Future of Interval Training

I started doing interval training back in 1995.

It was pretty crazy back then… people would see me work hard, then stop, then work again.

All those folks on the cardio machines were more confused than ever!

Today most folks have heard about it… especially the 5 million people that have watched my YouTube videos.

And so folks are always looking for some new versions.

That’s what’ we’ll talk about today.

NOTE: A lot of these workouts fall under the category of “metabolic resistance training”, rather that cardio-like interval training, and that’s fine…its really a continuum that encompasses “getting a lot of high-intensity work done in a short amount of time“. And that’s good enough for the girls I date.smiley

Unique Interval Training Method #1 – Sprints plus Abs

In this workout, you’re going to go through a lil’ mini-interval circuit:

– Start with a sprint (could be on a treadmill, bike, or outside, or with kettlebells, etc.)

– After the sprint interval is done, go immediately to an ab exercise for 30-45 seconds (could be a plank, side plank, rollout, etc.)

– Rest. Repeat up to 6 times.

I got this idea from a discussion I had with ab and low back expert, Dr. Stuart McGill.

Unique Interval Method #2 – Big 6 Bodyweight Circuits

In 2008 I told everyone about the Big 5 bodyweight circuits, but it’s since been upgraded to the Big 6, and now the order goes:

1) Jumps
2) Squat
3) Push
4) Pull
5) Single-Leg
6) Total body ab

That’s an easy way for a trainer or even moderately-experienced person to put together a unique bodyweight circuit. By adding the jumps, you get closer to the heart-pounding intensity of regular interval training, but with more of a total body workout.

Unique Interval Method #3 – Kettlebell Bodyweight Combos

By adding the kettlebell, you bump up the heart pounding effect that you will have a hard time getting from bodyweight exercises only (unless you use jumps).

But some folks just aren’t cut out for jumping, so using swings – or snatches if you’re technically able – combined with pushups, chinups, single-leg bodyweight exercises, etc., will put turbulence on your muscles and help you burn body fat.

NOTE: Yes, lots of “in the know” trainers have been using this approach for a long time, but I’m writing this article for the mass mainstream workout audience. And again, good enough for the girls I date.

Unique Interval Method #4 – Big Bodyweight Challenges

My home workout revolution bodyweight challenges contain a lot more than just the big 6 bodyweight movements…and these can be used in place of interval training to burn a lot of calories and give a total body workout – WITHOUT causing massive amounts of soreness.

Yeah, I pretty much mean running suicides. That’s probably not what many people wanted to hear…but, listen to this.

A recent study from the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that shuttle runs resulted in a higher heart rate response, increased blood lactate concentration, and increased rating of perceived exertion.

Yaaaaaaaaaay. I’m sure you’re not too happy about this, but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed over the years of thousands of training sessions, it’s that “whatever exercise the client hated the most always gave them the best results”.


And hey, there’s nothing like a shuttle run rest period to mess with the space-time continuum where 30 seconds feels like 3.

So at least your workouts will feel like they are over faster – and you’ll get more results.

Showing you the secrets that no one else knows,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Quick and different tip for the week…

Don’t assume you know how someone is feeling. Don’t misinterpret the silence. The only way to know is to ask. Be open, be honest, and be vulnerable. Be willing to learn, but be strong in the face of feedback. You won’t make anything better sweeping your feelings under a rug. Ask. Communicate. Listen. Care. Connect.

Talk soon!