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How Much Water Do You Really Need?

By Steve Kamb | 02/12/2015

Nerd Fitness: Aquaman lives in it. The Waterboy will tell you that it’s the only thing you’ll ever need. Conventional wisdom will tell you that you need eight glasses a day. We all know we should drink water and stay properly hydrated, but how much do we REALLY need? How…


How Simple Mini Habits Can Change Your Life

By Stephen Guise | 04/15/2014

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Alan Watts It was just after Christmas, and like many others I was reflecting on the year. I realized that I had ample room for improvement in too many…


Win a VIP Scholarship to Turbulence Training Summit ’14!

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/20/2014

Want to win a VIP scholarship to the Turbulence Training Summit on June 6-7th in San Diego, California! That’s right, I’m giving away TWO All Access VIP scholarships to TTS14.  Here’s what the All Access VIP scholarship includes: All access pass to Turbulence Training Summit Free VIP room for the entire…


How to Eat for Energy

By Alex Green | 03/7/2014

My recent column about habits – and how changing two of my bad ones allowed me to reach my ideal body weight in three months – provoked an outpouring of letters from readers asking for specific details. I’d like nothing better than to unveil some unique, heretofore undiscovered weight-loss secret,…


TRX and Suspension Revolution Core Workouts

By Craig Ballantyne | 12/16/2013

If you’re looking for fun new exercises to burn fat and get ripped with your TRX or Suspension Trainer, then you’re going to love the videos I’ve got for you today. That’s because I met up with Dan Long, the world expert at training with TRX and Suspension Trainers, and…


The Fast Path to Personal Development

By Tom Venuto | 12/10/2013

Personal development can seem like a daunting task when you think about all the improvements you want to make in every area of your life: health, money, career, relationships, education, family, travel/leisure, sports, spiritual growth and so on. So often it seems like you succeed in one area only to…


3 Exercises to Beat Back Pain

By Craig Ballantyne | 10/17/2013

When you hurt your back, and you will, your natural reaction is to do this one thing that will make it worse. You think either: a) I should lie down and rest and not do anything (WORST idea) b) I should stretch my back (second worst idea) because you do…


Dynamic Warm Up for Accelerated Results

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/14/2013

Dynamic Warm Up for Accelerated Results – By: Jason Klein, CTT, NASM-CPT, PES, CES Imagine this scenario: You, driving around in New York City for the first time, lost and intimidated out of your mind by the insanely fast pace of traffic. Let’s just say that your car happens to…


One- On -One With Bob Harper

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/19/2013

Craig Ballantyne shares with us an exclusive interview with fitness expert, television star and author Bob Harper. Bob is one of the most successful health and lifestyle experts in the world. The success of the show “The Biggest Loser” and Harper’s brand has led to the creation of his own…


Hit a Plateau? Don’t Let Perfectionism Prevent You From Bursting Through It

By Bob Sullivan | 06/4/2013

“What’s the most important task of a newspaper editor every day?” I once asked my students, during a junior-level editing class at the prestigious University of Missouri Journalism School. “To break news stories.” “To get everything right, to be accurate.” “To be fair.” “To make sure there are no typos.”…


Is THIS Holding You Back?

By Joel Marion | 05/1/2013

After finishing fourth, just out of medal contention in the 1500 meters of the 1952 Olympics, British track athlete Roger Bannister set a new goal. A goal that according to many was not only lofty, but humanly impossible. At the time, no one had ever run a sub-4 minute mile.…


6-Week Habit Contest Winners

By Craig Ballantyne | 12/15/2012

Realistic Goals Make for Super Success – Anita Get up no later than 6:00 Every Single morning! I can say I was Awake by 6, but I didn’t always pop out of bed. But I did meditate on the day ahead… so does that count…maybe… Use my extra early morning…