbohydrate, than you might be able to get the same result from vegan Sun Warrior protein and fruit juice.


Advanced Express Workout B ing

In this workout, you’ll repeat the circuit as many times as possible in 12 minutes and then do 3 minutes of athletic shuttle run intervals. (My new favorite type of intervals!)

1) Jumps – 30 seconds
2) Pull-up – 30 seconds
3) DB Push Press – 30 seconds
4) DB Reverse Lunge – 30 seconds per side
5) Stability Ball Plank – 30 seconds

Intervals – 15 seconds work + 15 seconds recovery for 3 minutes

Finish with static stretching.

Do 30 minutes of fun activity – and then review your training journal.

I recommend you keep a journal so you can see what program worked best for you…

I also recommend you keep the exercises that you hate in your program, because those are the ones that will give you the best results. circuit workout


Day 5 – Advanced Workout C

1) DB Split Squat – 30 seconds per side
2) DB Chest Press – 30 seconds
3) Chin-up – 30 seconds
4) Stability Ball Jackknife – 30 seconds
5) DB RDL – 30 seconds

Finish with static stretching.

And then for fun, if you have time, throw in 2 of your favorite exercises for a fun superset to end the week.

Social Support Saturday! ttbcwouts2_4
30 minutes of fun activity…if you’re at Joel Marion’s Transformation Domination in Tampa, I’ll be running a bootcamp program on Saturday morning at 7am. See you there!

Bootcamps, and all group exercise programs, are great for social support because it brings together fun, like-minded folks who can also get competitive and have contests, etc.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare…

I recommend stocking up on a few gallons of water…for emergencies.

Last week, the water got cut off at my place while my cleaning lady was here…and if it wasn’t for the jugs of water I had in the closet, nothing could have been cleaned.

Planning ahead saved the day…and of course, you should have lots of bottled water and canned goods on hand in case anything serious should ever happen – which of course, I hope it doesnt’!

But be prepared!

Just like in your fat loss program… TT

Next week!
TT 2K4 – review a classic and how we can update it
Research – What UCLA researchers think is the solution for obesity

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS